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Anything like netflix in Poland?

12 May 2010 #1
does anyone know if there is a service like netflix in Poland? any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
12 May 2010 #2
Well, I know that Lidl has recently started sth like Netflix in Ireland. Might well be that they started it in Poland too. Go check it out.
Spaceman77 3 | 58
12 May 2010 #3
Stop the suffer. You can still watch Netflix in great Poland:
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
12 May 2010 #4
I think he means the DVD rental service, not the TV online...

Or did he?
OP funk
12 May 2010 #5
i was more interested in the dvd rentals as its for my grandmother and the simpler it is the better. I've used those programs and proxy's but they are not always reliable.

would anybody happen to know if movies bought from the itunes store had polish subtitles? i know that's a long shot...

thanks for the help
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
12 May 2010 #6
Try LidlMovies. It's the same idea as Netflix, but I don't know if they have it in PL yet. But you can always try. Think it costs about 6 or 7 Euros a month - don't know how much that is in Zlotys though.

You're welcome.


M-G (always glad to help)
1jola 14 | 1,879
12 May 2010 #7
Try LidlMovies. It's the same idea as Netflix, but I don't know if they have it in PL yet

He is looking for info from people who know, which is unfortunately not you.

M-G (always glad to help)

Why don't you?
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
12 May 2010 #8
He is looking for info from people who know,

Still bickering over the fact that you lost the discussion? Must be tough on you, but stop whining about it, my child, it happens.

There is Lidl in Poland too and since Lidl has this movie club in at least a few countries, chances are that they have that in PL too.


M-G (at least I am trying to help)
Spaceman77 3 | 58
12 May 2010 #9
I understand now. I was thinking that you needed a streaming service, but it turns out that you need a DVD rental place. Unfortunately I'm not in great and beautiful Poland yet and won't be able to recommend one.

But I'm sure you will be able to find a decent movie rental company out there.
Good Luck!
skysoulmate 14 | 1,297
13 May 2010 #10
does anyone know if there is a service like netflix in Poland? any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

I have visited too many countries to count and netflix works everywhere as long as you have high speed internet. In red china (NOT hong kong and taiwan) it gets locked out occationally (censorship) but a few hours later it's back on. If you want specific shows from back home (at least from the us) get slingbox, works like a charm.

Just read some of the other replies, looks like you need DVD rental service or a good NTSC to PAL DVD burner... ;)
13 May 2010 #11
no, there is nothing like Netflix in Poland.

ryanb 24 | 23
23 Aug 2011 #12
I love netflix instant viewing and I'd like to find a similar streaming service I can use in Poland. I understand how I could still access netflix from Poland but if there is a comparable European service I'd rather use that and get more exposure to non-American cinema. Are there any that work in Poland without a VPN?
8 Feb 2014 #13
Merged: Is there Netflix in Poland?

Is there?
Dougpol1 33 | 3,409
9 Feb 2014 #14

Anything at all you want to watch really..
smurf 39 | 1,981
9 Feb 2014 #15
you can use netflix in Poland, but you'll need an proxy (VPN) to change your IP.
I use these guys:
el_easy 2 | 54
10 Feb 2014 #16
I use Netflix in Poland to watch movies too with free VPN calls

I never have problem watching movies..
L3anAlawood - | 14
6 Feb 2018 #17

Polski website like Netflix

I want to learn more about Polska learn polish words and language , I want to watch only Polish movies! Im sick and tired of bholywood with thier Micky mouse characters who almost never existed and if they did they are very tiny but the camera and affects make them so massive e.i thor!!! :D lmao

who apparently never die and can go through walls and **** ...

anyone can help ?? Netflix like website for Polaks !!! please I need your help I live in really depressing placing where people commit sucide on the daily .. no it's not like Islam abad but very similar in spirit of Taliban .. peace and Lovezi
L3anAlawood - | 14
11 Feb 2018 #18
I have been waiting for weeks no answer!! Can you please answer me !!
Looker - | 1,032
11 Feb 2018 #19
There's already a Polish version of Netflix -
Unfortunately for you - the majority of content is a foreign production. The list of titles from Poland:
I can recommend you check this site - the link to Polish movies - as far I know you can watch it outside of Poland.

Here you must have an VIP account to watch:,24/ostatnio-ogladane,wszystkie,strona-1
There are also,, and - a lot of content is premium and also without Polish IP not available.

I'm living in Poland, so can't check for sure - but it's worth to try all above.

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