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Video games centers and culture in Poland

shekofte 5 | 23
28 Dec 2012 #1
i saw a lot of cartoons that made by polish people ... and although i played a lots of video games too , but i don't encounter such games that related to Poland !

is there any 3D VIDEO GAME development company in Poland ? or famous polish artists that work on this subject ?

since video games are a way for publishing cultures , may be i find something interesting .
pawian 197 | 19,800
28 Dec 2012 #2
You mean computer games, too?
28 Dec 2012 #3
The last I have played a game was 10 years ago so regretfully I'm not very into that subject, but as far as I gathered there are Polish studios developing video games, some were quite successful.

I'm also not quite sure what are you asking about. You mention animation and then jump to computer games. As for the animation there are studios which make special effects for Hollywood movies, as well.

since video games are a way for publishing cultures

Not really. The biggest made-in-Poland hit was a shooter settled in scenery of a certain Mexican town... ;)

Instead of asking the questions you should put some efford into looking for answers. It's so easy to demand: "Please tell me...", while we all have the same access to the Internet, so if I can find such informations within 5 minutes, then why you can't? Here you have for instance:
OP shekofte 5 | 23
28 Dec 2012 #4
You mean computer games, too?

indeed , talk from simple flash games to console games ...
Varsovian 92 | 634
28 Dec 2012 #5
I think there's a school for computer games developers in Cieszyn - not sure though
OP shekofte 5 | 23
28 Dec 2012 #6
Not really. The biggest made-in-Poland hit was a shooter settled in scenery of a certain Mexican town... ;)

what do you mean ?


i shocked , the call of jouraze and painkiller are very famous and i played both of them but i didn't know they are polish

as if Poland is giant in game development !
FlaglessPole 4 | 669
28 Dec 2012 #7
Uprising 44 the silent shadows - currently under development
28 Dec 2012 #8
what do you mean ?

That there is no Polish element in that game, despite the fact it's produced by Poles.

shocked , the call of jouraze and painkiller are very famous and i played both of them but i didn't know they are polish

What I meant in my previous post was precisely Call of Juarez. Were there any Polish elements conveying Polish culture?
OP shekofte 5 | 23
28 Dec 2012 #9
by the way , you can make any kind of games you want :)
although i don't know the name of any of your heroes !
then there must be some fiction or folklore based ones ?

is there someone that know about online mmorpg games from your country ?
Richfilth 6 | 415
28 Dec 2012 #10
One of the biggest contemporary games was Wiedzmin ("The Witcher"), a fantasy hack-em-up based on the Polish novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, and released by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED, who are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
pawian 197 | 19,800
28 Dec 2012 #11
since video games are a way for publishing cultures ,

Can you tell us the names of foreign games which promote other cultures? We need an example to know what to look for......
bryndzus - | 1
29 Dec 2012 #12
Bulletstorm, Witcher 1,2 Sniper Ghost Warrior 1,2 , Dead Island, Call of Juarez 1,2,3, Painkiller 1,2,3,4 ;Anomaly: Warzone Earth;
Chrome; Two Worlds 1,2
Wulkan - | 3,243
29 Dec 2012 #13
i shocked , the call of jouraze and painkiller are very famous and i played both of them but i didn't know they are polish

No wonder you was shocked, such a dumb country like Poland made such a famous games, hard to belive isn't it?
Rysavy 10 | 308
23 Feb 2013 #14
Merged: Popularity of video games in general and the shift to MMO/MMORPGs with Polish playerbase

There is no specific area for Games-Video-Electronic media but it is hobby/entertainment /recreational activity. And let me state up front "with Polish" is not because I think OMG can they rise to this? But it is Polish I am curious about and the main object of this forum. One can mentally replace "with German":"with Slovakian":"with Turkish" if you wish to :p :::::

I am not sure how many nerdy gamer types lurk here specially those of us who play less as adults with responsibilities, but never give it up totally...

I am one who went d20 RPG>RP VideoGames>Muds >MMORPGs
I've always enjoyed international penpals. Internet forums, Online games combined with communication like vent , skype and teamspeak has indulged that pleasure to a fuller amount.

What is the median age of a gamer in Poland?
Which came first to lead to gameplay in co operatives that are more than often English speaking? Embracing consumerism or "westernization"? Are any studies curently done?

Not so big a population change in services like Steam, but I have noticed in several MMO games I play, there is an exponentially growing number of openly Polish players, and Polish oriented Guilds, Especially Star Wars. I just wonder what the change is.

Since EU servers split generally in English/German/French language regardless of the company; I would think they would choose German server for better frame rates and latency. But they are usually on English servers. US eastern servers when their internet will tolerate it.

And the players I've been in vent with improved their English by leaps and bounds are so driven once they are not shy anymore (though sadly picked up very slangy versions to sound so fluent in -lol). I do not think I would fare so well so quickly had I been in all-Polish speaking guild..

Added note: Most of my longtime and close EU "gaming friends" that are not already native speakers or German are Hungarian, Polish, Finns, Swedish and 1-2 Russian & Netherlands,. When I lived west coast I made permanent (over 10 years now) connections with 3 Aussies and 5 S Koreans. ^_^ plus of course handfuls that are in US like me. We have even met in groups at selected locations.
23 Feb 2013 #15
You gotta lotta fresh talent in the development arena, too. CD Projekt RED, Reality Pump, People Can Fly, Techland, etc; all had big titles that sold over 200k units in the U.S. alone.
frd 7 | 1,401
1 Aug 2013 #16
I'm not sure what the median is in Poland , but I think the oldest gamers are in their 30s right now. What was quite different from US in the introduction of gaming in Poland was that gaming consoles such as nintendo or sega mega drive and so on were much less popular. Poland was all about computers such as Atari, Commodore 64 or Amiga. From what I know that's how it was in most of the europe.

Additionally poland was quite delayed with electronic entertainment, mostly due to the iron curtain with years of communism. Every game was released with a 2-5 year delay in that times. Due to the lack of anti-piracy laws in the 90s most people bought their pirated games at market stalls.

I remember quite vividly buying them - something along - "Please could you give me 16 disks of video games". We didn't even know the titles. You could get 4 games each on 4 disks or 16 games, it was all quite random.

Because of that computer games piracy we always quite a problem in Poland, and supposedly because of that many gaming services such as xbox live are introduced here with delays. But it's getting beter :)
20 Jul 2015 #17
Latest Polish video game goes world wide.
Arian Klea
17 Aug 2015 #18
Merged: Video games centers in Poland

Are there any video games centers in Poland where players can play games like counter strike in a network?
17 Aug 2015 #19
Poland has some of the world's top game developers so probably yeh, see here counter strike polska community on fb who probably answer your question with indepth knowledge :)
jon357 71 | 19,937
17 Aug 2015 #20
Sadly in the two decades I've lived there, I've seen computer games increase a lot. At first there were hardly any and people enjoyed sport, card games and face to face pastimes.

There are however such networks now and as far as I understand, the standards are quite high.
gregy741 5 | 1,264
17 Aug 2015 #21
but i don't encounter such games that related to Poland !

the witcher 3 does,,in some ways.
of course ,the witcher 3 takes place in fantasy world,but is not difficult to see connection with slavic (and nordic) culture,and historical events.sapkowski was historian after all.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,099
20 Mar 2021 #22

Finally a game about Poland is made by the Polish

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