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28 May 2009
Language / Is rosetta stone any good for learning Polish? [51]

I got an amazing torrent which contains a ton of languages including Polish. It works for me. I got it off The Pirate Bay. There are a lot of seeders, so it'll be a quick download.

28 May 2009
Genealogy / Obtaining Original Poznan Parish Records, Greater Poland archives? [22]

I found the marriage record of the ancestors of mine that came over from Poland to settle in America on

It's really a fantastic site for searching for marriages in the Poznan area, mainly because it's the only site for searching for marriages in the Poznan area.

Anyway, I would like to obtain the original record as I hear there is a lot more information on it than there is on the Poznan project site. How do I go about this?

I know that I have to write the parish for them to get the record and to expect a response in Polish, but I have a few questions about this:

Do I write to them in English or Polish? I speak very little Polish and it would be rude to write in saying:

Dzień dobry,
Mówię po angielsku. Świadectwo ślubu - Daj mi to.
Daj mi więcej szczegółów.
Miłego dnia!

And I would like to include a donation, how would I go about that? Send in US dollars? Write a check?
28 May 2009
Life / Babcia or Busha - any social class difference? [359]

I live in Northwest Indiana (just is case it turns out to be a regional thing) and here we call grandma "busia." I have heard one case of where it was babcia, but this was from a Detroit Pole. There is a store in a nearby town that was once owned by an older lady and the store is called "Busia's."
28 May 2009
Food / Name of this particular Polish sausage [18]

I live in Northwest Indiana, a large Polish community and in stores they sell this sausage simply called "Polish sausage." It looks like Bratwurst and has a similar texture, but tastes way better (In my opinion.) It contains various spices and seasoning including garlic.

Anyway, my dad travels a lot and says he can't find Polish sausage anywhere else he goes. When he visits his sister he has to bring some down with him in a cooler because she misses it so much. It is even sold in the chain grocery stores around here like Kroger, but isn't sold in Krogers in other areas.

I know that the term kielbasa is a really vague term meaning really just any kind of Polish sausage, so I want the specific name of this particular type of sausage. Anyone know?

I've included a picture. This is what it looks like cooked. It is a pale color when it is uncooked... like a brat, actually.

  • Polish Sausage