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Going to Tricity (Trojmiasto) soon. What to see, where to go - not so obvious but interesting places

14 Sep 2010 #1
Going to visit 3City in 2 weeks. I would like to know what to see, where to go. Been there few times and saw most popular places, but wonder if there are any other, not so obvious but interesting places to go. Have car, so transportation is no problem. Just want to see more than molo/Monte Cassino in Sopot, Gdansk - Dluga and around, Gdynia center...

Also places with not necessary the expensive, but good food! Hole in the wall is ok so long is really great:) What about nice places for evening leisure - like beer garden, to sit outside and enjoy the weather? Or hip places to have a drink?

And what about budget shopping? We are a couple in early 30's
I will be staying in Sopot , so mostly places in and around Sopot please.
Any ideas? We will be there about a week.
Thank you!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
14 Sep 2010 #2
to sit outside and enjoy the weather?

might be a bit cold.
OP elnina
14 Sep 2010 #3
Haha.. maybe :) But what about my other questions??
elioug 1 | 22
15 Sep 2010 #4
Hello. Well, I am not expert in tourism in the city but I know is possible to go to Westterplate (the place where 2nd world war started) - I havent been there yet. Also i was in Hel and Sobieczewo (both going by ferry) but i guess the weather wont be so great for visiting places close to the beach (unless you want to see the beach and eat tasty fishes cooking), but I am not sure if the places for food are still opened during this month. I also was in the Zoo, quite interesting in my opinion (as foreigner i saw some new animals). Also Oliwa is one option you havent mentioned. In addition, the others common places are quite fine (stare miasto, Sopot, Gdynia center). Wish you nice trip ;)
scottie1113 7 | 898
15 Sep 2010 #5
Oliaw Park is beautiful and the church there is stunning.The zoo is also in Oliwa. You can get to Oliwa by SKM. It's only a few stops from Sopot.

BarPrzystan on Wojske Polskiego (walk down Monte Cassino to the molo and turn right on the street that runs parralel to the beach, walk about a kilometer and it's on the left) has good fish at reasonable prices and it's right on the beach so you'll have a nice view of the Baltic.

For traditional Polish food, I like Harnas (ul.Moniuszki 9). Find it on a map (get one from the information center near the train station in Sopot) and go by car or taxi unless you don't mind a bit of a hike.

You might also try Josef K (ul.Koscluski 4/1b-entrance from ul. Dworcowa). Just a minute away from the train station, it's a cafe/pub. Funky.

I know Gdansk much better. Two low cost but excellent choices are Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem) (it means diner under the green dragon)) at ul. Szeroka 125 (entrance is around the corner on ul.Panska). Good food, cheap prices, and they have Zywe beer on tap. Mostly locals there.

A real hole in the wall is Pub Duszek (little ghost, on ul.Sw.Duha 119/121). If you're not put off by the scruffy atmosphere (you asked for holes in the wall-this place is one) and the tiny upstairs-there is a larger basement-you'll find very good food ay very low prices. The menu is on the wall and it varies from day to day, but it's always good. Only locals. You'll never see a tourist there.

There's also Swojski Smak (ul. Hewellusza 25/27 near Madison, the mall. Great food, low prices, and not really a hole in the wall at all.

All these places are in the Old Town. None will dissapoint.

In Sopot try Immersion (Monte Cassino 36/5. It's in a courtyard just off Monte Cassino, so you'll have to look for it. If you go there and meet Tom, the owner, and Mike, the barman -both Americans-tell them Scott recommended it. If you're lucky, maybe they'll let you stay.:)

It's going to rain while you're here., so be prepared for that. Can't really help you with shopping. It's not my thing, and I have no idea what you're looking for. If you can be more specific, I might be able to recommend a place in Gdansk, but I know nothing about shopping in Sopot.
OP elnina
17 Sep 2010 #6
elioug & scottie1113 - thank you very, very much! Great ideas! Will see everything you two mentioned :)
scottie1113 7 | 898
17 Sep 2010 #7
If you manage to do that, you'll be very, very busy! Have fun. As for shopping, are you looking for clothes or something else?
wiewioros - | 2
17 Sep 2010 #8
The Zoo in Gdansk is really interesting, if you have time and the weather's sunny you should definitely check it out. Keep in mind that it's not in the city centre, and you'll need a bit of time to see most of animals there (it took me 5 hours last time, but then I wanted to see everything :P)

Two more things to see in Gdańsk are the Amber Museum (Gdańsk, Targ Węglowy 26) and the Aquarium (Gdynia, al. Jana Pawła II 1).

If you're interested in cars, Gdynia has a really nice Automobile Museum with old cars and bikes (ul. Żwirowa 2c Gdynia - Chylonia), and you can get there by SKM. It's quite tiny and out of the town, but I thought it was really interesting. The owner of the museum gives you a tour and explains the history behind the object, last time he asked his son to describe everything in English for my friends (don't know though if it wasn't just a stroke of luck that his son was around, or if they have the translation option all the time).

Good luck with Trojmiasto, it's a really nice place to visit, and it's got good SKM communication, so you'll be able to get everywhere quite quick :)
OP elnina
17 Sep 2010 #9
wow... so many places to go! I am beyond excited now!
All that and good food - I could not ask for more! :)
scottie1113 7 | 898
18 Sep 2010 #10
Here's a website for you: Look for Gdansk. When you get here, get a free copy available at reception in most hotels, and you'll have a pocket guide to almost everything worth seeing and doing in trojmiasto, plus it has good maps. Have fun.
Griff 17 | 67
18 Jun 2011 #11
Merged: If you had one day in trojmiasto , what would you do?

Hi All,

I'm an expat living in 3-City for 3 years, and I feel I have not experienced any of it. The websites out there say the same things, old town, sopot, etc. etc.

But what are the hidden gems? The places that really caught your eye. I need to start experiencing new things here in trojmiasto and surrounding areas.

I can give an example - This place in Puck is fantastic -

Please, all suggestions welcome, the more unusual the better.

Thanks in advance

scottie1113 7 | 898
18 Jun 2011 #12
What are you looking for? Coffee shops, pubs, museums, parks, etc? Start by going to Absinthe. All roads lead there. :)
5 May 2015 #14
Merged: Tricity in May ... where to sleep, eat, drink and to party?


Me and my friend are visiting Tricity at the end of this month (May). We will be staying in Gdansk, ho(s)tel not booked yet.

Any suggestions on where to sleep, eat, drink and to party are more than welcome! Especially Sopot seems the place to be!
Are clubs and bars open daily in this period? Many events?

Thanks a lot!
Kind regards

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