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29 Nov 2009
Love / Do Polish Women age well? [153]

My impression is that Asian/oriental women age pretty well. I'm not good in telling ages, but I'm really lost with oriental women. I can never guess their age.

Polynesian women are almost the opposite. In their teens they are just drop dead gorgeous. By the time they are in their 20s they are showing their age. Once they hit their 30s...
11 Nov 2009
Love / How to please Polish women? [216]

In my experience, the best way to please Polish women is:

Keep clean.

Dress smartly.

Pay attention when they speak.
6 Nov 2009
Food / Bigos Recipe [146]

You can buy salt free if you like too.

How is it possible to have salt-free sauerkraut?

Its a brine-fermentation...
5 Nov 2009
Food / Bigos Recipe [146]

proper to you may be improper to others

Its my understanding that in, for example, the USA, there are food hygiene regulations which stipulate that sauerkraut *must* be made with far more salt than would be used in Poland.

I think that definitely counts as 'improper'. They change the recipe for arbitrary pseudo-scientific reasons and thereby ruin it.


4 Nov 2009
Food / Bigos Recipe [146]

Another idea - instead of rinsing away all the vitamins, why not let the water evaporate with some pre-cooking of the sauerkraut?

Unfortunately the reason for the rinsing is to get rid of the salt.

Evaporating water from it wouldn't help in that case, if anything it'd make it worse :(

Better to use sauerkraut from countries that actually know how to make it properly!
2 Nov 2009
Food / Bigos Recipe [146]

As I recall a lot of sauerkraut produced outside of its home countries (eg in the USA) is made with far too much salt to be palatable (or healthy). This is for reasons of 'regulations' or something.

Hence a lot of the time American recipes will talk about rinsing it with fresh water which is really bad as it will remove most of the vitamins. Theres a lot of vitamin C in sauerkraut, its a waste to throw that away with the rinse water.

I never saw a Pole rinse sauerkraut and when I have made bigos I've not rinsed it. Here in New Zealand we get imported German 'white wine' sauerkraut which makes the most excellent bigos.
29 Oct 2009
Food / Do you call it kiszka or kaszanka? [55]

ohhhh I miss kaszanka :(

And czarny...

(In New Zealand, they do make some 'black pudding' which is an English recipe not unlike czarny, but its made with imported *powdered* blood. Why they can't use fresh local blood is ridiculous).
28 Oct 2009
History / The Celts in Poland. [71]

I'm pretty sure that the Górals share an ancestry with the Gaels.

The Polish Highlanders seem a rather Celtic lot. The way they speak etc.

When I was in Zakopane, the accent of the Góral people reminded me a lot of Scots.

And the pronunciation... Gael, Goidel, Góral with its long o and trilled r.
28 Sep 2009
Food / Your all time favourite Polish Dishes! [108]

Schab would be one of my favorites.

Bigos also. I've learned to make a really good bigos :)

Can anyone tell me exactly what cut of meat the Schab is made from? I see nothing that looks like it in the butchers shops here. What might be the English term for this cut of meat?
28 Sep 2009
Love / Polish Pet Names For Girls. [156]

So how do you get "Joasia" out of "Joanna"?

I'm curious if there are actual 'rules' for this or if its just made up...
28 Sep 2009
Love / Polish Pet Names For Girls. [156]

The diminutives in Polish are astounding to me.

I know of an Joanna whose name somehow gets 'diminutised' to Asia, somehow.

I had this process explained to me but there were about 3 or 4 steps of progressive diminutisation between Joanna and Asia. Its quite fascinating :)