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Uniquely Polish Historic Script?

PartPolishMutt 1 | 1
13 Jul 2013 #1
Hi all,

First time poster.....sorry if I don't have this under the correct subforum - posting this here as it seems this would be the best location for my question.

Anyways, as my username indicates, I have partial Polish ancestry, with the remainder of my background Irish and German. And I've recently thought of a way to celebrate that heritage, maybe just as a poster I design to decorate my place, maybe I put it on my body as a tattoo(s)......well at least in an area(s) that would be covered by a short sleeved shirt so I can maintain a professional appearance at work. See the attached image for my (very) basic start.

Although I have the German and Irish words in a script that anyone could easily identify as a historic one for each of those nationalities/languages, I have had no idea what to do to find one that could be identified as equivalently Polish. An online search for such a historic Polish font has turned up nothing......does one by any chance even exist? Preferably a font I'd be able to download for use in Microsoft Office, so I can add it to the Microsoft Word document from which the attached image derives.

And if for any reason I may be missing any diacritical marks from any of the Polish words in that image, I'd greatly appreciate any clarifications. I want to make sure that this is perfect, especially if I decide to go all in and put some variation of this on my body.



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jon357 72 | 21,121
13 Jul 2013 #2

The nicest clearest example I know is on the wall of Warsaw University Library (put tekst staropolski BUW into google images to have a look).

This might be useful though:

OP PartPolishMutt 1 | 1
15 Jul 2013 #3
Jon, thank you! This obviously isn't perfect but I can definitely fiddle around (cut, copy, paste, etc.) with the letters in the image a bit in order to put all these in the proper word order and create new images from that. Appreciate it!

This is for Jon or for anyone else who may be reading this, but is there any way I may be able to get the Old Polish script available from somewhere online as a font for use in Word and other Microsoft Office programs?

DaveInCal - | 23
15 Jul 2013 #4
For the past few days I was thinking of asking the same question myself, but you beat me to it.
TheOther 6 | 3,690
15 Jul 2013 #5
I have had no idea what to do to find one that could be identified as equivalently Polish

Look for the Antiqua typeface class:
24 Jan 2021 #6
I wonder what scripts did Polish newspapers and books use in the 60s to 80s? And do they use scripts developed with English in mind now such as Arial or Times New Roman?

I find reading Polish on road signs (Drogowskaz font), old books and PRL-era movie credits easier than reading it online so I wonder what's the reason. Most computer fonts are notoriously bad at rendering scripts with complex characters not found in English.
jon357 72 | 21,121
24 Jan 2021 #7

That was developed in the late 80s for computer use.

Polish newspapers

They had their own fonts; nothing rafically different from any you'd see elsewhere however some were quite stylish. There are examples onlike; google is your friend here.
Lyzko 42 | 9,135
24 Jan 2021 #8
Possibly these "antiquated" font styles might look by comparison similar to the differences between for example modern German script vs. Fraktur, Golgothic(? not sure of the spelling) and contemporary Albanian.
jon357 72 | 21,121
24 Jan 2021 #9
modern German script vs. Fraktu

Not hugely so. They were more 50s modernist.
Lyzko 42 | 9,135
24 Jan 2021 #10
Interesting, jon. Thanks.

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