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Is Polish amongst the best-sounding languages in the world?

20 May 2011 #61
I would like some foreign language speaking posters to listen to some polish songs ( some are very old ) , but I want you to give an impression how polish language sounds in musical version . How do you find it when it is being sung .
z_darius 14 | 3,965
20 May 2011 #62
( some are very old )

Very old?
which ones?

I'd say these are old, and you can actually hear the words:

and the one so old that you can't even call it Polish (with lyrics for those who'd like to singalong):

southern 74 | 7,074
20 May 2011 #63
Polish rock by male singers sounds like czech rock.By female singers you guess there are fat lips and rough garlo and the foreigner gets excited.
Crow 155 | 9,025
20 May 2011 #64
Is Polish amongst the best-sounding languages in the world?

i don`t know is it best sounding but, what i can tell and can confirm, Polish language is reality. Its important Slavic language. In my country (Serbia) Polish language is more important then German language or even English. i mean, practically every Serbian speaks English but, its just necessity for computer and business communication. Russian language is also popular for business reason and due to strong Serbian connections with Russians in our mutual resistance to NATO and Islamic expansion and to EU monopoly.

But Polish language is something else. Its deeply emotional process with Serbs and Polish language. For us, its language of our world, language of what we understand as core of our Sarmatian civilization. Elementary knowledge of Polish language is very important to Serbs. Serbs wouldn`t feel comfortable without presents of Polish language in their lives. If just that Croatia and Bulgaria aren`t German satellites and if those countries could be able to follow Serbian example, Polish language could dominate whole region instead of German and English languages.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
20 May 2011 #65
I often hear Czechs say Polish sounds like baby talk, and Polish say that Czech sounds like baby talk

had a (friendly) disagreement with a Czech person on this matter today lol. i said Czech is funny Polish, he said Polish is funny Czech.
Sebastian 6 | 108
20 May 2011 #66
I think both languages sound a little bit funny lol. Czech sounds a little bit more funny.
21 May 2011 #67
Poles have told me the same about English.
Koala 1 | 332
21 May 2011 #68
Every foreign language sounds funny to an extent though.


Fine by me, MadzieƄka. :)
gumishu 13 | 6,140
21 May 2011 #69
I don't know to many languages not even heard that many - but most of the languages I know have something special about them that makes them nice - you may be surprised but I really do like the sound of German and Russian or Ukrainian - I can only think of one single manner of speech that I dislike - and that is the new British English - that one that omitts all final and intervocal t's, all initial h's, even some final k's (loo' versus loo??) -

OK - I actually find one language that I have heard funny - and that is Arabic ;) with all this guttural h's and l's (well maybe it was just a variety of Arabic that I heard that was so funny to me:)

and man I love Swiss German ;) or listen to Garmarna - Herr Holkin on youtube - a Swedish sort of folk group - a beautiful language indeed

btw how is the English word 'hot' pronounced in the new 'modern' British English ? :P
Crow 155 | 9,025
21 May 2011 #70
i would like to see how Polish language spread across Europe. This Europe deserve something nice to happen finally
MichalCi - | 1
25 Jun 2011 #71

In my opinion these songs sounds very cool, maybe because they are simple, but does it matter?
It's my first post so unfortunately you have to put www in front of this links.

Ps, Also i think that i should something about me at this moment, right? How you can see i'm polish, i'm here to both improve my english and because i want to know what foreigners think about polish language.

Sorry for all mistakes, especially grammaticals, i'm really bad at this ;)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
25 Jun 2011 #72
No is my simple answer.
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
25 Jun 2011 #73
This language has some interesting sounds....
southern 74 | 7,074
25 Jun 2011 #74
Polish causes a Pavlov's effect to males.
rockyborowczyk - | 3
28 Jun 2011 #75
for me, it's the best soundind language in the world! Yes! ;)
Piast Poland 3 | 165
28 Jun 2011 #76
I can confirm that it is the best sounding language in the world.
28 Jun 2011 #77
I love the way english sounds and really like french as well have no idea about
Polish sounds.....
southern 74 | 7,074
28 Jun 2011 #78
Polish is sexy.I listen Polki speaking in Greek and nothing happens and then they start polish and there is wonder.
30 Jun 2011 #79
I wonder how little people in the World know that Ukrainian language is and what it is. It can be presented as the fine, balanced compromise between Polish and Russian.

