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Foreigners giving birth in Poland - documents needed

edenlove 1 | -
22 Nov 2016 #1
Hello all,
My partner is polish and I am not, we live in Czech Republic. We are considering for giving birth to our baby in Poland. I just started the research on the feedback and experience and it all looks much better with no knoweledge of polish language than here in Prague, even if you speak a little of Czech! :-)

Now I would like to ask your experience on the paperwork side, what documentation is needed in order to have the baby registered there?

I thank you in advance for all replies! :-)
Looker - | 1,050
26 Nov 2016 #2
From what I have read on some Polish websites, these are documents needed, when delivering a child in Poland:
- a photo ID,
- a proof if insurance (in a public hospital) - non-insured may have to pay for yourself for everything (does not apply to emergency cases - in that circumstance nobody should charge a fee)

- the medical records of pregnancy,
- additional medical records would be helpful, like determination of blood group and Rh, complete blood count (morphology), Fetal & Prenatal Ultrasound

You may also check this - the information for migrant women who are expecting a child in Poland (in Polish):
And this (in English) - a booklet for migrant parents raising children in Poland:

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