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13 Jan 2012
Law / Immigration Open for Foreigners In Poland? [12]

immigration is open in ANY COUNTRY after DUE PROCESS. Poland is not the exception. Like Italy, every human that qualifies for immigration benefits may apply.

If your question is regarding whether Poland admits immigrant without due process. The answer is no. Otherwise, it would be pointless to have border controls.
31 Dec 2011
Life / Married to PL citizen. The steps I need to follow to get in Poland and live there? [4]

You and your husband will need to go to the local immigration office. Being from a non EU country you can only do this between the first three months of of arrival to Poland. The sooner the better.

Have ready your Marriage Certificate and translated in polish by certified translator. Your passport and ask there for any other minor requirement.
You will apply for your Karta Pobytu but expect a bumpy ride. It is very important that you ask them for the requirements and not here in this forum.

It is even more important that you do this as soon as possible after arriving to Poland. Don't leave it for the last minute.

Good luck.
21 Aug 2011
Law / Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc. [59]

al111:To spaceman77 how did u acquire your citizenship are u Originally EU or non-EU?

I finally received the Confirmation of Polish Citizenship for my three kids. Now we are preparing for our migration from the U.S. to Poland. you can read more about how it all went down here:

I can't wait to go there!!!
21 Apr 2011
Law / Applying for Polish citizenship through marriage. [116]

Congratulations fellow countryman!
I'm glad I can see that someone proved my point once again: Not everything in Poland is as hard as some people want to suggest.

I'm glad Poland's new citizens are successful business people.
Best of luck!
B.T.W. I'm also holding a Venezuelan citizenship, so we are in theory, neighbors.! I could use a tip or two on an import/export business.
13 Apr 2011
Work / How can Americans of Polish descent get work in Poland? [22]

It takes a little longer, but it's worth the effort. I had no clue that one day I was going to be blessed with my Polish Citizenship. After a lot of paperwork we were awarded citizenship because of our grandparents. (They were Polish).

Next year, (hopefully) we will be ready to move to Poland from the US. Right now, we are on the process of studying the language.

Just as the US don't want illegal immigrants on their territory, Poland doesn't want illegal Americans, so I strongly recommend that you do all the homework you can in order to make it to Poland in a legit way.
12 Apr 2011
Life / Are there ISP's who have a broadband speed of 25Mbps in Poland? [6]

I just tested my speed and I have 7 MBPS here in Houston and this is supposed to be the fastest speed with broad band using comcast. Of course, they always say their speed is "up to" 25MBPS.

I don't notice the difference.
I feel like I'm being robbed every month now that I read how fast is the Internet in Polska, but then again, we navigate the Internet, stream 2 movies and make VoIP calls. All at the same time without problems.
28 Feb 2011
Life / $3,000-$4,000 a month - would we have enough money to live in Poland? [273]

I'm going (hopefully) to Krakow. First, I would go alone so I can set up, and once I'm set, I'll bring the rest of the family.

We are thinking that perhaps before the end of the year I should be there or we might just wait for the next winter to be over before we get there.

If we keep contact on this site, then yes, it will be great of we can arrange a meeting to meet each other's family.

Good luck.
28 Feb 2011
Life / $3,000-$4,000 a month - would we have enough money to live in Poland? [273]

I really wish you good luck in Poland. I will need the same luck in a few months since I'm also moving (with the family) from Houston to Poland. But I'm actually exited about it. It could be hard at the begining and it is going to be a bumpy road, but "He who don't risk, won't gain".

See ya in Poland!
14 Jan 2011
Life / $3,000-$4,000 a month - would we have enough money to live in Poland? [273]

Your husband will go. He is not a jerk and he loves you.
By coming to this forum to express his worries is prove enough that he is doing the right thing. Preparing.
He is asking whether or not you guys will make it with 3000$ a month. The answer is yes by most of the members. You guys have nothing to worry about. Poland is fine and despite all obstacles (which by the way, you will find obstacles in every country) you will make it just fine. I live in the U.S since 13 years ago and I just got blessed with Polish Citizenship. I'm seriously considering taking all of my savings and moving to Poland too. It will be hard and I will find many obstacles and people that will turn me down, but I'm still going and I know Poland offers a lot of opportunities to the ones that can see them. Believe it or not, I'm in a very similar business as yours. I own my own business doing maintenance and parking lot sweeping to shopping malls and retail centers. I identify with you and your husband for many reasons and I can tell you. GO!

You will not have 3000$ a month, but more, because you guys can also find little jobs to do. But despite all the money you could make, there is this one thing you have to do sometimes: "Stop climbing and making a fortune; and make sure you haven't lost the things that money cannot buy: Family and love". Your father is sick and this is the time for your family to be together. Your husband knows this and he will agree.

Good luck and God bless!
13 Jan 2011
Life / $3,000-$4,000 a month - would we have enough money to live in Poland? [273]

Your wife is Polish and you have an income of 3000$ a month. What can be so worrisome?
You will love Poland! And don't pay attention to the "less-than-optimists" that tell you things like "no chance of making money as foreign national". There is as much opportunity in one place than another.

