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5 Apr 2008
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

How would you translate 'Kutwa' (with a t)? A friend suggested 'Pikey'
1 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

do immigrants get free immediate care in poland as soon as they arrive on the shore ?

Yes, as part of a reciprocal agreement between Poland and the UK

I was watching the house of lords comittee investigation into immigration on itv just there and they have recommended that the government cap all immigration into britian, including eastern european immigration from eu states. HIP HIP HOORAY

but... wait... didn't a parliamentary committee also publish a report stating that there would only be 17,000 immigrants a year? Perhaps they're ... wrong?
10 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

polish mafia selling there own people into prostitution , indians selling there children to workhouses , africans ... pakistani,s selling there children ... the africans , brazillian kids ... parents breed like rats ... a bottle of decent vodka , ... cowards , germans well we kicked there ... others who like the uk don,t mind ... nations sell each other down the river .

Ha ha you really are priceless. No really, you are.
30 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish immigration in UK [491]

I happen to be part of a team of guys who puts my neck on the line everyday to make sure people like you are protected against terrorists in this country.

And we are eternally grateful to you. Have a medal.
30 Nov 2007
Food / Healthy polish food? [98]

Proper lean meat, potatoes and raw salad.

Everything you need - just make sure the portion isn't too large! and try not to down a beer with it.
30 Nov 2007
Life / Poles - the Nation of Liars? [478]

I honestly feel your pain, Wroclaw. Some brainless frustrated cow in the town hall has just torpedoed some important paperwork of mine, seemingly on a whim, and I have no option but to pass it on to the 'kancelariat' and wait until they're able to deal with it. God I hate dealing with these idiots. No accountability, no sense of responsibility, no comeback at all. It was a breath of fresh air coming back to the UK to deal with the Inland Revenue.

The answer - fire every third petty bureaucrat, increase the responsibility on the rest and increase their salary commensurately. If anyone official is reading I can provide a few names as a starting point.
19 Nov 2007
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

i can say one thing about polish girls. They are too materialistic and pretend to be conservative yet they are really hardcore sl*ts who cant be with one guy.

What a sweeping generalisation. Like saying all Indian men are wife beaters.