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Abbreviations for days in Polish

eb2 1 | -
7 Jan 2008 #1
I was watching the local polish language news program the other day, and during the weather forecast the days were abbreviated (I am pretty sure Czwartek was just Cz). I cannot seem to remember the abbreviations- can someone please help me?
z_darius 14 | 3,968
8 Jan 2008 #2
There are no formal rules. Some of the used forms are:

poniedziałek – pon., pn.
wtorek – wt., wto.
środa – śr., śro.
czwartek – czw., cz.
piątek – pią., piąt., pt.
sobota – sob., so
niedziela – nie., niedz., ndz.
pawian 200 | 21,250
28 Jan 2022 #3
czwartek - piątek -

I glanced at those days and suddenly realised their ethymology - like a bolt from the blue sky!
Czwartek would be Fourther in English, while piątek - Fifther.
Amayzing - I have lived so long being ignorant about this origin. :):):).

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