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7 Mar 2018
Travel / Anyone here use/used Ryanair? Flying from/to Poland [31]

If so, what do you think of the attitude of that grumpy little sjw Michael O'Leary? Sounds to me he has a small trouser department and a massive ego, which is typical of businessmen in the western world these days.

Seriously though, it's rather silly for him to have constant tantrums over Brexit these days. He should try and be a real man for once and treat his employees like human beings, and actually improve his airline services if he wants his airline company to be taken serious.

Well, I can only hope that he won't be "grounding" his planes before my flight from Newcastle to Wroclaw for a small holiday, otherwise consider his airline service over.

and no, I am NOT "changing my mind" for the sake of him and his political views... he can go and f*k himself.
19 Feb 2018
UK, Ireland / Delivering homemade wine (75cl bottle) from UK to Poland - best option? [4]

Checked baggage would obviously allow it, but I'm not taking checked baggage on this particular trip ... just cabin baggage. I don't wish to mess about with my current flight booking, especially that it's Ryanair as well. ;P

So, I guess it's not possible then. Ah well, no harm done - it isn't extremely important.
19 Feb 2018
UK, Ireland / Delivering homemade wine (75cl bottle) from UK to Poland - best option? [4]

Hi everyone.

Last year I made my own red wine (about 12%) and which I want to share a 75cl bottle of it with my friend in Poland when I go to see her in a couple of months time.

Are there any restrictions on using a courier / delivery service when shipping alcohol, or it is flat-out illegal? What is the best solution to do this?

Ideally I would like to deliver my bottle to the guest apartment I will be staying at.

17 Jan 2018
Travel / Places to see in Lower Silesia region (between Wroclaw and Czech border) ... suggestions? [6]

Hi everyone.

In April I am visiting Wroclaw, Poland for a few days (from England) and to see my friend that I've got to know recently. Me and her have made plans on various days, but on one of the days I would like to go and see somewhere between the south of Wroclaw and the Czech border (within Lower Silseia region) Can anyone recommended a place/attraction to visit in that area? A natural place in the countryside would be preferred.

I looked up a place called "Králický Sněžník", which is just off the Czech border ... is that worth seeing for the day?

Thank you in advance. :)
22 Nov 2017
Travel / Are Polish people as unfriendly as Slovaks? [72]

Real Poles (and real working class English people) certainly don't welcome pompous attitudes like yours, especially if you have such remarks on autistic people like myself. .... talk about bigotry, sheesh!

I suggest you go to Germany or London'll fit in better there I would think. Good luck!
22 Nov 2017
Life / Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland? [565]

@cms "Brexit - an idiotic idea, voted for by idiots"

Proud to be an "idiot" to you cms. :) At least I'm not a snowflake like fine examples here: ... they apparently are the "educated" you speak of. :P
4 Oct 2017
Real Estate / Buying land to build on near Czestochowa [15]


I visited Czestochowa last week to meet up with my friend who lives there, and he took me out on a bike ride around a forest area just south of Zamek Olsztyn (I think it's between that and a place called Biskupice) ... he was telling me that the areas that have been logged (i.e. trees cut down) would eventually become land to buy and build homes on ... so I assume this is the place the OP is on about?

Very natural and beautiful place. Czestochowa is also a very nice town ... I've been there a few times now.
26 Sep 2017
UK, Ireland / Are you able to hear the different English accents? [97]


What other English accents do you understand well?

This has always been interesting to me because when I visited Poland for the first time and opened my mouth in English, only a very small amount of people I met could understand me. My accent is of County Durham / teesside area.... nothing like London at all.

I'm not offended that they misunderstand me... in fact I should make the effort to speak Londoner, southerner or American... but I would rather learn Polish instead. ;)

Anyway, what english accents / dialects have you Polish experienced in your time of meeting English people?
6 Sep 2017
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [193]


I visited Jasna Góra in 2013 when my friend showed me around Czestochowa ... very impressive monastery, and I plan to visit there again. :) ... along with the limestone castles shown on the website I posted. What about car parking at the castles? Are most of them free?

