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What do you know about Torun, Poland?

chiz 1 | 1
26 Nov 2007 #1
Hi there. I am probably moving there sometime in January. I was just curious if anyone has been there before, what the town is like, etc. I am also a musician and am interested in the music scene, so my second question concerns what you know about that.

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
26 Nov 2007 #2
much of torun is a beautiful city - havent been there for over a decade so cant say what the music scene is like

that said, there was a group of posters here awhile ago that would have us believe that the neighbouring city of bydgoszcz is the most hip and happenin city that poland has to offer... strange the things some people say...
wildrover 98 | 4,441
26 Nov 2007 #3
A nice historic city , and there is a really great night club in the cellars of the town hall......Too drunk to remember much else.....
randompal 7 | 306
27 Nov 2007 #4
lots of students, quite a few decent pubs...
Michal - | 1,865
27 Nov 2007 #5
I have never been to Toruń but I have heard that there are lots of old and interesting buildings. I do, however, know Bydgoszcz very well indeed from personal experience and my God! What a dump! Not the worst town in Poland but by far the worst town in all of Europe!
Polson 5 | 1,768
27 Nov 2007 #6
Toruń, the city of Copernic ;)
I've been there once, last year, and i really liked it, very nice city ;)
MrBubbles 10 | 613
27 Nov 2007 #7
Great place. Beautiful city. Good beer, great women. Definitely go there.
OP chiz 1 | 1
29 Nov 2007 #8
Wow, thanks for all the feedback. I'm moving there in a month and really looking forward to it.
davidd - | 1
1 Dec 2007 #9
Went to Polish language school, 4 years ago for two weeks at the university. I had a great time.
1 Dec 2007 #10
What do you know about Torun, Poland?

All i know about is that it's the most lucky city ever, because Wyspi is gonna study there soon :)
Paulieng - | 1
22 May 2010 #11
Thread attached on merging:
Is Torun a nice studentcity for foreigners??


I'm a student planning to attend an intensive Polish language course at a Univesity starting in september for 1 semester. I'm thinking about Torun, but ive never been there.

Does anyone know if this is a nice studentcity? Are there international students as well?
Or has anyone recommendations on which city should be the best?

Hope someone can answer my question!
internaldialog 4 | 144
22 May 2010 #12
some links that might helps you out:

also if use the search function you could read through the other threads connected to Torun and find some possible answers there.
richasis 1 | 418
22 May 2010 #13
From what I experienced from my visit there, I can say YES and YES. :)
Kazikowski 17 | 101
20 May 2011 #14
[Moved from]: Where is the drink/bar/club scene in Torun?

Anyone from torun? Can you tell me, where is the nightlife at? What parts of the city? Is it all in the stare miasto? All student bars? What location is the foot traffic nightlife at?

Many thanx!
wildrover 98 | 4,441
20 May 2011 #15
There used to be a great night club under the town hall....

Its a good few years since i was there , but its worth checking out if its still operating...
LodzSA 1 | 2
7 Aug 2011 #16
Merged: Weekend in Torun

Hi, Is it worth going to Torun for a weekend or will it be boring? I can't find that much to do there?
If not where can we go that is not that far from Lodz? We've been to Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow already.
groovyg 3 | 70
14 Aug 2011 #17
OP - been to torun a few times, I second the opinions here, beautiful little town and a lot of students. Don't know about the artist scene though.
Richfilth 6 | 415
14 Aug 2011 #18
Torun is pretty much like any other mediaeval city. Just bounce around from restaurant to cafe to bar in the Old Town, stroll around, admire the renovation and ruin of the place. Keep your ear tuned, and you'll find a few quirky little places in the evening, but during summer when the students are away, the place can be a ghost town.

A one night stay in Torun would be rather charming, even romantic, but anything more than that would get boring quite quickly. You could always go off and explore the ring of derelict fortresses, although as a tourist I'm not sure how easy they are to get to, and climbing around in collapsing piles of brick isn't everyone's idea of fun.
catsoldier 62 | 595
14 Aug 2011 #20
I don't know anything about Torun but I used to look at pictures in this blog if you want to see what it is like.
24 Apr 2012 #21
Hello, I am Gizem from Turkey. I live in İzmir and study in Ege University. I will come to Torun Nicholaus Copernicus University next year by Erasmus Programme I hope so in spring time I look forward to meet new friends who will help me and be my friend when I arrive there and informations about Torun. Truly I loved the town, gothic medieval place with the beauty of nature, the longest river and very beautiful architectures as far as I searched on the internet. as I said I am looking for friends let us meet each other I am new here just registrated but I will discover it more as time passes Loves....
jon357 74 | 21,790
24 Apr 2012 #22
Truly I loved the town, gothic medieval place with the beauty of nature, the longest river and very beautiful architectures

The old centre is beautiful (watch out for the police there though - they are not beautiful) however a lot of the rest is uninspiring. The river is nice, as is the area across the river near the station.

You'll find a great and very cheap pizza restaurant there - all the locals know it.
local_fela 17 | 172
24 Apr 2012 #23
Nice City, the market is very cool! And I think theyve got 2 big shopping centres! I am new here as well but I saw lots of American, Black and Asian students around the City... One of the finest girls in the City.... nice and friendly! ;)
24 Apr 2012 #24
If your in Toruń you have to visit Ojciec Tadeusz Rydzyk its the city's hero,
pawian 222 | 23,646
24 Apr 2012 #25
Torun is like Krakow but less polluted:



Leaning Tower

Roger5 1 | 1,449
24 Jan 2016 #26
Can anyone recommend a good mid-priced hotel with secure parking near the University?
24 Jan 2016 #27
I hate Torunians. The city was erected by the Knights of the Cross which have been raping, interrogating, torturing and murdering Torunians' ancestors yet they're proud of the Knights symbols and show their respect for those with every damn occasion. How sick is that? Knights insignia should be totally banned just like Swastika and a hammer and sickle are. Additionally as a Falubaz supporter I dislike Apator(currently KS Toruń) after they cowardly fled from Zielona Góra in the speedway Ekstraleague final in 2013.


Since I don't consider Torunians Poles it is still valid. ;]
cms 9 | 1,255
24 Jan 2016 #28
I really like the bulwar - has parking and very central. Not cheap but might be worth ringing them up and seeing of you can do a deal
26 Jan 2016 #29
good mid-priced hotel with secure parking near the University?

If no-one else comes up with any recommendations, maybe consider this one?
It's near the University, and has guarded parking and doesn't seem to be too expensive.
Obviously decor may not be to your taste, but it is ranked #2 out of 23 hotels in Toruń by Trip Advisor, and has lots of good reviews.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
26 Jan 2016 #30
Thanks, Chemikiem, I'll check it out.
Thanks cms. That place looks great, but it's a conference trip, so I just need a modest standard hotel very near the uni.

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