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14 Jul 2010
News / EurAsEC - first step to revival. What Poles think? [8]

i only hope it will not be a reason for not lifting visas for Ukrainians
well ppl from Kaliningrad can travel to Poland without visas so i guess it will not :)

i dont see why should Poland care if Russia form new alliance :) big yey for for Białoruś and Ukraina so they can again dont pay for your gas ;)
14 Jul 2010
News / The chances for Warsaw to become capital of eventual Slavic confederation? [183]

both Kiev and Warsaw are no good for capital for the Slavic union as both Poland and Ukraine are quite big and both blessed with big potential and they will gain infuence in region sooner or leter, givin to much power to already strong state is not wise :) if you ask me, Praga is perfect :) and if it have to be in Ukraine let it be Lwów/Lviv :) both sides will be happy and this city full of history of both nations will at least be rebuilded not to say fixed coz from what i heard its not much diffrent from where it was in 39 :)

all of this only if said Union will form somehow oO
22 Jun 2010
Study / High school entry - exams, points etc in Poland [7]

Kids in school dont read books and learn to pass exam, they study to get knowledge. On exam there might be some questions with intentions to check this knowledge. Question are unclear? come on, i know this questions, my sister took this exam this year too, majority of question was to check the skill of understanding of reading text, if your kid had problem with it, i feel sorry for You since you will have big problems with him in MIDDLE school. *this year this exam was awfully easy and every one got high scores which is not so good for good students so i cant understand from where you get this "he marks achieved were very low" maybe just lame school?

Less maths than usual and more chemistry than usual. The mean mark on a national level was appallingly low.

indeed there was more chemistry but it was on kid level indeed but come on, it all was based on pictures and graphs etc, a person that was "an idiot from chemistry" with a little of luck could get 30 points like my sister described it

Straightforward, but the results count for nothing - disregarded in terms of high school entry. SO WHAT'S THE POINT??

its still in tests to get ideal level of difficulty so its not official, but my sister said that in better schools they look on it too ;)

Then, you get points towards high school entry based on your marks for your last semester.

Its perfecly great system i think you might want to say you have somethin against certain teachers not the system itself, i as a person that came thro this system must say that i didnt get higher or lower grades, i got what i deserved

Are there still max 200 points for everything???

50 first exam
50 second
80 from grades
20 from special achivments

its clear its fair its centralised its universal like also its the recrutation itself is internet'lised
18 Jun 2010
News / Who are you voting for in the 2010 Poland's presidential elections and why? [82]

i vote for JK
Lets be honest, its Kaczyński or Komorowski, and Komorowski in last month had more mistakes than the rest of presidents from 90 in total. The only chance would be that Tusk will have under control every word that Komorowski will say.. well i dont like Komorowski, if it would be Tusk i propably would give my vote for him. but not this old idiot, i prefer other old idiot :D

I'm not voting. The reasons being:

yup, im against it as well, its good thing you are not voting
15 Jun 2010
Genealogy / Majoch :) [7]

mhm, that will make it hard to look for roots of my ancestors oO jews kinda traveled alot :)
any tips where i should look now? :) please? :)
15 Jun 2010
Genealogy / Majoch :) [7]

Hi :) im born in Poland and so my dad grandpa and so his father yet i find my surname to have nothin polish in it :) i wonder if someone can help me trace where my family came from :)

(ohh how i want it to be Hungary, Slovakia or other epic nation..)
10 Jun 2010
History / Why Poles love Russia [103]


at first i was thinkin you are waitin for this Berlinka

You give back our culture we will give you back yours buhahaha :)

on the second thought i have better idea, European museum! we will not give it back, You will give back ours, we will take some of culture of other countries and make it into museum :) perfect plan :D
8 Jun 2010
News / Germany - We won't let Poland drown! [28]

hmm :)

Crow so you want poles to provide you with direct help yet you refuse to help poles when we need it? :)

OK Crow! following your thinkin, Poland will help Serbia by drain as much money as we can from "evil Germany" and therefore makin it weaker!! Its even more direct help than you want to give to us~
19 May 2010
News / Flood situation worsens in southern Poland [119]

In Nowy Sącz it was quite ok, there is no serious damage and our rivers dont look soo big i guess Nowy Sącz made preparations coz i remember in old times when one of the river came to pay me a visit :D

edit: we have some damages after all but not in my part of town
16 May 2010
History / If i could write European history i would unite Europe under Polish language [67]

I can imagine how many time it would take to teach someone diffrence between ó and u ^^

Listen, Russians are biggest Poles

there is at least one russian on this forum that might not agree with You on that ^^

I also think that our, polish language is cool, unfortunatly our language is one of the harderst to learn among slavic languages. ;)
16 May 2010
History / If i could write European history i would unite Europe under Polish language [67]

words is one, i do say our words are easy compared to other slavic languages but our grammars is as far as im concerned hardest ;)

Crow if you want to teach entire Europe polish, You need to learn it first Yourself :D
if you are willing to, I will help You as much as i can ;)


There was a time when i wanted to learn some basic serbian language so we might be able to help eachother since i have lots of time now ;)
13 May 2010
Off-Topic / Slavic languages - oldest European languages. [12]

i read somewhere that polish and chech begun to separate in XIII and before it we pretty much spoke same language, That would explain why Mieszko choose Czech :D
5 May 2010
History / WWII - who really was the first to help Poland? [901]

i didnt read whole topic so sorry if this was said already but
first to help us were hungarians, :D not in the military way tho
but they help us only for sole purpose of helping
Thanks Huns!!
5 May 2010
History / Heil Poland!.....? Poland is a pro-Nazi state? [104]

if the EU will get hit by crisis as a whole, Russia will suffer too from it im afraid :( since Russia is EU partner in buisness, but for now i dont see that Greece could damage Poland since we dont have euro currency ;)
5 May 2010
History / History of Poland in 10 minutes. Really worth seeing! [129]

we also won Vilnus and some part of Czechoslovakia
not to mention we were fightin in WW2 on all fronts with Nazis
polish flag for exemple was first on Monte Cassino

Which were the other 17?

but the whole victory of allied forces was result of hard work of all allied countries tho :D i just dont like the fact that polish particiption in that war is understamited often :D