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Student Visa Question: National or Schengen for American student?

Yuna5000 3 | 2
20 Jul 2017 #1
Hello all,

I've been accepted to study in university in Poland and was wondering which visa I should be applying for.

It looks like the choice is between a National visa and a Schengen visa.

(I would be an American applying, if that plays any role in this.)

Thanks in advance!
SamTexas - | 19
20 Jul 2017 #2
National visa, it is issued to people who intend to stay in Poland for long term. You dont need a Schengen visa to Poland as American citizen for 90 day-stay.
Ronny27 - | 4
21 Jul 2017 #3
Hi all, I have been waiting for my visa appointment since 2 months and still showing dates not available.
My course starts in october . Now im worrying as I dont understand why they are not giving dates. Can anybody suggest what should I do.
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Jul 2017 #4

You just keep waiting until slots are available. There is nothing else you can do. All European embassies in India are overwhelmed by the number of applicants and have a hard time keeping up. The problem is that far too many of the applicants are not genuine students, and are trying to enter the EU under false pretenses. It takes a lot of work to weed them out, which means that genuine students have to wait longer.

In any case, do not waste your money on "companies" that promise to help you get a slot. They are all fraudulent. There is nothing they can do.
Ronny27 - | 4
21 Jul 2017 #5
Ok I wont do that. Just one thing when I try to book the appointment it shows ...' No deadlines until 29/09/2017 ' . Can you tell me what does it mean?
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Jul 2017 #6

It means that new slots won't be posted until 29/09/2017. However, you should still check whether slots are available every day on the off chance of a cancellation.
jon357 72 | 21,197
21 Jul 2017 #7
Keep trying Ronnie, it will be worth it in the end.
OP Yuna5000 3 | 2
22 Jul 2017 #8
@SamTexas Thanks a bunch!
Ronny27 - | 4
22 Jul 2017 #9
Ok dom ...will keep checking

Thanks Jon .....will keep trying for sure

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