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10 Aug 2012
Life / An Indian wants to convert to Christianity in Poland [60]

although as a Christian Evangelical Reverend from the North of Ireland I am just a little bias!

Hi wednesday
Could you be more specific? Northern Ireland has a wide range of choices so I must admit I'm curious.
5 May 2012
Food / Miracle Whip availability in Poland? [43]

Cheddar .. yes. And don't forget Red Leicester! Available from a Real near you (or, at least, one in Trojmiasto).
5 May 2012
Food / Miracle Whip availability in Poland? [43]

Mini Europa in pl. Wilsona. They don't have it all the time (and I don't especially look for it) but if you happen to be in the area it's worth popping in.

let me guess .. "not" Trojmiasto ...
5 May 2012
Food / Miracle Whip availability in Poland? [43]

All that great Polish food in Poland, and people want Heinz Salad Cream????? :)

yes ... even then. i didn't grow up with mayonnaise -- too expensive :)
and when all else failed, there were always salad cream sandwiches ...
5 May 2012
Food / Miracle Whip availability in Poland? [43]

It *might* be available in a Kuchnia Swiata shop -- if you're close to one -- but I can't say for certain. I know I'm still hunting for Heinz Salad Cream ...
26 Apr 2012
Life / "Protestant" or Non Catholic communities in Poland [18]

There are other faiths around - but not so very obvious.
I used to attend a regular Anglican service in Gdansk, but that's about .. um ... 7 or 8 years ago now. Not sure what happens now, if anything.

The services were in Wrzeszcz originally, in rooms owned by .. I believe a Baptist church (not sure of the details, now, I must admit)
Just before I stopped going they were having services in a Polish not-Roman Catholic church up behind Gdansk Glowny railway station. (near Urz M.)
I've seen a few 7th Day Adventist churches -- there's one on Jaskowa Dolina in Gdansk, and I'm sure I"ve seen others.

I've met Mormans in Urz M. while getting my karta pobytu, had JWs at my door even 12 years ago
And for sure I've met other missionary types from time to time at e.g. language classes.
I know of a few other more evangelical churches, not necessarily in the city -- even with followers na wsi.
12 Mar 2012
Real Estate / Gdańsk - Safe and decent residential areas? [14]

Did you have any luck with finding employment?
Thomson Reuters/Lipper are in Gdynia.
7 Mar 2012
Real Estate / Gdańsk - Safe and decent residential areas? [14]

It really depends on where you're going and at what time of day.
When I worked in Wrzeszcz I heard complaints from a colleague about coming from Zaspa by public transport ...
Avoid anything west of the forest.
27 Jan 2012
Study / Shocking! Test standards in Polish schools. [165]

Now, according to OFFICIAL standards (and I kid you not), this student should get 9 points out of 10.

9/10 ?
A result like this could encourage me to try harder, or train me that the details didn't matter.
I could work hard, learn well and turn out a perfect piece of text ... to get 1 more point. Be still, my beating heart.
29 Nov 2011
Food / British food products in Poland? [334]

I really cannot believe that anyone would leave Britain and crave these utterly loathsome and revolting foodstuffs.

oops, I forgot my [sense-of-humour] and [/sense-of-humour] boxes. better luck next time.
28 Nov 2011
Food / British food products in Poland? [334]

anyone for treacle bread? :)
I've managed to find treacle so make tb quite often

and of course Kerr's Pinks are The Best Potato ... with lots of butter ... ah ...

To answer the OP -- no, I haven't found any good shop in particular though a few things are coming into 'normal' supermarkets: cheddar is becoming quite easy to get - also kerrygold butter. heinz baked beans are common in Real, at least. I'm still searching (weep) for Heinz Salad Cream though HP Sauce is easy enough to find.

No sign of Mr Kipling though and sometimes i'd kill for a slice of toasted Veda with butter :P
24 Nov 2011
Life / Poles don't know that baby seat should be in back only? [16]

PiP - you sound as if you have particular people in mind? Otherwise, how can you tell whether or not the airbag is still active?

For sure, deactivation of the airbag is essential if the baby is in the front seat -- unless a parent is content to take risks in situations where the outcome can be quite tragic indeed (internal decapitation)

As for the safest here ... or there ... debate. You don't have to get baby into the car for that -- start a conversation on sleeping positions :)

27 Aug 2011
Law / Difference between an expat and a immigrant (or permanet resident) in Poland [41]

I reckon I'm an immigrant by definition but an ex-pat emotionally. Very hard to let go of emotional ties to the oul' sod.
I lived for a while in Canada (intending to settle there for ever) and as soon as I got through official-dom in the airport I was officially a "landed immigrant". Noone seemed to care if I'd got into the country because I'd proved my worth or because I was a refugee -- the focus was on the future : what you could help to build (together with so many other immigrants over the years) in one's new country. I'm happy to contribute to the building of Poland's future.
19 Aug 2011
Language / Is this true about Polish pronunciation of English (that some words sound identical?) [34]

our family favourites are


but i'm from the depths of northern ireland so cannot toss any stones around in a conversation about pronunciation.

[i've had recent exposure to the 'a' / 'u' dilemma .. .turns the description of a simple software application crash on some hardware into something a lot more imaginative ... ]
19 Aug 2011
Life / Cost of raising a child in Poland [21]

1100zl for 12 hours and 5 meals a day.

