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[SEX] Polish sentences/expressions

Ziemowit 10 | 2,834    
27 Feb 2016  #31

Stan Borys making an impression in Czechoslovakia by singing Szukam przyjaciela (I'm looking for a friend) not realizing(?) that it sounded to them like "I fvkk my friend".

In other words: Kto lubi reggae, ten rucha kolegę :-)

Ktos 18 | 470    :-(
27 Feb 2016  #32

A friend sent it at the end of a text message.

Who are you? Are you for real, you came to this forum to have this translated, gee, this is a joke. Anyway, it either was a sleazy, playful, sexual remark or a derogatory malicious one, depends on the relationship between the message sender and receiver. it translates as: "Kisses for my little *********" . I do not think it was a misspelling where "dziweczko" was to mean "dzieweczko" (little girl) since the latter one is rarely used and in most parts of Poland.

"Doda, Doda zrob me lody"

You mean "Doda zrob mi loda" not "lody" , it sounds weird as "lody" is a plural form as in "ice creams". In any case, it is a contextually wrong phrase, for you can say "make me an ice cream" as in terms of actually preparing a food item but in the context of sucking one's penis it makes little sense, same as in English commonly used: "giving one a head" and so it is only a metaphor.
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
29 Feb 2016  #33

zrob mi loda

Don't you think it may have been a reference to ice-cream on a stick which is licked and sucked?
English Guy - | 1    
13 Jun 2016  #34

Merged: Dirty Sex Talk in Polish (Genuine Help Needed!)

I need a list of phrases I can use to help with my gf's fantasy. She's Polish and I don't speak it.

Today she told me she wants me to talk filthy to her, and the dirtier the better!

18 Jun 2017  #35


The phrases used during sex?

What do polish people say during sex ?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,106    
19 Jun 2017  #36

What do polish people say during sex ?

krasula nastąp się
NoToForeigners 8 | 944    
19 Jun 2017  #37

What do polish people say during sex ?

Zielono... pomaluję pokój na zielono...

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