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Appeal in a Polish court -- can appeal document be submitted directly by defendant?

Appeal Lynn
9 Mar 2014 #1
Long story short:

Appeal (non criminal) document imminently due.
Lawyer has been paid to produce a case appeal document for court but produced only a document with errors or incomplete. His name is at the top of the document.

The deadline looms. Lawyer has not responded to communications and is unreachable by phone (off, disconnected, whatever).

Can the defendant make the necessary corrections to the document and submit it directly to the court if they delete the lawyer's name from the document and also make it clear that they are submitting the document as defendant instead of the lawyer?

Quick additional question:
Is there a legal way to get the money back from the lawyer who was paid in full to write and submit the appeal document just a few days ago but only wrote part of it before vanishing?
Looker - | 1,134
18 Oct 2014 #2
I don't know how it works in other countries, but Polish Code does not provide requirement of making an appeal by a lawyer or legal adviser.

A party may therefore write such a letter alone.
Regarding this additional question. In Poland again - you can make a complaint to the proper local Bar Association. The complaint must describe the behavior of a lawyer, which is incorrect. If the Bar Association considers that the complaint is justified - then it will be subject to disciplinary action against the lawyer. In this case you can seek compensation.
6 Aug 2023 #3
Currently my Visa has expired on 29th July and I had a trc appointment date on 18th August. But I tried submitting earlier unfortunately the immigration officers took me and I have been noticed 30days for leave and a 6months ban to Poland. But Iam trying to appeal to the decision how can I do that I need guidance.

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