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learn polish   
11 Jan 2011
Study / Good cheap course to learn Polish in Warsaw [44]

I know one good and not expensive teacher in Krakow. She is a friend of my teacher. Her number is 601 593 217 - Joanna.

Good luck :)
learn polish   
6 Apr 2010
Language / Bookstore in Warsaw - Polish in 4 weeks LEVEL 2 [19]

PS. Where is Polanglo Bookstore?

It is actually called Akademia bookstore and it has several locations around Warsaw. You'll find the list of their bookstores here:

learn polish   
23 Mar 2010
Language / Łejterka dostaje duże typy? [16]

I've come across "Kakrocie biegają po garbedziu", although I can't tell whether it was sb saying this for real or a joke.
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16 Feb 2010
Language / have a sip - Chcesz łyka? [56]

"chcesz łyka?" is very much used and alive.

Btw, "łycha" is also colloquially used to refer to whiskey (although rarely, I suppose), so "chcesz łychą" might not only be an offer of hitting your interlocutor with a spoon, but also of spilling whiskey on them :)
learn polish   
11 Feb 2010
Travel / Karaoke Places in Warsaw? [4]

They used to organize pretty decent karaoke nights in Organza Shot Bar on Thursdays and Tuesdays, but lately someone told me that they don't anymore - don't know whether it's true.

Another place with karaoke is Nora (don't know on what days though) on Krakowskie Przedmiescie (right next to the University) - the name of the place (sth between a den and a hovel) pretty much reflects the design, atmosphere and clientele, but if you just wanna get tipsy and scream your lungs out, that's the place.

Also Bolek in Pola Mokotowskie, they used to have a large selection of songs, but that was like 2 years ago, I don't know about now.

I hope somebody here knows some decent and fun karaoke places in Warsaw, cuz I myself would love to find one!
learn polish   
11 Feb 2010
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

does anyone know the if there is a secret meaning behind "getting coffee" in Polish? there is this Polish girl who keeps asking me to "get coffee with her wink wink"

I'd say she's just asking you out :)
learn polish   
8 Feb 2010
Life / Is it true that you cannot swear in public in Poland? [13]

AFAIK, there is some rule that says swearing in public places may cost you up to 50 PLN (somebody correct me if i'm wrong) - in practice it would be pretty much impossible to execute it. If you stand in front of a cop yelling out obscenities, you'll get a fine, that's for sure. Other than that, don't worry, you'd have to have real bad luck to get fined for swearing :)
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28 Jan 2010
Language / Jestem za [11]

"Jestem za" is used often, even colloquially:

- Idziemy na piwo?
- Jestem za!

Jestem za, a nawet przeciw! I hope you can figure out what he meant (many, me included, could not!).

There's certainly a philosophical depth to it that eludes logical explanation ;)
learn polish   
22 Jan 2010
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

When you say "luz blues" you mean that generally everything is fine (sth like A-OK maybe?), so usually it's nearly an exact opposite of English "to have the blues". In this case, this "potem" part is somewhat strange (never heard this exact phrase in my life), but I guess it boils down to the same thing as "luz blues".
learn polish   
18 Jan 2010
Life / Metal scene in Poland [39]

As for the clubs:

No Mercy s a well known club with metal/gothic parties going on there (although I've never been there), and Club Rock is a nice place with music of various degrees of "heaviness" on various days.

Btw. the best metal band name I've ever heard was "Cryptic Vomit", and they had a song (for lack of a better word) called "I throw my crap on your car". Epic.
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11 Jan 2010
Love / Looking for a Polish love song [78]

The title actually is "Umówiłem się z nią na dziewiątą" (by Eugeniusz Bodo) :)
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8 Jan 2010
Language / "There will always be a Poland" in Polish [9]

"There will always be a Poland"

The "a" part is curious here. Can't help but think that would translate to "Zawsze będzie JAKAŚ Polska".
learn polish   
11 Dec 2009
Language / I would like to make a collection of beautiful and/or funny polish quotes [30]

Wouldn't the best translation be "Don't teach the father how do breed children"?

I don't think so. "Breed" is more like "raise" or "bring up" in this case, am I correct? And "dzieci robić" has this funny sex-act connotation. Perhaps "how to make babies" would be better. Yup, "don't teach a father how to make babies" would be perfect.

Alternatively, "[...]how to do babies" (I'm so sorry for that, katarina, but I just couldn't help it :)))
learn polish   
11 Dec 2009
Language / Can you recognise the nationality of foreign Polish speakers by their accent? [43]

Sometimes you can hear that, sometimes you can't. It all depends on how well they got the language/accent mastered, but naturally it is more difficult for some (e.g. I guess it is harder for native French or US English speakers who learn Polish to drop their native accent than, say, for other Slavic language speakers).
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6 Nov 2009
Love / Looking for a Polish love song [78]

My propositions would be:

"Wielka miłość" by Seweryn Krajewski ( - it became a standard wedding song in Poland, newlyweds often dance their first dance to it.

"Zawsze tam gdzie ty" by Lady Pank ( - an absolute classic,but - in my opinion- it doesn't "wear out". Plus, I don't know about your singing skills, but it should be easier than "Wielka miłość" :)

"Prócz ciebie nic" by Krzysztof Kiljański ( - it's relatively new, but really romantic and I guess it would be the most original choice of them all.

Hope I could help!
learn polish   
23 Oct 2009
Study / Good cheap course to learn Polish in Warsaw [44]


Is that a New Year's resolution? ;)


Yeah, cause the Centre's launching a new course in less than 2 weeks from now, and they're giving some huge "last minute" discounts on it (15%, the website says).