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31 Jul 2007
Genealogy / Zych surname in Ropica [6]

Hey, my grandparents names were Zych. Jan and Genowefa (Gadkowska). But my family is from Podborze near Tarnow.
1 Aug 2007
Life / 80s Polish TV Shows [25]

I know Pan Kleks was a gift in Przyjaciulaka a few years ago. Empik and Media Mart don't sell it anymore...unfortunetly. There are a bunch of clips on YouTube though.
2 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Cheap calls to Poland from the UK [134]

If you're in the U.S., WDT has a great long distance rate. I can't recall exactly, but it's a few cents.
3 Aug 2007
Genealogy / Borcyk (Borczyk) from Gdansk [5]

You could try the local church or town hall for any baptismal, marriage, birth, etc. records.
Hope that helps.
19 Aug 2007
Language / Dwa vs. dwie in Polish [85]

Can someone tell me the differences between dwa and dwie? Like when to use either...I always get confused when saying two in Polish because of them.