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Revocation of Polish citizenship/passport

Mave1980 2 | 2
28 Dec 2019 #1
To whom it may concern.

I am a non-European Polish passport holder.
I got my polish citizenship through the president over 3 years ago through marriage with a polka.
Ever since I got married with my wife she always say I am here for passport or something which many times got me angry but try to remain calm and forgive her ignorance.She is always quick to even threaten me with divorce every single time we have an argument.

This has been going on for over 9 years now.
We have 2 beautiful kids together and I also raised the money 100% to purchase an apartment which I included her name on the documents from the beginning so she can have a peace of a mind and sense of belonging.

But threaten me with divorce and always very quick to say "she will call straż graniczna" on me,those are the days before I got my polish citizenship and she still does it till now.

In fact there was a time,we had an argument that she called in her brother and the brother came to our apartment to tell me the same threats of "straż graniczna".

I am not really perturbed about their threats.But still need to be calm for peace to reign because of my children.
Her family is always quick to come to take her away everytime we have a fight.
My wife and her family are always ready to blackmail me.

In fact I haven't been in contact with any member of her family for about 2 years now.
They will come to our apartment when I will not be around or she will go to them anytime I travel.

The last that broke the camel's back was 2 days before this Christmas and we had an argument which she quickly started threatening with divorce and all.

And then I went out for shopping for the wigilia,alas,my wife has disappeared with my children to her family house outside the city.Someone from her family came to pick them up because she doesn't drive.

So I spent Christmas alone lonely in the apartment.

My question is it possible for Polish government to revoke ones citizenship because of blackmails from one's spouse or her family members?
What rights do I have as a Polish passport holder concerning marriage and all?
Is she doing all this because I am non-European person?
Would she have acted the same way if she was married with a polish man?

Yes it's my job to care for my family but she seems not to appreciate everything I am doing for her.While she provides 0 zl in the upkeep of the family.

Even to clean the apartment is a very task to her.Hence I'm the one doing most things.

I am very tired too.
And my hearts bleeds.

It's been very difficult for me to even sleep this days.
I feel like I have been tortured and my wife and her family most especially her mom really hate me or maybe they are just racists.

Please your kind advice will be appreciated.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,038
29 Dec 2019 #2
A very strange and harsh situation you are in right now.

is it possible for Polish government to revoke ones citizenship because of blackmails from one's spouse or her family members?

I don't think so. It is always possible to revoke someone's citizenshp, but definitely not on the basis of such trivial grounds.

Maybe it is good to seek advice from a family counsellor and/or a lawyer. Advice from random people on the internet can hardly be helpful or accurate in your case.
OP Mave1980 2 | 2
29 Dec 2019 #3
Thanks @Ziemowit.Do you have any contact to a good family counsellor/lawyer in or around Warsaw/Poznan?

It is a really strange and very bizarre situation.
I don't know what I did wrong.
I am a provider for my family.We may not have enough but my family never lack any basic things they need or even more.
terri 1 | 1,665
29 Dec 2019 #4
First - get evidence (documents, photographs) of everything that you paid for. Second, getting a divorce in Poland is not that easy, if she takes it through the Courts it may take 5 or 10 years. If you have Polish citizenship, no one has the right to remove you from Poland EVER.
OP Mave1980 2 | 2
29 Dec 2019 #5
Thanks @Terri.
I have stopped giving cash in hand since about 5 years now.Everything goes through bank transfer.

In fact if I can post a screenshot of her few messages to me here,anyway I am so sorry for myself.😂😂

I will still need to have a talk with a professional family counselor/or lawyer as advised above.

Thanks again.
6 Feb 2020 #6
Same situation, same threats, same christmas alone, same away with children and same family ready to take her side doesn't matter what and what lies she tell them.

As so ready to erase everybody and most of all ready to divorce with doing everything to avoid me into her life (or our daughter) and make me pay everything possible.

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