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How to have Certificate of authenticity of Polish driving license

boulia10 1 | 4
11 Jun 2008 #1
hello i want to know how to have a certificate of authenticity of a polish driving license and where you go to have this please

tank you very much
Dzhaklin 3 | 166
11 Jun 2008 #2
You mean you want a polish driving license?
OP boulia10 1 | 4
12 Jun 2008 #3
no not a driving license just only to prove that my polish driving license is authentic so a certificate

i need this to exchange the driving license

Krzysztof 2 | 973
12 Jun 2008 #4
You don't get certificates to passports, ID cards, driving licenses, they ARE a certificate.

Your questions are rather chaotic :)
So let me get things straight:
1/ You're a foreign citizen (with a Polish driving license)
2/ You are staying in Poland
3/ You have/want to exchange your license

Then you should go to the office that issued it (called Urząd Komunikacji - there's usually just one in most cities, but in big cities there are more, you need to go to the one in the right district).

Nevermind, I just found your other thread: so I'm afraid you might have chosen some "semi"-legal ways to obtain your Polish driving license, then I can't help :(
OP boulia10 1 | 4
16 Jun 2008 #5
no i want to know if the driving license is registered by the authority to see if its authentic

so where i can see that in poland please with the number of driving license to see that is authentic or not

thanks for help
Dzhaklin 3 | 166
16 Jun 2008 #6
Well if you have a polish drivers license and took the test to get it then it is authentic... and if you have one that is fake that is trying to be passed of as real you can get in a lot of trouble. But it's yours so you should be okay anywhere within the Eu...
OP boulia10 1 | 4
18 Jun 2008 #7
thanks for your answer

but how to check if the driving license is registered by the number

can i contact Urząd Komunikacji to know that or not to be sure

thank you
desimanuk - | 2
18 Mar 2010 #8
Can someone help me getting a legit polish driving licence without going through the test, i am willing to pay for it, please email me on : oldbabu@hotmail. thanks
18 Aug 2021 #9
How will you know a fake Poland driver licence card?
Deepak sapkota
6 Sep 2021 #10
I have polish license but now I am living in portugal so, I want to translate it to Portuguese license but I need proof of authenticity how can I get that.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,198
6 Sep 2021 #11
Very easy,i recommended that to someone here before too,I hope they got what they wanted,Now take a cup of sulphuric acid dip the licence for 10 minutes and make sure to takeit out with a tiong,if its still there means its authentic and you can send 500$ more to the agent who got it made for you.Deepak never gives bad advice remember,most Americans follow Deepak Chopra,

OR take a pijama and vegetarian food to the MV office as they might only servethe holy cow as feed in the detention centre.

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