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29 Jan 2014
Language / What are the best Polish - English Dictionary and Learning Books? [24]

[Moved from]: Titles of the most well known comprehensive [Polish to English or vice versa] dictionaries ?

i mean such comprehensive dictionaries similar to "Merriam- Webster" !
may you offer some of them to me?
so that i can check the price or compare them !
your sincerely .
28 Dec 2012
Life / Video games centers and culture in Poland [22]

by the way , you can make any kind of games you want :)
although i don't know the name of any of your heroes !
then there must be some fiction or folklore based ones ?

is there someone that know about online mmorpg games from your country ?
28 Dec 2012
Life / Video games centers and culture in Poland [22]

Not really. The biggest made-in-Poland hit was a shooter settled in scenery of a certain Mexican town... ;)

what do you mean ?


i shocked , the call of jouraze and painkiller are very famous and i played both of them but i didn't know they are polish

as if Poland is giant in game development !
28 Dec 2012
Life / Video games centers and culture in Poland [22]

i saw a lot of cartoons that made by polish people ... and although i played a lots of video games too , but i don't encounter such games that related to Poland !

is there any 3D VIDEO GAME development company in Poland ? or famous polish artists that work on this subject ?

since video games are a way for publishing cultures , may be i find something interesting .
22 Feb 2011
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

excuse me that i came late :-)

To topicstarter:
I have nothing against Iranians, but you need to understand 1 thing:

Just like Iranians fishermen cannot fish in European waters, Iranian men cannot fish for European women except when these women visit Iran.

Same goes for all non-European males: stay away from European women! Find a woman in your own part of the world!

hello jarnowa
personally , i partially justify you
because i think all of men have such sense about their females ...
but the law of the country (for example Poland) is the fact (and reference) ! not your own idea !
can you find a law that ban marriage of a polish lady with foreign men ?

Switzerland even brought incest-marriage law within the same family.

what the hell !
4 Nov 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

go touch another man penis (gay is a pride for your father )

"my divorce papers" LOL it make no sense , since your prostitute wife sleep every night in the embrace of a new foreign

if you survived from Afghanistan then "230 pound gorilla" is too light , my butchery want more meat ?

"I like guns" , i like nuclear +

before traveling Google those beheading movies too ... it is informative
3 Nov 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

Polish girls are strong and independent. She won't listen to you, she will keep her friends (guys too!) after you get married

it is exactly the same thing that enduring it , is impossible for me (and most of men here) ! (really horrible)
story ... ended

thanks for your guide Mrs yuaelt
1 Nov 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

since I've heard that u call us who*r*e*s and sl*ts... so I'm really curious about this point of view

thanks for your answer , please tell me where i told it ?
7 Sep 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

In fact it would be really weird not to -- it'd be like, "what's wrong with you?!?"

i think i couldn't ask the question in right way !!! "While people here are not generally promiscuous" yes this is the reason i asked on virginity !

i asked that because i just want to know how much a polish woman is faithful with her husband after marriage ... (what kinda of freedoms she expect ? )

because in the same way virginity isn't a pride also promiscuous isn't a pride too (even worse ... )

There's no possibility that some polish girl can like you!!!

ok , i don't be offended but can you tell me what is the main problem ? (feel free to talk on any aspect )

thanks all for your comments :-)
19 Aug 2010
Life / Poland's media on satellite - best for increasing language knowledge and a Polish lifestyle [4]

hello noble polish people

can you guide me as a person who interested about Poland's culture and society , in which channels maybe i can increase my knowledge in your language and lifestyle ... ?

currently i know only these two :

viva polska

i think it is only a musicbox ...

just in a few minutes ago , as if i watched a serial with name "burza uczuc" !
that i properly can't understand in which language is spoken (may be Germany ) also it was dubbed with another voice at same time (may be this one is polish) !

can you tell about that serial ?
also i need more information about this channel , time table of its programs (which films or programs has a lots of fans there ) or usually which type of contents played in it ...

i guess a few times i saw a funny hidden camera on this channel too , if i was right ...

can you suggest more amazing channels ?

