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How can I get Polish citizenship after been married to a Polish spouse

5 Apr 2015  #61
What a question guys in here.... everything will be answered thoroughly once you arÄ™ in Poland legally especially you are married like me. What a heck!! Hard to find job here unlike UK country ... waiting for cirizenship though...
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23    
6 Apr 2015  #62
wow, some scary situations here. I'd say if you were refused refugee status twice, and now want to marry..that won't look good for you in the eyes of immigration officials. Plus who knows if officials read this forum looking for foreign nationals trying to marry for citizenship :P

Also for anyone commenting on living in Poland and wondering if they need to speak the language...based on what i've read, after you fulfill the requirements of living in Poland legally for 3 years (while married) you will need to demonstrate that you speak the language. Please correct me if i'm wrong....

But hey, the above is just my opinion.
26 Jun 2015  #63
Hi there, I got married in Poland, 6 years ago, but we have been together for 12 years, living at the moment legally in the UK with Residence card for the last 5 years, with 2 kids, 11 and 5 years old, both Polish passport holders. I have never live in Poland, so after all this time as a partner/wife of a polish citizen, do I have to live in Poland to be able to get the same citizenship as my husband and kids? Any help will be very much appreciated
Polsyr 6 | 771    
26 Jun 2015  #64
@Kosmita; yes you have to live in Poland (in light of your specific situation) at least 4 years to become a Polish citizen, and you will need to learn Polish to level B1 or better. You can try to apply for Polish citizenship through the office of the President of Republic of Poland, but applications take up to 2 years to receive a response, and there is no guarantee of a positive response.
6 Jul 2015  #65
I been married for six year to a Polish national in Cyprus, I would like to come there in Poland what are the requirements to go there and how long do I wait the residency if ever we live together in Cyprus for six yesrs.
22 Dec 2015  #66
Hello Folks. I am in the Poland since 2012 September.I have applied for cart during my study and they gave me first one year and later on I got second one for second year of my study. I made master and currently I am working. January 2014 I had marriage. I also have a child Who is holding Polish Passport.I have a card for two years and I believe that next year I will get next card for one year. from 2017 i should applied for permanent resident card. After being in the Poland around 4,5 years and also being married longer then 3 years could I get Polish passport via apply president or I should wait 2 years more and continue being here for 5 years ( marriage 3 years and permanent resident for 2 years ) Thank you.
abdellah - | 1    
29 Aug 2016  #67
Im Moroccan and Im married to a polish lady and we live in morocco over one year and we would like to move to Poland.

Can you please tell me what should I do to get my visa to Poland ?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,686    
29 Aug 2016  #68
Most people in your situation, Abdellah, would have this information already.
Or they would go to the embassy.
I am quite sure they wouldnt be asking unqualified strangers on an internet forum.
johnny reb 16 | 3,171    
29 Aug 2016  #69
Or they would go to the embassy.

Give them a call Abdellah.
22 Oct 2016  #70
hi there
hope you are doing good there

here I would like to ask you few questions regarding polish residency
I'm staying in Malaysia and very randomly ran into one polish girl here and we feel in love I'm thinking about her and how things might be in future for both of us.

I would like to know about the polish residency and marriage visa and later to obtain the Polish passport . I'm originally from Iran and living in Malaysia since 2011.

kindly plz update me with full details in order to start my new life wth my love

warm regards
Sandy bains    
21 Nov 2017  #71
Hi I m married with Polish girl in india I m living in india atm and my wife she is in uk. And we have a son who is 1 and half month old and he is polish national. He is living with me in india from last 6 months . I applied for uk visa as an eea spouse but they reject my visa cuz they said the picture proofs I provide they r undated. My question is if my father send me invitation to come to poland cuz they want to celebrate my son 2nd birthday there with all family . Thing is did i gonna get polish visa for visiting them or I gonna get refusal again cuz i got visa refused from ukba . Thnx
DominicB - | 2,645    
21 Nov 2017  #72
So you have no way to prove that your marriage is genuine, it has nor been registered in either the UK or Poland, and you clearly intend to stay in the EU if admitted. You're hoping that your Polish father in law is going to take legal and financial responsibility for you and apply for an official invitation for you with the local authorities. (It's not just a matter of him sending you a letter; it has to be an official letter of sponsorship approved by the local authorities).

Sorry, but the Polish consul is going to start from the assumption that your marriage is not genuine and that you have no intention to abide by the terms of your visa and leave the EU when your visa expires. Invitation or not, you are going to have a very difficult time convincing him otherwise. The birthday story is unlikely to tug on anyone's heartstrings.

The consul does not have to have a good reason to refuse your visa application. He has to have a good reason to accept it. And the burden is on you to provide unambiguous reasons that he will accept. Nothing in what you wrote comes close.

Based on what you have written, it seems like a waste of time and money to apply for a visa that will almost certainly be refused, and not worth the risk of adding yet another visa refusal to your database record.
5 Nov 2018  #73
I am marry to polish citizen but living in Uk. Can i apply for polish citizenship even if i live outside of poland and how long i can wait to obten a passport? Hope someone can help me.

Thank you
17 Feb 2019  #74
Hi, I am a Filipina. I and my polish boyfriend are plannig to get married around this year and he wants me to join him in Poland after the wedding. Can anyone tell me what is the best way we can do to live together in Poland? And what are the requiremets needed? Thank you!
terri 1 | 1,574    
18 Feb 2019  #75
If your boyfriend is Polish, he will have to register his/your marriage in Poland. Your marriage certificate will have to be translated by a sworn translator and lodged with the Register office in Poland.

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