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3 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Mortgages for apartments in Poland - what currency? [9]

I get paid in Sterling .

If you're paid in sterling, the sensible thing would be to go for a sterling mortgage. if that's not available, second best would be to go for the currency of the asset you are financing, ie PLN in this case. But the rate quoted by PKO seems very high, I would shop around if I were you (Try HSBC maybe ..)
4 Feb 2010
Travel / How do I go by ferry from south of England to Gdynia? [15]

No point, he's in Portsmouth. There's also the Harwich-Hoek van Holland service which might make sense - Portsmouth to Harwich is a straight run, instead of crawling across the south coast.

I did this several years ago, and for me at the time the best was to book a cabin on the overnight from Harwich to Hoek, it arrives in Hoek at 7 am and then it's an easy drive to Gdynia (less than a day)..
5 Feb 2010
Love / Married polish women:Are they hot? [79]

remember reading a study around ayear ago saying that among all Europeans Poles were the less likely to be unfaithful. At the opposite end were Danish couples..
6 Feb 2010
News / Poland - Third World Country?? [300]

considering that I never say kitchen chefs in restaurant to wear gloves in Poland, it is sure way to get HEPATITIS B and C from restaurants in third world country poland...

Where on earth have you seen kitchen chefs wear gloves??? Hospitals??
8 Feb 2010
Life / Famous / Iconic Polish Women [43]

The mere fact that Maria Curie-Skłodowska was able to receive two Nobel Prizes starts with another woman, Jadwiga Szczawińska, who organised the Flying University

Interesting.. Ialways thought that the chief reason Marie Curie-Sklodowska went to study in France is because she could not attend university in Poland. So did she attend the underground University?
9 Feb 2010
History / Is Jozef Pilsudski the king of modern Poles? [138]

Pilsudski the founder of modern Polish nation.

Or perhaps, the liberator of the Polish nation.

I am sure Pilsudki did a lot for the newly independent Poland and is rightly revered. But I must say that I found a little irritating that Poland oscillates between an incapacity to self govern efficiently during centuries (liberum veto et al) and holding in reverence characters like Pilsudski who, if not dictators, were at least on the authoritarian side (it is also troubling that Pilsudski's opponent, R Dmowski, not a strong democrat and probably an antisemite has his name given to a rondo in Warsaw which is the crossroad of the cities' 2 main avenues...)
10 Feb 2010
Life / Fat People in Poland? [161]

First of all Poland has no Blacks or Latinos who are the fatter on average

?? According to the link displayed by jwojcie, there is a higher prevalence of fat men in the USA than in any country of Latin America or Africa. So it not the race that make people fat, it is the US lifestyle..

Third communism produced slim people due to state control calory intake.

Nonsense.. Spaniards or French are thinner on average than Poles or Czechs.. And there are fewer fat people in countries such as Luxembourg, Scandinavia et al that are richer per capita than the US..
11 Feb 2010

The reason why many Poles went to UK was probably that they know English better than Swedish, French and other European languages.

And the fact that the UK was among the first EU nations to open their labour market to Poles with no restrictions (Germany still has some, and in France there are no restrictions only since last year)
14 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland [54]

The wages over there are been kept criminally low as part of their governments agenda to compete in the free market economy

No. The starting point was low, but the avarge growth paid has been growing at a much higher rate than in most western countries
15 Feb 2010
Travel / Getting from Sheffield to Warsaw on May [6]

I will be in Sheffield on May 1st and trying to return to Warsaw on the next day, May 2nd. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any direct flight on that day (Sunday). I wouldn't mind flying to another Polish city and taking the train to Warsaw but the closest I can get is Wizzair flying to Katowice which.. arrives at 00:50 during the night so too late.. Likewise, it's two changeovers if I want to go to by train to Luton or Stansted and fly to Warsaw. Any Poles living around Sheffield or Brits in Warsaw who have an idea what the best route might be?

15 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Poles working in Manchester, England - request for facts [34]

can anyone explain to me why so many retail and hotel companies do indeed seem to employ so many eastern Europeans to the point where I am surprised when an English person serves me?

Retail I don't know. Hospitality is another story and I remember 18 years ago there was already hardly any Briton to be found working at least in this sector (at least at employee level). I think it's a combination of long hours, low wages and a sector which has not got an attractive image in the UK (not the case in other countries like Switzerland, Austria or France where it is viewed as an attractive sector).
16 Feb 2010
Life / Feeling ashamed of my Polish heritage. [237]

Have a look what they write about Poland in the Economist. It is not a Polish magazine I guess (-:

Who is they? I fact, it's mostly Rostowski who wrote the article (remember, before being Minister, he used to write in the FT and WBJ..)
16 Feb 2010
Food / Do Polish people really love cabbage ?? [78]

Reminds me of a pre 89 Polish joke: what is 100 m long, moves slowly and reeks of cabbage? Queue of Poles buying bread..
16 Feb 2010
Language / have a sip - Chcesz łyka? [56]

Never heard during your 5 years stay 'chcesz łyka'?. Even in pub or home?

Been in Poland 5 years, never heard it. I'm all with Seanus on this one! I have taken almost 400 hours of Polish lessons since I arrived, and still not able to utter 5 sentences in a row...
17 Feb 2010
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1558]

Polish has an objective structure. If you want to speak Polish you have to get
inside it. Nevermind if you like it or not (-:

The structure of the Polish language mirrors that of the Polish mind: an island of rationality surrounded by an ocean of irrationality (or vice versa!)
19 Feb 2010
Travel / Travelling from NI to Poland [32]

The most sensible in my opinion is to do Harwich-Hoek van Holland

Yes, i used to it quite regularly, but to Warsaw and not Wroclaw. O/N ferry landed you at 7:00 am and the drive was fine
19 Feb 2010
News / Belarus - grateful ally of Poland...? [16]

Poland should have good relations with Belarus because they are Slavic cousins.

That's ridiculous. You don't have good relations with someone just because they happen to be your cousins.. As the saying goes, you chose your friends not your family..
27 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Marrying Polish Woman in UK/London [100]

Passport! get the f*ck out of my country you low life..didnt read past the above, simply because you lot are after one thing! If you do marry with Home Office approval..take her back to your shithole! or he

The level of stupidity and racism from some on this forum is just mind boggling.. When I read/hear this, I am hardly surprised that some muslims extremists are putting bombs..