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23 Apr 2011
Life / Metal scene in Poland [39]

im from southamerica and the only polish bands known abroad ( like big BIG ones) is
1 behemoth
2 decapitated

16 Apr 2011
Life / Sexual culture in Poland [66]

that and with the lights off;)

really? ive never been to poland but i think ( my dreams =P) that women are more "brave" than that. i think maybe doggy with light off, and a lot of hot stories =)
16 Apr 2011
Love / Do Polish girls like playing with men's feelings on internet? [52]

"do polish girls like playing with men's feelings on internet"
sorry man, but this post makes no sense, you cannot say that, you can find a girl like that in southamerica, europe or asia... it is only your experience..

14 Apr 2011
Love / Ten things to remember when you have a Polish girlfriend [79]

i dont know why there are many post about polish girls...with several ways regulations to follow..

it makes no sense
every girls has to be respected and treated the same way..
latin guys love girls, and treat them the way they deserve..

they are angels =)

by the way i love polish girls =P
14 Apr 2011
Love / What's the way to seduce a Polish girl ? [64]

im from chile 100% latin, and i think there is no special way to seduce a woman... just be yourself, talk and that's it..
if there is a good chemistry beetween both of you you will be together..
give them the time they need.. women need a lot of time, of course they deseerve it =)
all women are great !!
ps:i love polish women they are angel to my eyes =)