But I don't have to tell you this, because you already know it. You have three businesses, which means that you know the secret of money and apply it well. I congratulate you.

Just do it. Go to Poland and be with your wife that needs you more than ever. It will be good for you.
One more adventure in your life that as far as we know... It is only one and it's short.
Now... Let's cut to the chase. At least give us a tip... What is this business of yours that can be run from any part of the world?
1 Nov 2010
Life / My experience in Poland 15 years ago as an American trying to live and work there. [149]

I think he was just high and felt he wanted to write about what he felt at the time, but for some reason, I liked reading it.

The thing is... There is a little bit of him in everyone of us. Specially if you are trying to fit in in some distant land.

I wish his experience was a pleasant one, but it sounds like he was bored of the "Back-then-Poland" and who can blame him.

P.S.: He shouldn't have laugh about the woman who felt down the bus. That was the only thing I didn't like about his "memoir". Even a soul-less person would feel bad.
28 Oct 2010
Law / Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc. [59]

To spaceman77 how did u acquire your citizenship are u Originally EU or non-EU?

My grandparents emigrated to Venezuela long ago and when they became Venezuelan citizens, they apparently lost their polish citizenship.
It was up to my father and a very clever attorney in Krakow to find the glitch (on our favor) that changed things around.
As it turns out, Polish men that became citizens of other countries during that time (Sorry I don't recall the exact years), lost their polish citizenship. But if they have not joined the military in that country or held any government position or have not asked the polish army for permission to become a citizen in that country then they are to be considered Polish to the eyes of the law.

It took two years to prove that my grandfather didn't join the army in Venezuela. It was a very hard process for my father, but he made it. I believe that using an attorney in Poland was key. Otherwise, the process could last a long longer or even worst, it could have been denied.

Once my father received his Polish confirmation, it only took one month and half for me to get mine.
I'm now in the process of confirming my three kids.
My brother who is the son of the same father and the same mother, got his polish confirmation denied due to a technicality. (My dad didn't register his birth certificate until after one year of his birth). The attorneys are now trying to get the president to grant his polish citizenship (I hope it's possible).

Right now, I'm studying polish 1 hour a day and I love it.
My main goal and dream is to live in Poland near my aunt and other family members. Of course, with my wife and kids, but we wanted to visit Portugal for 1 year or 2 first.

I'm very thankful to the comments and advise that I can find at this forum.
25 Oct 2010
Law / Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc. [59]

I second that. I really need to know how can my wife apply. I just became a new Polish citizen and after learning polish good enough, we want to move to Poland. My general question is that: If she is married to me (We've been married for 12 years now and have three kids), can we live for one year or 2 in Portugal first? Will her polish residence card allow her to do that? Or does she need to live in Poland for 5 years and then become a citizen in order to live and work in another member state? Any guideance will be greatly appreciated.
17 Oct 2010
Life / Ipad 3G in Poland [6]

Thank you very much for the answer. I'll get working on finding out more about Play. As soon as I get to poland I'll get me one of those.
4 Oct 2010
Work / Moving to Poland (from the UK) to take a teaching position. Tips? [34]

Just good luck.
Like every new road we take, this one will have bumps. You will just need to keep your head up and deal with little problems when they come. You will do just fine.

So, again, good luck with your teaching. I hope you fall in love with Poland.
25 Aug 2010
Life / Internet access and cost in Krakow! Please help. [20]

3G internet has a limit here in the U.S. (and anywhere for that matter).
2 GB per month for 25$ using AT&T.
But home Internet is virtually unlimited in almost all countries. I would imagine it is the same in Poland. unless you are using the old and pre-historic dial-up connection.
19 Aug 2010

Wowow! Lol
It has been a few weeks since the last time I read another funny-racist tread from another unsecured white boy who thinks white people are superior and smarter.

He actually asks the questions as if it was being a serious and intelligent inquire. Xenophobic people suck!
I'm so glad poles in general are tolerant. Of course, like in every place, there are a few bad apples. But Poland is in general is a country of tolerant people who have better things to do rather than find the differences in races and nationalities.
5 Jul 2010
News / Komorowski won Poland's presidency vote? [125]

It is impossible to have good pensions when you don't have youngs to sustain them

Very well said. To think that immigration is bad is a big mistake.
Immigrants are very important to any nation that wants to become an economic superpower.
Sorry for all the xenophobic racist and anti-imigrants folks. But it's the truth.... Read the books and see for yourselves how the economic superpowers of this world had in the past a direct relationship with the youth coming from other parts of the world.
9 Jun 2010
Life / Ipad 3G in Poland [6]

Has anyone used the Ipad 3g In Poland?
I know 3G service in Poland is good, but I was wondering if anyone had successfully used the 3G service in Poland using a local wireless network (to avoid roaming charges). If so.

How much are you paying for it a month? is it available in many parts of important cities?
Thanks in advance.
1 Jun 2010
News / Warsaw a "big winner" in city life quality index [26]

I don't trust this ranking Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan do not make it into the top 50 BUT CHICAGO DOES!!

You have a good point.
When you read that Chicago's standard of living is better the Warsaw... You know something smells "fishy" here.