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What additional documents are needed for my Polish nationality confirmation?

10 Nov 2016 #1

I'm hoping to confirm my Polish nationality through my grandfather and am wondering firstly if all is OK with the facts of my application, and also what other documents I need.

My grandad was born near Katowice in 1922 and left Poland during WW2. I believe he was forced to leave by the Nazis and marched to France and was probably captured there. He ended up in Britain and served in the Polish forces based in Scotland for a while. He met my babcia and married in 1951 after changing his name. My dad was born in 1956, and my grandad naturalised as a British citizen in 1961. My dad has not sought confirmation of Polish nationality and has a British passport. I was born in 1990, have a British passport, and recently got married to my wife who is Polish and was born in Poland.

The documents I have for my Grandad are his marriage certificate, naturalisation certificate, deed poll changing his name, a copy of his baptism certificate sent over to the UK in 1951 and a 2nd Polish Republic passport issued in Dublin 1946. In addition I have a treasure trove of documents from his military service, including a log book in English and a discharge certificate in Polish. I am also going to seek a copy of his birth certificate in Poland.

Is there any other key piece of documentation required? Obviously I will be providing my dad's birth and marriage certificates as well as my own. The form though seems to ask about every single one of my grandparents (my wife translated it as my Polish is not fantastic), and wants documents for them too - do I really need to provide birth and marriage certificates for my maternal grandparents, who are completely irrelevant to the application?

Thanks in advance for all your help.
gjene 14 | 204
10 Nov 2016 #2
Hi Swordfish
Take a look at the website easy expat and look for the forum called Poland. In there ask for curiousgeorge and for a link to his posting about the different documents that a person may or may not need. Then read through the 3 sections on that forum regarding what you are asking about. There are a lot of others there that have gone through or are already going through the process of what you want to do. If you cant find his posting let me know. I may have a copy of posting somewhere on a flash drive. Good luck.
OP d_swordfish
11 Nov 2016 #3
Hi gjene, thanks I'll try that.
gjene 14 | 204
14 Nov 2016 #4
Hi Swordfish When you go to the website I mentioned, get into the forum for Poland and start in the Polish Citizenship part1. Then scroll down to the posting made by CuriousGeorge regarding "Getting a Polish Passport". If you use the print preview, that would be about page 10. Hope that helps out since that way you can print it out for yourself.

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