From my native Ukrainian standpoint, Polish is interesting and original and well-sounding - but not quite beautiful-sounding... Neither Czech, nor Slovak, nor Serbo-Croatian... No policy - just what our ears feel like. Nor Belarusian, btw.

Really, the problem is too little vowels / too many consonants. Constant accent on penultimate syllable weaken the tongue, as well. Just look at Ukrainian word obrazy - depending on the place of accent it means three different terms:

Obrazy - characters/images (in literature, etc.)
obrAzy - offences (the noun)
obrazY - icons (religious).

To me, Ukrainian is number one of all Slavic tongues, Russian is number two. Both by national feelings and by beautiful-sounding, I mean :-). Just compare the words for "birch" in these three: brzoza (reads "bzhOza") in Polish, bieriOza (Rus) and berEza in Ukrainian.
George8600 10 | 632
30 Jun 2011 #80
ehhhh...I would vote French at the top...then maybe Italian. I mean French is so smooth where Polish has so many breakings ans chops that usual Slavic languages have.
1 Jul 2011 #81
Voltaire once observed over two-hundred years ago that English was merely French spoken badly-:)
1 Jul 2011 #82
Yeah, Italian and French sound nice.

Polish is an ugly language and sounds pretty funny to most Americans.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
1 Jul 2011 #83
Truth be it, it's written in the wrong script. It's too long and tedious to explain, but the 'ugly' nature of Polish comes from the clumsy way that the Latin alphabet has been used for Polish.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,290
1 Jul 2011 #84
Polish is an ugly language

the 'ugly' nature of Polish comes from the clumsy way that the Latin alphabet has been used for Polish.

So two Polonophobic trolls have a meeting of their gnarled sick minds in which the former pretends Polish sounds ugly, and the latter affirms this asinine assertion, and pretends that it is the Latin alphabet that is to blame. What a laughable scene. You two should be in a carnival freak show and have rotten vegetables thrown at you.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
1 Jul 2011 #85
It's a matter of preference but I'd prefer to listen to a romance language like Italian or Spanish. However, I'm used to Polish.
1 Jul 2011 #86
Alphabet is an irrelevance when you are talking about spoken language. Next please ...

So, frankly, is the language itself, compared to the vocal timbre of the person speaking. A broadcaster in supposedly-less-beautiful language A will always sound better than a former miner with an iron lung in supposedly-more-beautiful language B.

Psychoacoustics? Now there's a minefield.
1 Jul 2011 #87
You two should be in a carnival freak show and have rotten vegetables thrown at you.

It is very funny ;)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
1 Jul 2011 #88
So two Polonophobic trolls have a meeting of their gnarled sick minds in which the former pretends Polish sounds ugly

You don't speak Polish, so what would you know about the writing script? Go on, tell us - why should Latin be used instead of Cyrillic? What justification do you have?

There are quite a few people online who have tried to create a Cyrillic script for Polish - like Croatian, it's actually easier to use, but isn't used. If you want to find out why, perhaps look at the writing systems used in the countries which are Catholic vs Orthodox.

But anyway, have a look here -

Among people who are actually language enthusiasts, who like this sort of thing (and who study it in far more detail than you ever will) - there's a common view that Cyrillic actually looks far neater and nicer than Latin when it comes to Polish. Of course, it will never change - Cyrillic was always seen as "Eastern" and "orthodox" by Catholic Poland - which is exactly your reason why it doesn't use Cyrillic today. Likewise with Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin - even though it works equally well in Cyrillic.

Now - get lost, troll.
1 Jul 2011 #89
Delph, the choice of alphabet is a red herring. Best-sounding language, geddit?
1 Jul 2011 #90
Everything depends on the intonation and timbre of voice, every language spoken in a certain way may sound nice or less nice. A great role plays a perception of the language which is subject to certain associations hidden in the subconscious mind.

I like English, I believe that both the British accent and the American is equally attractive.

Spanish is also pleasing to the ear.

Both languages ​​are soft and warm.

Polish sounds a bit too hard, but for me it doesn`t matter because it is my native language . Somehow I have to admit that it bothers me a little bit an English pronunciation with a typical Polish accent. I can`t really listen to it . I have the impression that the negative perception of the Poles in America is the result of just the way the Poles speak English.

What a pity, because this way has no connection with national characteristics of Poles , but with huge differences in both languages.

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