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Polish Citizenship by Descent Question - Polish Citizenship Acts

sijet 2 | 12
28 Jan 2020 #31
@PTK Thank you once again for all your help. I really appreciate your time and answers to my questions, it has been very enlightening. Our conversation has certainly made me glad that I was born a citizen and do not need to rely on tracing back my ancestors :P

From the historical perspective (which is what lead me to ask) it is interesting to see how II RP would have handled this issue at the time (1920s-30s). With many ethnic Poles born overseas before 1920 as a result of the 19th-20th century emigrations, I was very curious to know what would have become of them if they tried to return to the motherland. I am glad I received some enlightenment on this issue :)
12 Feb 2020 #32

Polish Citizenship by Descent

Hello to everyone. Sorry if this a repetitive thread, I've been trying to find information reading other people's threads but I still have doubts.

Both my paternal great-grandparents were Polish. He was born in 1900 and she in 1904. They came to Argentina some time before 1926, when they got married here. I think at least she must have arrived after 1920, however I am still searching for the documents. I know my great-grandfather siblings arrived after 1920 because they appear on records online.

My grandfather was their fist child, born here in Argentina in 1927. When he was 78 he moved to Israel and got an Israeli citizenship. He died in 2013 without ever reclaiming the Polish citizenship. Does that mean my father and I don't qualify?

Thanks in advance.

More info: My great-grandmother was born in Galitzia and my great-grandfather in somewhere that the Argentinian immigration people wrote as "ZOZCIECIAL" / "ZDRIECIO". Any idea where that might be?
gumishu 12 | 6,045
12 Feb 2020 #33
as far as I know the Polish citizenship law before the second world war dictated that accepting another's country citizenship meant renouncing of Polish citizenship. However the law after the second world war allowed for dual citizenship. I think trying to get a Polish citizenship in your case could be complicated.
jms0402 - | 1
14 Nov 2021 #34

Help with Polish Citizenship by decent

Hey everyone, I am trying to help my grandmother gain polish citizenship. She was born to two polish citizens. I am wondering what kind of documents I will need to find in order to get her polish citizenship as well as how I would go about applying. I'm sure there are countless threads just like this, but I couldn't find any. Cheers!

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