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8 Jan 2017
Law / Getting Polish passport for a Polish citizen after approval in UK. What documents need to be filled? [2]

Richard, you are not yet a Polish citizen ;)
Call the embassy, they will tell you exactly about all the requirements to get a polish passport.
Where are you from? Who from your family was a Polish citizen(the closest relatives)? I'm asking because if they left Poland i.e. in XIX century then it might be a problem to get Polish citizenship since Poland was partitioned and there was no such political state on the map of Europe.

P.S. Having a Polish passport may not help you prolong your stay in the UK since they are leaving the EU... If this is your reason to get this citizenship
31 Oct 2016
History / Restoration of Poland's Monarchy? [40]

Ziemowit, I am also in favour of the Wettin house. They are still alive. Here is the rightful heir to the Polish throne ( according to the Constitution of May 3, 1791)

Pro-Polska, there are political parties that indirectly advocate the restoration of the monarchy in Poland, i.e. Kongres Nowej Prawicy, Wolność (KORWIN) and politician Grzegorz Braun
23 Sep 2016
Language / I need to be encouraged to properly study this beautiful language - Polish [8]

You are really a brave warrior if you want to learn Polish. You chose definitely not the easiest language to learn.
As you know already grammar is the most difficult part of it. For example, the number "2" has... 17 [sic!] different variations. But don't be discouraged :)

My advice to you is to not just focus on textbooks and memorizing all these "endings" of cases, conjugations, etc. Otherwise, you will get bored very fast and this is not the best solution to really learn any language in general. Why? Ask yourself how you learned your native language. Did you have to sit at the table with your parents and study textbooks? Probably not. We learn our native language by being "surrounded" by it. And this is the most efficient way to learn any language you want. Watch cartoons, movies, listen to radio, read books, find native speakers of the language you want to learn and talk to them :) Briefly, do things you like trying to use the language you want to learn. Textbooks are helpful, espiecially if you want to learn new vocabulary, but they shouldn't be the main source you learn the language. They should only serve to supplement your study.
22 Sep 2016
Law / Poland driving licence, non EU, non resident (Poland) [20]

You must be 18 yo (B) or 21 yo (C,D) stay in Poland 185 days each calendar year and have personal ties/job here or just be a student for at least 6 months. You must also take medical test and take driving lessons (mandatory) before the final exam.
16 Sep 2016
Love / Best, safe Polish dating sites? [95]

I'm German born in Poland. I don't hate people of other races but I care very much about my own.
16 Sep 2016
Love / Best, safe Polish dating sites? [95]

We need to preserve white race which is decreasing rapidly. Why do most men on earth want a white girl?
27 Aug 2016
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [927]

Literal translation would be this: "Bóg jest większy niż wzloty i upadki"
But honestly, it sounds weird to me, even the English version :)
30 Jun 2016
Language / How do you literally translate Home Sweet Home in Polish [22]

terri - The problem is that in Polish they do not have an equivalent word for 'home' as we understand it.

Actually, there is a phrase "ognisko domowe" that refers to the English word "home" but Poles don't use it in daily conversation.
20 May 2016
USA, Canada / Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record) from the USA [11]

the reason the federal government didn't do that was that it was the province of the individual states, technically you'd have to get separate documents from all 50 states and DC to be covered

This would mean there is no common database of criminal records which is hard to believe since everything is so computerised these days
20 May 2016
Genealogy / Surname Szarałło/Szarało? [3]

I have a friend in the USA whose last name is Surwilo (Surwiło/Surwiłło) and his family lived in today Belarus area and some of them still live in Wilno, Lithuania. He asked me a similar question. His family in Wilno speaks Polish but I cannot tell this name is Polish for 100%. I think it's more of a Baltic origin but I'm not an expert on this matter.

Szarałło/Szarało might have similar background. However, the "Sz" at the beginning might suggest it is Polish because these two letters form one sound which is very common in Polish language. But it is also possible that this name could be a little Polonized since a lot of people from the east that lived in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth considered themselves more Polish (especially after the partitions of Poland) despite of not being an ethnic Pole.
20 May 2016
USA, Canada / Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record) from the USA [11]

Hello everyone!

I know this topic is not related to Poland in general but maybe there is somebody here who had similar experience...

Recently, I was asked for providing that kind of certificate (from all countries where I lived) to my employer. I'm a Polish citizen and studied in the USA for couple years. So since I have no problem to get this certificate from Poland, my question is how can I get this from US?? I found some information that US citizens may get this from FBI or their local police department. But what about NON-US citizens?? Is it possible to ask for this certificate through the US Embassy in Poland?

I'll be grateful for any help from you!