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Can a student go in any other Schengen country with a Polish National Visa (D)

lein2008x 2 | 3
21 Jul 2009 #1
i am called klein from Uganda i am planing to come in Poland as a student with a visa (D) which only allows me to stay in Poland can i study in any other schengen country like Norway,Denmark, Sweden with that type of visa and how do i do that,the reason why i would like to study in those other schengen countries is there are plenty of jobs i can get a part time job there which is hard to get in poland
terri 1 | 1,664
21 Jul 2009 #2
NO you cannot study anywhere else other than in Poland on a Polish visa. If you want to study in Sweden, then get a visa for Sweden.
OP lein2008x 2 | 3
21 Jul 2009 #3
is it possible to apply a Sweden students visa in Poland bye an international student
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
21 Jul 2009 #4
NO you cannot study anywhere else other than in Poland on a Polish visa. If you want to study in Sweden, then get a visa for Sweden.

Yep, to add to this - those category D visas are not 'Schengen' visas - they're still national-only visas. They haven't harmonised the long term visas across the Schengen zone yet (and perhaps never will, which is why you see the Stra┼╝ Graniczna pulling non-whites).

I've no idea if you can apply for a Swedish visa in Poland, but I don't see why not.
OP lein2008x 2 | 3
21 Jul 2009 #5
can i apply for another student visa to any of the schengen country while in poland with a polish visa D,or i have to do it in my home country
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
21 Jul 2009 #6
Best bet is to contact the Polish embassy (or whoever Poland has an agreement with) in your own country and ask there. I don't see why not, but you'll have to meet the immigration restrictions for that country.

Whatever you do, don't attempt to travel in other Schengen countries without a valid visa.
OP lein2008x 2 | 3
22 Jul 2009 #7
i already have a polish visa D but i dot want to study in Poland i prefer studying in Norway ,Denmark or Sweden
z_darius 14 | 3,968
22 Jul 2009 #8
You want to study in a Scandinavian country so you get yourself a Polish visa? You wouldn't happen to try and study logic, would you?
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Jul 2009 #9 that made me laugh. No, not logic, but another ......ology, which tells you that you can apply for a visa to America and go and visit China.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
22 Jul 2009 #10
Best bet is to contact the Polish embassy (or whoever Poland has an agreement with) in your own country and ask there.

the best bet would be going to the swedish consulate in poland and finding out.

i got my uk working holiday visa for the uk whilst in poland from the australian/british consulate in warsaw. a process that takes 3-4 weeks in australia took 3 hours.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
22 Jul 2009 #11
i already have a polish visa D but i dot want to study in Poland i prefer studying in Norway ,Denmark or Sweden

Why did you obtain a visa for Poland if you don't want to study there?

I will repeat this - do not attempt to enter Sweden on the D visa in order to study. It's valid for 5 days (I think...) to transit through Schengen countries to reach Poland - but it isn't valid for EU travel. You'll need a Swedish/Norwegian/Danish visa for that, or a short term Schengen visa.

If you're caught, then as a visa national, you'll probably face a lengthy ban from Schengen.
ram jee
17 May 2010 #12
i have d type of visa how can visit schengen country
15 Nov 2010 #13
hi.. plz tell me if i get polish Student visa then can i go to any other shengen country for visit or just to pass vacations??
22 Apr 2011 #14
i have polish student visa for year, can i travel sehengen countries,it mentioned that MULTI.
bhasi77 1 | 4
4 Sep 2011 #15
Merged: VISA TYPE D: Can I travel to Schengen countries for tour?

Hi All,

I have a visa valid for Poland, Visa Type: D.

Can I travel to Schengen countries for tour...with this visa..?

Below is what I found from one of the site:

Visa for a long stay "Type D"

This visa is valid for a stay of more than 3 months. It is always valid for 1 Schengen-country and authorises the foreigner to transit by a Schengen-country, different than the country of final destination.

But I am not sure whether this is just for transit or can be used for tour as well.

5 Sep 2011 #16

Check out this website ML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en

National type D visas have always enabled passage through other Schengen countries for an amount of time necessary to transit, up to five days. This was in order to enable travellers to reach smaller Schengen countries going through other major destinations in the EU. However, since April 5, 2010 the type D national visa also allows travel to other Schengen countries for up to 90 days within 6 months, the same as a residence permit.

