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Polish Spouse VISA in the UK

JULB09 1 | 1
30 Nov 2016 #1

My partner and I are both Australian and are engaged. I hold a Polish Passport and citizenship and wanted to know whilst living in the UK if it is possible to have my partner under my Passport if we get married in the UK?

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What are the requirements for UK tourist visa as a non EU Polish spouse?
What are the documents that i need and must submit?
If anybody have a direct link to the visa procedure please suggest me.Thanks.

-------------- and look for ukba link.
don't u need what's koled eea family permit?

forinfan - | 13
30 Nov 2016 #2
Not sure what you mean by "under my Passport". Only you are covered by your passport and her by hers. As an Australian, she should have a certain right to be in the UK in any case.

Do you mean though you want her to be able to hold a Polish passport? If so, it's not automatic with marriage. She has to apply for citizenship and usually that means you have to live in Poland for a certain period of time and go through the application process (2-5 years at least, see foreigners in poland/get-polish-citizenship/). It might be easier for her to start that process if you have the civil marriage actually in Poland. It's a simple ceremony but you have a bunch of paperwork to file first. You can have the fancy church wedding with your friends and family in the UK (or somewhere else) whenever you want, but an official marriage certificate from the Polish administration may make your life a bit easier when it comes time to get a passport.
Marsupial - | 871
30 Nov 2016 #3
Dont assume there is a special deal in the uk for Australians. There are work visas for young people and some other minor things. This was tested to be expanded but uk government voted it down. Ozzies definately do not see themselves as some sort of english add on. What's left is formalities for most part. Also when you say Australian it can mean any nationality and religion. As time goes on this is more and more true as people from all over the world settle here. Even knighthoods bring protests here. Add to this the fact that Anglo people have less and less kids as the greed for money overtakes and others have more you will soon realise how quickly old england is being weeded out. We find it funny that people still think this and those things still exist but they shrink every year. If you are an ozzie you can easily get a visa to poland btw but not for too long.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
30 Nov 2016 #4
Dont assume there is a special deal in the uk for Australians.

Exactly. There's the Working Holiday Visa, the Ancestry Visa and a few others, but those will give you max. 5 years stay, as far as I know.
forinfan - | 13
30 Nov 2016 #5
@Marsupial true but they say "living the UK" so I assume that one of them has a valid work visa, which should allow a spouse to live there. A few years ago an Australian friend of mine told me it was no big thing for him to live in UK but he wanted to live in Poland, and he was finding that to be difficult, so that's my reference.

Also, just saw that the OP is female, so apologies to JULB09 for not catching that earlier.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
30 Nov 2016 #6
As an Australian, she should have a certain right to be in the UK in any case.

no, only if she has patriality (eg a parent or grandparent is from the UK) Otherwise it is some kind of time limited working visa.

Forinfan if your friend was 'entitled' to live in the UK, (eg they had patriality) then Poland would also have been no problem. Perhaps he had drunk too much Fosters.
OP JULB09 1 | 1
30 Nov 2016 #7
Thank you for your suggestions..

Can I just point out that we want to stay in the UK not Poland. As we both entered the UK FROM Australia on our Australians VISAS (Tier 5) We can only stay up to 24 months in the UK. As I have a Polish Passport I can stay in the UK but he can not. There is no other VISA for my partner that can let him stay after his VISA expires.

My Question is can he obtain a Spouse VISA from my Polish passport?

If not we have to leave the UK and can not return to work/live.

Many Thanks
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
30 Nov 2016 #8
I dont see why not JUL, it is all EU....for now...
Perhaps hurry up and get married, and apply, that will make things easier.
Also if I were you I would consult an immigration lawyer, there are plenty in London and Birmingham.
forinfan - | 13
1 Dec 2016 #9
@JULB09 In short, to get Polish recognition of your partner requires marriage and then some sort of residency in Poland. Perhaps there's some loophole but I haven't heard of it. It makes sense too since residency is a key part of any process. Time is short but if you begin the formal process soon you likely can get a waiver that you carry with you when you cross borders. Its a document that says your paperwork is in progress and the limit is suspended until a decision is final. It may have specific requirements such as length of stay in Poland and/or EU but at least you'll know where you stand. It's possible there's a UK-specific rule allowing both of you to stay in the UK on a certain type of visa as long as one of you is an EU national, until Brexit anyway.

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