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8 Mar 2010
Love / What do foreign women think of Polish men? [120]

I know quite a few Polish men and i would say my opinion of the majority of them is that they are loyal, sweet caring hardworking, romantic people but i must admit their hair does seem to receed at an early age and i know quite a few baldies although it doesnt stop them from being sexy and the accent also helps make them more attractive. As in every country you do get your rats though and i do know a rat of a Polish man. But apart from him i know i could rely on my Polish friends for anything and my Polish boyfriend has been the sweetest over the last 3 years.
8 Mar 2010

I am not Polish.I am an english girl living in england. i have heard many jokes about many different nationalities and rarely many Polish jokes. My darling boyfriend is Polish and so are many people i work with. I find that in England we have a soft spot for the Polish and everyone i know is very fond of Polish people and when i do occasionaly hear a few jokes the people telling them mean it as a playful tease a "JOKE" as oppossed to an insult. i was looking up jokes the other day and told my boyfriend one and he laughed.

I found that many of the polish jokes are exactly the same as the blond jokes. For example the joke mentioned earlier about having to repeat a joke 3 times to a polish person i had actually read before as a blonde joke (Being Blonde i found it quite funny) that joke is not funny because of who it is about but just because it has a funny punchline. people like mediawatch are the ones giving Polish people a negative sterotype, luckily he/she is in a minority as i believe if more polish people were as sensitive as mediawatch there may soon be jokes about the sensitive poles.

Most jokes are not meant as insults and people telling them do not believe them. If a racist person wanted to insult they would just insult outright. I think we should all take jokes lightheartedly my grandad is black from the carribbean and he is always retelling the black jokes he hears. my 3 other grandparents are from Ireland and as you know Paddy jokes are very popular. There jokes are exactly the same as Polish jokes and all my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents just see them as a bit of fun.
11 Oct 2007
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [207]

i think polish men are more polite, romantic, considerate and attentive. i have only had one proper english boyfriend and one polish and the polish guy was by far more romantic and paid me more attention. my english friends only want a shag and will make the minimum effort required to achieve this with girls. i work with lots of Polish people and they are all very polite and take an interest in conversations. I think the difference in culture has alot to do with it. From my expereincve Polish people are generally brought up to be more polite.
13 Sep 2007
Language / Nice Polish phrases to say to men [76]

i just want to know some sweet romantic phrases like,
you are really hansome and sweet

and if theres any phrases you specifically use in Poland

pronounciation tips would be helpful but otherwise i also email this person so its not necessary also i have learned a little polish so im starting to be able to pronounce some words