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15 Jul 2010
Life / Car Crime in Poland [28]

I think you're full of it

or a man with very few friends
13 Jul 2010
Life / Barking Dogs in Poland [57]

what gets on my nerves is when you have yuppies who move out to houses around cities

burn their house down when their at work
30 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / What do you hate about England and English people? [142]

-The accent------- Stop going to Wales
-The looks------- If your a male looking at the woman, I would have to agree
-The arrogance-------- Set fire to all Audi,s (and drivers) its the only time I see arrogance
-The teeth------- Get mine checked in Poland :)
-The smell------ Like Seanus said,, you must like toilets
-The red-white skin------- Unlike Poles we don,t like Blue Light Beds
-the food------- My miss like Curry now
-Them.------ Don,t come here then
21 Jun 2010
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1049]

1. The "i,m alright Jack fcuk the rest of you" attitude most people have

2. (strange one this I know) The way people make big money from Death, its the only place I know where you can buy ice cream etc at a grave yard, and just as you go in there were grave stones on display with prices on them!

3. Drivers, come on someone send out teams of people to catch c**ts using their phones, their wages would be paid in the first hour.
16 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people moving back home from the UK? [68]

I'm all for people working in whatever country they wish but the sheer volume of immigrants coming to the UK is ridiculous.

Go cry on nick griffin,s shoulder
15 Jun 2010
News / Poland to penalise commie symbols [27]

Bummer, that,s blown my chances of putting up a big poster of Hugo Chávez in Warsaw city center!
27 Apr 2010
Travel / Just back from Krakow [120]

they did not like English

98% of the English that go to Krakow are Wa*kers on stag party's,

You went to the wrong place mate.