9 Aug 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

thanks so much Mrs Paulina
your answer is very helpful for me , and you talked like a great human with nice tips
you are really respectful for me

Btw, you're not interested in Iranian women? I'm sure there are many beautiful girls in Iran too :) But it's probably more difficult to date or flirt with a girl in your country? Do you have to be accompanied by a chaperon when meating a girl you like?

no , chaperon isn't my problem
i always searched to find an ideal girl for Marriage not for friendship
during my life in college and my city only for a few times i interested in some girls but in the end not successful ...
anyway i thought increasing my knowledge about another countries special Poland has no costs and i dreamed if there is a way love with a foreign lady is more sweet .

As for the girl - she looks pretty young. How old is she?
You could ask her some questions about Poland and Polish culture instead of searching on internet forums.

the reason that i don't ask herself anything is that i thought she is married and if i talk about romance , she offended and break with me , and she only saw my picture ...

i love she so much (just by looking because i am sure that i know her and she is like the woman of my dreams ) , when i look at her face i wish she were mine .

indeed you know reaching to such conditions for a young man is natural

As for your picture - you look like a handsome man, so no problem there, I guess.

thanks so much

you looking for a virgin then you better be a virgin yourself or you're a hypocrite. Don't care if you're a man or a woman, European, American, an Arab or a Persian - treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

I'll have none of that, have never paid money to be with a woman and never will.

these sentences cause i like you skysoulmate , these are similar to my personality too
9 Aug 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

thanks guys for your contribute

Is it possible? Yes.
Is it common? No.
Is it easy? No.

It's possible. But as you know the cultures are totally different. Take it easy before you know more about her feelings.

thanks dear SzwedwPolsce for your wise and definitive answer .

now i understood Marriage with a polish lady for me is more like a dream (really sad)

There are plenty of virgins in Iran, right? I'd say the veil so many wear keeps them "safe".

lol the Iranian girls don't wear such veil as you show in the pic ...
also i know the negative effect of media about Iran and Islam , but more discussion about it is useless and i can't do anything ...

the virginity in Iran is cause of some rules and opinion of some persons (also there is a lots of unvirgin women that some men don't have problem about it ... )

what is the religion of polish people (which branch of Christianity) and what kind of permissions and relationships before Marriage allowed for girls ?
(for example breaking hymen before Marriage is a sin ? )

You seem like a nice guy and I sincerely wish you the best and hope you will find the lady of your dreams whether she's Polish or not.

thanks made me happy (-:
i saw only males respond to this thread , i wish if it is possible some female polishes tell their idea just about may face (am i handsome ?) in regardless to other part of this topic ?

8 Aug 2010
Love / Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady [96]

Hi to all Polish people
my 1th post

I am an Iranian , age 27 , Muslim and i live in Iran

i am so happy for finding this forum , indeed here i can learn many things about Poland
(apologize for my English )

i describe the story briefly ...
for a while i joined with a Polish lady in a forum , and i saw her picture in his profile and in the first look her beauty enchanted me (even for severe of love i attached her wallpaper in my room)

and i only discuss with her respectful about common related works in that forum and i don't have dare to ask her about love ...

so she caused i inspect the internet about Poland culture also checking images ... until this forum .
my research increased my interest to Polish lady's everyday ... (i talk about pure love not pûrn )
also i heard Polish girls are better than other EU countries in chaste and virginity
and now i am really crazy !

therefore i decided to share my feel here so that you tell me the truth about my dreams ?
(even painful)
and this my question :
how is the possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady for an Iranian like me ?
feel free to talk about everything , there is no problem for me and i am not sensitive (just truth)
and i guess some knowledge of polish peoples about Iranian is something like terr?????
or maybe you will say how that guy dare to think about such thing !
also i showed my photo maybe you can feel like a live conversation ...
anyway thanks for guiding a young person .