Depending on your country of residence, you can also contact the Polish Embassy for details.

Good luck
22 Mar 2014 #17
I have national visa D for Hungary. My question is: can I go from Lima-Madrid-Amsterdam-Budapest taking two schengen airports before arriving Budapest?. And I would have to change of terminal in Amsterdam.
Kowalski 7 | 621
22 Mar 2014 #18
Your passport and visa would be checked only once your plane is entering or leaving Schengen zone. Domestic, inside EU flights are hassle free in terms of passport checks.
egypt tours - | 2
29 Dec 2014 #19
Merged: Can i go to Schengen countries by Polish national visa?

hello all
first i want to send my greeting to all members on this helpful website
and i wish the best for you all

i just wanted to ask about something
im from Egypt and i want to visit Poland
so i entered to the polish embassy website
i found 2 types of visa
national visa
schengen visa
then i filled a form for national visa
and i have an appointment at the embassy of Poland in Cairo after 3 days

but i want to ask
can i go to schengen countries by polish national visa?
i mean
if i got the national visa for 90 days
when i go to poland
can i go to Germany or Italy or any other schengen countries ? or not?
plz i need help
thank you again :)
Wulkan - | 3,243
29 Dec 2014 #20
when i go to Poland can i go to Germany or Italy

Why don't you simply apply for a visa to Germany or Italy instead?
egypt tours - | 2
29 Dec 2014 #21
because i have a car agency
im searching for accessories for cars
so i want to search in poland
ad also in germany
Respect - | 18
29 Dec 2014 #22
If u needed to visit more countries in Europe, then the schengen visa is required. But if u applied for Poland national visa and u told them u wanted to visit other countries, you might end up refused the visa or advice to apply for the schengen visa.

Good luck
29 Dec 2014 #23
Even if you have booked your appointment for a polish national visa you can just change it to schengen when you for the appointment. I booked an appointment for schengen and changed it to national during the appointment.

National visa is usually taken when you plan to work in a country. But in your case schengen would be perfect. and I don't think you have difference in the cost.
darkentity - | 2
4 Jan 2015 #24
From what I have read on the Polish Embassy sites, if you have a National Visa (more than 90 days), you are allowed to visit any of the Schengen countries for not more than 90 days out of 180 days.
4 Jan 2015 #25
Yes you can. I have a national vida and i have travelled to czech rebublic and Germany.
29 Jun 2015 #26
Hi Friends, i am krishna, i am here in poland krakow on D visa and i am here on job, i will stay here for almost one year.. i want to travel to schengen countries.. could you please help me to know which countries i can visit, and do i need to take any speical visa or is the D visa is valid to visit to schegen countires. or do i need to carry or sign any special kind of document..

please help me to know

Sun deep 1 | 6
3 Mar 2016 #27
Merged: Study in Poland (Gdansk) and wanted travel to Sweden

hello there! I'm about to come Gdansk to pursue my bachelor degree and I always wanted to visit Poland as well. lots of my friends and relatives living in Poland since 4/5 years. and I want to know about Gdansk city and it's history?

and more and important queries is that, can I travel to Stockholm while my college vacation? my brother is living in Sweden since 2 years. he is also student. he recommend me Poland for study. So, what should I do to see my brother while I'm living in Poland as a student? and do I need polish residency card ? I'm really in trouble please help me throughout this problems, all advice are much appreciated thanks!
Looker - | 1,134
4 Mar 2016 #28
Generally it depends of your visa.
This link may help you to get some information about a possibility to go from Poland to Sweden.

Contact also an embassy (consulate?) of Sweden in Poland. Direct info is the best.

The Polish residency card is necessary for prolongation of stay in Poland in case when your visa expire - of course you need to apply earlier, if I'm not mistaken, the 45 days before is a minimum. So in short you should apply for a resident permit as soon as possible if you study in Poland long term.
25 Jun 2016 #30
Hiee every one I hv gt the oportunity to study in poland and they are saying that they are offering schengen I wanted to know whethr they really gv the schengen visa or thy are making us a fool...kindly rply soon

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