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Information on which documents are needed to obtain a visa for a visit to Poland (non EU citizen )

sevenflowers 1 | 1
26 Mar 2014 #1
Hi everybody !

im from Morocco and im willing to move to Poland soon ,what documents do i need to obtain my visa (visit) if i already have an invitation from my polish girlfriend ?????

should i have a bank account ? It's Not Necessary ?

Please i need more detailed informations

Thanks a lot of
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 Mar 2014 #2
All information should be there:

If not then call embassy and ask.
OP sevenflowers 1 | 1
26 Mar 2014 #3
thanks but sorry ,that's not enough information , im asking a direct questions !!!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
27 Mar 2014 #4
this website has usually a lot of information interesting for foreigners: migrant/Visas.html
shawon 2 | 20
6 Jun 2014 #5
[Moved from]: Inviting Non-Eu family members for short visit to Poland

Hi Everybody! I would like to know what is the process of inviting family (Non- EU citizen) to Poland (Krakow) for a short trip. More specifically I want to know about the procedure of writing an invitation letter.

Your help will be highly appreciated.
jon357 69 | 19,502
6 Jun 2014 #6
Of where are they citizens?
shawon 2 | 20
6 Jun 2014 #7
They are from Bangladesh.
jon357 69 | 19,502
6 Jun 2014 #8
There isn't a consulate in Bangladesh - the New Delhi consulate deals with visas for Bangladesh residents:

You'll need to make an appointment here:

A letter of invitation usually contains an address, the duration of the stay and a promise that you will look after the person financially during their visit however you should check this with the consulate.
shawon 2 | 20
6 Jun 2014 #9
Basically the visit visa for Poland are handled by Swedish Embassy in Bangladesh. However, I would like to know about the format of the invitation letter. Is there any official form for invitation? If any, do I need to verify ( getting sealed) it by the Immigration office in Krakow. Or only a normal invitation letter ( containing all the required information: my salary, accommodation arrangement) will work here.

Is not there any single person who can highlight on this???
johnb121 4 | 184
7 Jun 2014 #10
I invited a friend from Argentina to stay at my place in London for a month a few years ago. I sent him, i advance, a letter addressed "to whom it may concern" and stating:

- that I had invited him and that he would be staying at my place from (date) until his departure date on (date)
- his flight and ticket numbers
- what he would be doing during his stay
- what I would be paying for
- that I would cover any unexpected expenses
- full details of my flat, accommodation and address
- explanation of my job, employer, address and salary

Also provided copies of a month of bank statements and three months' salary advices to prove cash reserve and income

Also confirmed I would be waiting for him in arrivals and gave my mobile phone number in case they wanted to interview me
super khan - | 1
9 Jul 2014 #11
[Moved from]: How do i get a visa to visit Poland when I am based in UAE?

my wife is polish and we married in bec of business I am in uae so how I can get visit visa to Poland from uae to Poland .
Monitor 14 | 1,820
9 Jul 2014 #12
ask in embassy if there is one
18 Jul 2014 #13
My husband got work visa and traveling next month is it possible i can get visit visa and travel along with him ?
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Jul 2014 #14
Your local Polish embassy or consulate would be the place to ask. Make sure to take along a copy of your husband's documents, as well.
mani singh
2 Mar 2015 #15
Merged: information about polish visa

hey,i am Indian,but i live in Poland,i want information invitation my mother on my marriage ,my girlfriend Polish girl,how she invite my mother on marriage which one documents we are need for visa,if someone know about it please help me, thank you
sobieski 107 | 2,128
2 Mar 2015 #16
Your girlfriend is Polish, you both live in Poland. Go to the relevant authorities....I wonder if the Polish embassy will issue visa. On which basis?
Anily750206 - | 1
8 Dec 2015 #17
Merged: Wife is studying in Poland. Family visit visa process for non-EU citizen

my wife is in Poland for study of master in sociology. I want to meet her in Poland what is the process to get visit visa? She did not work in Poland i am supporting her for study. Please help me how to write the purpose of visit? I want to meet her, her university and teachers as well. and what is the chance to get family visit visa???
29 Dec 2015 #18
Merged: Getting Polish Visitor Visa

I am a Sri lankan national I need to visit my polish girlfriend for the first time.
We met online and I know it sounds wrong but we have been dating for about an year and it has been amazing. I have never met a person quiet so similar, she and I just click together. we planned that after we finish our degrees what we would continue our higher studies together possibly in poland or another country that presents a better opportunity

I've been collecting money for the trip for a long time (given my university tuition fees it had been a slow process ) and finally when I have just enough I happen to be daunted by applying for visa

Ive read about it online and there seem to be a lot of rejections or worse I would never get to visit her.
She said that she would send me a invitation letter written by her father but not the official one since there is not enough time.I wouldn't get another holiday till next year

Would that be okay?
would there be any problems I might face with my application ?

Thank you for being such an awesome community

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