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27 Jan 2016
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1022]

" Ewelina wants you"

Context? Wants to fcuk you? Wants to speak to you?

As Polish is so difficult

No, you giving no context make things difficult.

No Wulkan me giving no context does not make it difficult.
Polish is what makes it difficult.
John says to Paul :" Damian wants you". Paul says :"ok".
Thats how it works in English. Of course he could say what for. Which the reply could be :" i dont know".
This is very normal.

So if i am trying or asking someone what is Polish for :" he wants you".
And he/she doesn't understand then i am afraid that is the Polish language's fault.
None mine. There is no need to say why in English. It's perfectly acceptable.

Merged: "I want you" in Polish?

After i had translated the indicated sentences, a mod, recorded msg or other
e-robot said: the thread was moved or closed and your data cannot be posted. Sorry!
So the translation would go to waste I am re-threading it here:
26 Jan 2016
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1022]

Merged: Translation from English to Polish using "you".

I was talking to my Polish friend.
Getting her to translate some things for me. Which is never easy. As Polish is so difficult and she sometimes doesn't understand. So a simple thing like " Ewelina wants you", ended up taking 30 mins for her to translate something for me which i am not even convinced is correct.

So.................. i want you
he/she wants you
John/Ewelina wants you??????????????? anyone??
i thought it would be Ewelina chce cie. But she said that makes no sense.
6 Jun 2012
UK, Ireland / Ad from my UK newspaper today : not worth a zloty [13]

ok thanks for the all the information.

one more question.

i have been to poland a few times now and cannot remember too much about the money exactly.

Is a 200 zloty note the highest value????

doesnt seem much for your countrys highest valued note

it is £100 in the uk which would be the equivalent of 600 zloty

cheers again
3 Jun 2012
UK, Ireland / Ad from my UK newspaper today : not worth a zloty [13]

Euro 2012 fans in Poland are to be given guides identifying out-of-date bank notes that conmen are expected to flood the country with during the tournament.

Polish banks - which have produced half a million leaflets - say they expect drunken fans to be targeted by crooks palming them off with worthless zloty.

News to me. What does the newspaper mean out-of-date zlotys. I new there was an old zloty which has been replaced by a new zloty.

But that was years ago.

I am going to Warsaw for the Euros. If i go to a kantor then i should be fine?
And i dont intend to be drunk either.

Anyone else with info on this?
26 Jun 2011
Language / Indirect/direct speech in English and Polish. [4]

Indirect speech and direct speech in English and Polish.

According to my verb book.

This sentence : powiedział, ze nie mówi po polsku - would translate into > He said ": he didn't speak English.

Now "nie mowi" is still in the present tense and the English :" didn;t speak" is in the past tense.

Why? Someone said that it has to do with direct speech and indirect speech.

But im none the wiser.

Anyone elaborate a little more?

13 Jun 2011
Life / How many Jewish people live in Poland? [145]

How come you want to know it?

First of all please guys dont fight about my post.
There is no need.
I asked the question because i visit Poland frequently.
Mostly krakow.
Which obviously is steeped in history and culture.
It has a Jewish district of course.
And i was just curious and interested.

Tez jestem studentem jezyka polskiego :))
na razie i dziekuje za pomoc
12 Jun 2011
Life / How many Jewish people live in Poland? [145]

Jews and the hebrew language

How many Jewish people live in Poland and krakow especially.

How many people speak Hebrew in Poland?

How many people speak Hebrew in krakow?

And do all Polish Jews speak Hebrew? And if so what would be there first language be?

5 Nov 2010
Language / jesc/zjesc and possible english translations for the imperfective/perfective [30]


ja bede jadl/jadla.....................zjem

What could these verbs translate to in english?

and also, in the sentence (which is why im really asking the question.......)How would "zjem" translate here also. As im not too sure. Well aqctually "zjem kolacje".

(1) Wieczorem zjem kolacje, a potem pojde do kina.

11 Jul 2010
Language / So why did you give up learning Polish? [105]

It's not a much sought after language in many parts. Poles are kidding themselves if they think most Brits are gonna pay 30 quid an hour which is what some ask for. Why would Brits want to know Polish outside of having acquaintances? They know English, a far more useful language.

i pay £4 quid for 2 hours- not bad eh.
31 May 2010
Language / A little Polish grammar. Masculine, animate objects. [64]

really bartolome?

the thing i love about polish is the more you learn the more you just get confused.

well that would explain it but that is strange

im sure one of my teachers spoke about spiders etc been animate objects in the grammatical sense

anyway cheers (so it is only men/women and children in a grammatical sense that are animate nothing else that is alive?)

and isnt it "troje dzieci"?
30 May 2010
Travel / Krakow to Zakopane - public transport [12]

You would be far better getting the train.

I use the train from krakow Glowny

I google pkp which is the train service operating from there (i think)

if you google 'pkp' it will tell you everything

you can click on the union jack at the top of the page to change it to english

well you just need to know a little polish

you just put in leaving from krakow of course to zakopane

it will tell you when the trains leave

how many stops

the price

the different trains you can get

plus this is very cheap and fast and convenient

hope this helpes
30 May 2010
Language / A little Polish grammar. Masculine, animate objects. [64]

Jeden pies/dwa psy/ trzy psy/ cztery psy/ pięć psów ( i assume thats correct)?

ale.....Trzech chłopców

i thought that masculine animate nouns would have the same changes.

Obviously not unless i have made a mistake unless most of them are the same with a few exceptions????????????

20 May 2010
Life / How Safe Are the Polish Cities? [179]

Kraków - Nowa-Huta (sp. Teatralne, Centrum C and Urocze)

What is this Nowa-Huta??????????????????///

Co to jest Nowa Huta??????
4 May 2010
Language / Distinguishing between boy/boyfriend/......girl/girlfriend in polish [14]

Collins Paperback English Dictionary :

Boyfriend : a male friend with WHOM a person is romantically or sexually involved.
(not just a friend)

Males dont refer to their male friends as boyfriends (obviously the exception is gay males, but you know i was not talking about that)

Or even boy friend

Girls, especially, younger girls may refer to one of their friends as a girl friend ( 2 separate words) Unless of course they are gay also.

So i think im none the wiser with my polish unless i say "my" first :))
2 May 2010
Language / Distinguishing between boy/boyfriend/......girl/girlfriend in polish [14]

In English we have boyfriend and girlfriend which would of course mean you are in a relationship with these people.

If they were not your b/f or g/f then it would just be friend.

But in Polish it is the same word for both, i think : dziewczyna/chlopak.

Girlfriend/girl and boyfriend/boy

Isnt this awkward?

15 Apr 2010

polish girls aint gold-diggers

what a lot of ****

Yes, without a doubt they are. They come to the uk in search of men with property and money.

what utter ****
15 Apr 2010
News / Kaczynski to be buried at Wawel ?! [289]

ok i will not have a problem getting around krakow on sunday now

ale jaja

volcanic ash eh? who would have thought...................:))
15 Apr 2010
News / Kaczynski to be buried at Wawel ?! [289]

Does anyone know at what time the funeral is?

Will krakow ground to a halt?

Will public transport still be operational?

Im actually in krakow that weekend for a short break and was just wondering wjat it will be like?

6 Sep 2009
Language / Translation request: words like the / and / or / left / right / this, etc... [19]

a =
the =
The structure of the Polish language is different.

There are no translations for a, an and the. There is no difference in Polish between a car and the car. You must learn a new way of thinking.

Eg. samochód means (1) car, (2) the car, (3) a car.

your car? my car? his car? our car?

just to really confuse him!