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24 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Seeking any info on Josef Macioszek born Kramsk Poland (Russia) in 1885 [6]

Not sure the surname spelling is correct. This was my grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. in 1903.. His father's name was Thomas and his mother's maiden name was Pauline Berkowska. Wondering if I have any relatives still living in Kramsk to whom I may leave my fortune.
24 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Seeking any info on Josef Macioszek born Kramsk Poland (Russia) in 1885 [6]

Sorry I have to die first.

Just kidding. I read a post on this forum that said Polish relatives of Americans wouldn't be interested in meeting them unless they are rich. Truth is, even if I could locate my grandfather's family, it's only a dream I have, that I could go to Poland and meet them. But for my decendants, I would like to research and document our family roots for them to have and pass on. Culture, traditions, where we came from and who we are now - are all important and timeless curiosities to the human race.
26 Feb 2014
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

This is very interesting. My father's family are from Poland and my mother's is Native American. My sister and I look nothing alike. She looks somewhat Asian but with vivid blue eyes and high cheekbones. I have very dark eyes and dark skin, but light hair (pale blonde as a child) and also high cheekbones. We both have high foreheads with ultra fine hair though. We did our DNA search with the the National Geographic Project and traced our roots from Africa, through Asia, up into Siberia and then to the area of Finland about 15,000 years ago. I think it goes further wiith a more expensive test. The funny thing is that when I was young there was a photo in National Geographic Magazine of a girl that looked so much like me that several people sent it to us----and she was from Finland. With the theory that my mother's ancestors came to (now) America via the Bering Strait, it makes me realize we actually are all from the same very small pot at one time. The variations that evolved were just the result of climate, food sources and intertribal pairing. Too bad we can.'t see ourselves as one big family. Maybe if we get invaded by beings from another planet we would instantly feel that way. Who would care if you're fat or thin as long as you're HUMAN!
26 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Seeking any info on Josef Macioszek born Kramsk Poland (Russia) in 1885 [6]

Yes, I plan do that someday when my time and attention can permit it. Right now my only free time is (between bites) while I am feeding my elderly mother. A few years ago I started the process for my mother's side and now know how much time and dedication it can take if you don't have the money to pay someone. It's a project that if interrupted goes stale and gets fuzzy and connections get lost. With my mother's side just when I found myself at a dead end, someone on a site like this saw the name and told me about a website that not only put me in direct connection with the family, but to the whole family group who had researched it back to the year 900. We have hundreds of members, hold regular reunions around the country and do research projects together via archeological digs to find and restore gravesites and homesteads. It's great fun and an enriching endeavor. We have a website, newsletter and even a scholarship fund for students via our membership fees etc. If anyone has troubles, there are hundreds of members to help them......because we are now family. It's an unusual thing in this day and age.

But I digress. What I meant to say was your advice is good and thank you----and also one just never knows what might come from throwing a few seeds out there.
27 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Would DNA test show Jewish genes? [10]

The answer is Yes. Although there is a Jewish religious sect today all over the world, there are also ethnic roots in it's origin. As it was forbidden to marry out of the religion, DNA markers developed identifying them.

I don't know if a medical DNA test is the same as an ancestral one. I think the medical one only looks for disease risk markers. Like you might have a marker that Jewish people have- but perhaps it got inserted from just one ancestor- where an ancestral test would tell you what percentage of your DNA is Jewish and from what geographical area it originated.
3 Mar 2014
News / Is this the first clear and open signal that Poland makes preparations for war with Russia? [163]

The US no longer relies on foreign sources for it's energy needs. That's an outdated assumtion. They produce 80% domestically and are moving state by state to many countries are. Beside the environmental necessity to move toward cleaner energy sources, any forward thinking country has realized that it's just not smart to rely on a foreign source for the bulk of it's needs. Especially ones with an "agenda" Russia.
24 Mar 2014
History / Ordinary Polish people who collaborated with the Communist authorities? [28]

Bren...seems like your inquiry to your friends touched upon a sensitive subject- and by some of the replies you received here- it's quite obviously an emotion igniter. Just wanted to defend your natural curiosity by saying you DID NOT INSULT ANYONE. And I'm sure your friends didn't take it that way.
29 Mar 2014
History / What Was Happening in Poland around 1905? [73]

Was there a movie made about Paderewski called "The Piano Player?"

My grandfather (Jozef Macioszek) came to Ellis Island in 1903. The immigration papers state his former residence and birthplace was Kramsk Poland-present govt. of Russia. So it was clear what ethnicity he was but also what govt. rule he lived under at the time. His story was that the Russion troops were coming into the villages and forceably conscripting the boys and men into the Russian Army-pulling them off the streets and out of there homes and loadind them into carts. He and his father and brothers were paid by a man to rebuild his barn. The father divided up the wages among the boys (about $20. each) and told them to GO! My grandfather made it to Hamburg where he got on a ship to NY. He never knew the fate of the of the rest of h's family.
30 Mar 2014
Love / I'm getting married to a Polish guy and need advice before visit his family; gifts, topics, customs [82]

I wouldn't be so nervously attentive that you don't allow her space to observe, relax and explore her environment. The language difference can actually be an opportunity for you to build a personal relationship with her- communicating at first through gestures and single words, and then sharing phrases to learn each others language. It can be both fun and funny, and build a bond between you Rather than having your husband as the main intermediary and translator, spend time alone with her, going places and doing things.

My question is about religious differences. Is she Catholic? Is she aware of -and ok with her son's and your conversion to Muslim? If not, this could be a conflict. Some devout Catholics are intolerant of other faiths. I hope all goes well and you have good times.
27 Feb 2022
News / How does Poland feel about influx of US troops? [60]

Poland as a NATO member has a standing pre-agreement to allow and be defended by the military troops of the other NATO member countries when an actual or potential threat of external military agression exists. They also allow the use of their country for strategic military staging and supply lines. As Putin's troops are attacking Ukraine on various fronts and near the borders of NATO countries, readiness and preventive steps are arguably necessary. So God help Putin if he's actually deranged enough to step a foot over the Polish border.