I would guess this means the hours that the pre-school is open - and you pay the fee regardless of when your child is 'present'.

Someone who goes to work for 0700 is hooped in our local area because the pre-school doesn't open until 0700 -- 0600 would be much better. Correspondingly, someone with an office job and leaving work at 1700 might hope it was open until 1800. There's 12 hours with hopefully a range of meals depending on when the little darlings are around.

I think anyone who has combined a job with pre-school is happy to see some 'extra' time around the hours they need it. Nothing worse than sitting in a traffic-jam behind an accident knowing Pani is sucking her teeth as she checks her watch every 2 minutes.
18 Aug 2011
Life / Cost of raising a child in Poland [21]

From my memories with pre-schools ... the Place of Abode registration address mattered for cost. When your registered address was outside the catchment area the costs went up quite steeply.

And the meals ... oh my goodness :D
11 Aug 2011
Food / Where can you buy a crockpot aka slow cooker, in Krakow? [38]

Real : I looked last night and couldn't see anything of the sort :( Now I wonder if the previous sighting was like BigFoot or something ".. I swear .. I saw it ... it was <this> big". At the time this particular store was trying to sell some strange things -- nearly as if they were emptying a warehouse somewhere of stuff (no better word for it). Now they've been Reorganised ... aisles moved around and back to the usual offerings of more meat grinders, meat slicers, vegetable driers and expensive coffee machines than you could shake a stick at.

My slow cooker (I speak UK) came in a suitcase from Ireland ... but that was before the luggage allowance clampdown.
25 Jul 2011
Food / Are there any real kebab shops in Gdansk? [20]

Lamb is available in Hala Targowa in Gdansk, either fresh-sometimes-or frozen New Zealand leg of lamb, but I haven't found it in a kebab shop. I know that lamb's not popular in Poland, but I was hoping. Oh well.

I expect most Poles up here in the sticks believe they already have the 'real' type of kebab ... so wouldn't hold my breath for lamb appearing on the spits.

I was back in Ireland last week and it was a treat to walk into a butchers and see a wide selection of everything from lamb cuts to decent beef. sigh.
24 Jun 2011
Work / Salary, holidays - questions to employer during a job interview in Poland [47]

Those are salary ranges. I hope you understand the difference.

Yes, I believe I do, thanks for asking.

They're also "yearly, gross" values rather than the Polish habit of "monthly, net"... or sometimes "monthly, gross" which I also find endlessly confusing :)

I would like to advertise with a range. When I have laid out the requirements of the post it seems only fair to state the remuneration range on offer. Then a job-seeker can decide if it's worth their while, and after the interview I can decide where they land within the range with respect to their experience and interview.
24 Jun 2011
Life / Cost of delivering a child in Poland [30]

I suspect with Medicover the key question is "do you have a hospital or must I use an NFZ one?"
My pregnancy and birth was with Medicover all the way .. but they don't have a hospital of their own where I live so had to contract out to local institutions.

Same with the cancer treatment I received through them -- all contracted out to the local NFZ. While I obviously got a scan/diagnosis much faster I ended up an ordinary user "in the system" once I got on to my chemo and rads treatment.
23 Jun 2011
Work / Salary, holidays - questions to employer during a job interview in Poland [47]

'Here' is US ? (had a quick look at your profile)
That's interesting - there was me thinking it was just Poland.
I was used to the sort of situation you can see in the link below - ok some of them are saying silly words like "excellent" or "competitive", but by and large $'s are mentioned clearly.

Seems up-front and sensible.
23 Jun 2011
Life / Cost of delivering a child in Poland [30]

Oh no ... don't. Stay in the US, please -- somewhere your wife will be treated with dignity.
I had a baby in Poland - apparently covered by private health care which was ok for my monthly visits to the private clinic.
Then came the hospital and off I was tipped into NFZ.
I"ll accept this was 8 years ago - and possibly things have changed *dramatically* (hah!) but for me the high points were ..
Unhygenic and Dirty wards. My room was mopped twice a day but there was only a single (nearly broken) shower/toilet which was shared between all the ladies and therefore continuously blood-stained.

Forget the birth-partner concept. I needed a section and my husband was only allowed with me because I couldn't speak English.
No English-speaking doctors. Of course the nurses didn't either
Beds from the middle ages. This might sound absurd, but when you've had major abdominal surgery it's nice to think the bed might adjust.

Food worse than in prisons. Milk soup every morning and the other 2 meals *every day* were bread, butter and garlic sausage. I was in for a week and never saw fibre or any fruit/vegetables.

An understanding of newborns that insisted I give my child to the nursery nurses to be fed glucose after he was born.
This was the regional 'acute-care' hospital in a large city ... not some forgotten place in the back-woods.

p.s. i wonder if they still wash babes by holding them upside down by their heels under the running tap in the rooms ... that was a sight to behold ;)
3 Jun 2011
Law / Interesting Phenomenon with used cars in Poland [17]

most of the cars that fall under this description are to be found in Poland with 0 or just 1 km on the odometer.

you mean someone is too lazy to type the data into the form? ("Why should I bother no one will believe it anyway")

or maybe it's quite true ... the car that now exists has come fresh from the "make 1 car from n" workshop. an e pluribus unum moment.