I don't plan to hike at all, as it is only myself visiting - last thing that I want to happen to me is get lost (that's another story to tell btw).
6 Sep 2017
Love / Polish girls are outstanding in terms of their moral conducts as compared to western girls. [29]

I'm glad that this topic exists because this is how I have felt about western women for the past few years.

The last English girl I went out with was back in 2011, it turned out that she was a single mother who would rather be single and receive child benefit for extra money in her pocket (politely telling me to "**** off", basically). Since then, I have been a single man, with a good job, a mortgage and a relatively nice car that I fully own. ... I have no personal debt other than my mortgage.

But it's now coming to a point of time where I want to settle down with a woman and start a family together.

I have come to realise that women in the western world are turning away from men like myself. They either go full feminist types, or are thick as two planks who sleep around with "bad boys" that are in so much personal debt they are unashamed of it. It's why I never go to night clubs or bars.

I have even tried Speed Dating in my area, but the majority of women I meet there either don't know what they want, or think they are better and more professional than I am. I'm going to one again in a couple of weeks, but I won't be surprised that it will be the same types as last time.

Are Polish / Eastern European women like this as well? ... because as every year and month goes by, I feel like finding love in Eastern Europe instead. I'm already aware of the scammers / sham wedding types, but I have faith that not every woman in Poland is a gold digger or a massive feminist. What I love about Eastern European culture is that most of you still believe in traditional and family values, which is something I miss so much here in the western world. :( I am a man who wants to fall in with love a woman and have children, starting our own family... just like my mother & father and uncles & aunties did. What's wrong with that today?
6 Sep 2017
Love / What do you think of Polish girls? [23]

I don't know many Polish girls as I'm from England, but there was one I used to bump into regularly during my visits to Poland for some computer events I went to, and she was a very pretty woman and very friendly. We got on very well, but there was never a love connection between us.

I've never met or come across a really hot Polish woman (gold digger types), but I do know they exist and I would personally stay away from them.

Just a matter of interest... if I want to meet a Polish woman for dating, where would be the best place to go, especially in Poland? And please don't say brothels or strip clubs, I am not a pervert nor a loser.
6 Sep 2017
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [193]

I'm born and bred in England.

Some years back, I used to be part of a computer art festival / cult called the "demoscene", and there are quite a few them scattered across Europe, Poland being one of those countries.

So in 2010 I went on my first visit to one of these computer events which was located just outside Katowice, Poland (a town called Czeladz)... this was my first ever visit to Poland from the UK.

At the time, I was only really interested in the event and the people that attended it, but I do remember seeing that part of the country being quite run-down at the time - but this was mainly due to a lot of roadworks and rebuilding the infrastructure around that area. (We're talking about 7 years ago here). I was also with a couple of Polish acquaintances (both who live in the UK and that I met up with) who shared the same interest and that one of them drove me to the place we were going to, so I wasn't in a nervous state of traveling arrangements.

The most positive thing of my experience there was the people I met there... many of them were friendly and gave me a warm welcome. I will have to state though, that some of them didn't understand my English at all (they expected that I spoke like someone from London) ... my accent is North Eastern and I did talk quite fast in those days, so in a way it was a fault on both sides. Other than that, I enjoyed going there and was not treat badly. The booze was cheap as well, but I didn't go there specifically for that - unlike these typical English tourists who go on these stag parties in Krakow.

I've been to Poland about 6-7 times (between 2010-2014), mainly for those computing events. But as for the country itself, I haven't actually checked out the attractions and culture yet. ... this is what I plan to do in late September. :)

Because I've been to those computer events, I've made a very good friend who lives in Poland (Częstochowa) and, in 2013, he showed me around his town with his wife and children... so I have experience of seeing the everyday life of a Polish family in a typical town of the Silesia, Poland. I have contacted him again recently to meet him on one of the days of the week that I go there.

So, if there's anyone who wants to give me advice of what to see around Silesia/Krakow region of Poland, let me know. One of my other friends from Poland suggested me this website on what to see there, so I have some idea what to do already but further advise would be nice. (particularly on car parking, as I also plan to drive in Poland)

All in all, I have never thought badly about Poland so far. :)