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Borcyk (Borczyk) from Gdansk

krista55 2 | 2
18 Feb 2007 #1
My grandmother's maiden name was Borcyk pronounced "Borchek". She was from Gdansk. Is there any help out there to find information

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My Grandmother was from Gdansk and immigrated in the 1890's. Is there anyone that has any info? My mother, sister & I are going there in October and would like to be able to search for any family,
tomek123 2 | 21
3 Aug 2007 #2
You could try the local church or town hall for any baptismal, marriage, birth, etc. records.
Hope that helps.
bookratt 6 | 85
15 Aug 2007 #3
What is the name you need to have looked up? I am a volunteer amateaur genealogist in the states, moving to Krakow in September.

I will try to help if I can.
borchek - | 1
2 Mar 2009 #4
The name Borczyk seems to have come from the town of Sanok in south east Poland and there seem to be people with that last name still there. I hope this helps. I knew for a long time that my grandfather was from Sanok and was never able to find anything until I found out that his name was originally Borczyk and got changed to Borchek when he arrived in the US. Anybody who has information on this last name please contact me at
28 Sep 2020 #5
My maternal grandfather was John Borczyk from Poland he was born October 23, 1894 in Sanok, Poland. He migrated to New Jersey and married Laura or Dora from Austria and they lived in New Jersey.

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