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25 Apr 2009
Life / Driving test, English speaking driving school in Warsaw? [95]

Apr 26, 09, 00:00 - Thread attached on merging:
"Bilingual" driving school


I am looking for a driving school which can give lessons in english in Warsaw, if possible in the center or near Wilanow. Grateful for any clues..
20 May 2009
Law / English-speaking bank in Warsaw ? [33]

For the others 80% I've my international card (no fees no commission :))

What kind of international card (apart from a polish one of course) offers you no fees no commission in Poland? Remember that it is not in the Eurozone!
20 May 2009
Law / English-speaking bank in Warsaw ? [33]

Seriously, I know, but when I withdraw money, the conversion PLN - EUR is automatically done to the daily rate.

If I were you, I would check this "daily rate" applied against the NBP rate published daily.. then you'll find out what the hidden commission is!!
21 May 2009
Law / English-speaking bank in Warsaw ? [33]

BISE, which has been taken over by DNBNord, use to have a french speaking service (it was owned by Banques Populaires). So You could try with DNBNord to see if this still exists

PS I confirm Citibank service is crap, I was a client for 2 years
31 Dec 2009
Work / Salary for Teaching EFL in Krakow [120]

Is 3,000 pln enough to live reasonbly comfortably on in Krakow?

depends what you mean by "comfortably". Most people get on by this type of wage in Poland, when you consider that the average wage is currently around 3,200 PLN pre tax.
31 Dec 2009
Life / Do Polish workers have post-Christmas break? [12]

On one hand, you have to take into account that it is frequent for a letter/card posted from Poland (or at least Warsaw) to a foreign destination (at least in Europe) to travel faster than one from Warsaw to Warsaw (also true when you compare Europe to Warsaw with Warsaw-Warsaw). I have had several examples this year again with Xmas cards. I am told that this is a remnant of the old times, when all resources/efforts at Poczta Polska were focused on international traffic rather than domestic, in order for PP to show its best face internationally!

On the other hand, I have lived for some time in 4 countries (Poland, Canada, Uk and France) and by far the worst postal service I encountered was Royal Mail. I cannot recall the number of items I received at my address which were meant for someone else, which always led me to wonder how much of my mail was delivered elsewhere.. But that was in the nineties, maybe things have improved now!
31 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / UK Sky TV in Poland [39]

You can get SKY with a polish address at the firm below (Satellite Service). But it will cost you extra on top of the normal fee (I pay 240 GBP in addition to the subscription annually for all SKY channels in HD)

Satellite Service
tel. 022-812 75 76
7 Jan 2010
News / Poland's fidelity to support wars and its limits. [46]

Russia is a political/military giant but an emerging (third world?) country from an economical view point, with an economy entirely based on natural resources (gas,oil, metals)..There are no leading Russian company which is non natural resources based (contrary to Brazil, India or China..) In fact, the difficulty with Russia is that it is not moving forward but rather backwards, with the acute conscience among Russian themselves that "before , it was better". Just an example,life expectancy for males, now at 66 yrs (9 yrs below polish males) and has been declining over the past 20 years...
7 Jan 2010
USA, Canada / Differences in How Polish People Raise a Child and How Americans Raise a Child [149]

Well, theme seems to become similar to another one on PF, so I copied the response made on the latter, seems relevant..

Itotally agree with English Poznan. Polish Babcias are over protective of kids when young, which doesn't allow them to develop any resistance to minor affections. Plus the people, or at least the ladies, are not adapted to the latitude of their countries; never seen so many women craving for sunshine than in Poland! All this explains why Polish ladies have a life expectancy 6 years lower than in the UK or Germany, and 8 years lower than in Iceland! (see Youth in Europe report by Eurostat on on?p_product_code=KS-78-09-920
7 Jan 2010
Food / Poland known for their sweets? [67]

Well, it's all a matter of acquired taste, isn't it? Cadbury? For me it's a bit like Marmite, you have to have been accustomed to it since birth to accept it.. British chocolate can hardly be described as the real stuff.. Indeed it was even labelled "chocolate substitute" until 2003 in certain EU countries because Britain allowed its chocolate makers to put fat (up to 5%) instead of real cocoa in its chocolates. But Britain won in the case in the EU in 2003. For my taste, true chocolate can only be found in Switzerland or Belgium..
7 Jan 2010
Food / Poland known for their sweets? [67]

I agree with you, Jola1, in France also. The "Maison du Chocolat" in Paris is a pure dream...
7 Jan 2010
Love / Polish Girls vs Russian Girls [813]

aren't there enough Russian men in their country

Precisely, that's one of the pbs..Because of much shorter life expectancy (russian men: 62 years vs russian women: 74 years), ,there is an acute shortage of men in Russia (only 86 men for every 100 women). So lets' go guys!!
7 Jan 2010
News / 2009 Quality of Life Index: Poland behind Czech, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia.. [52]

Just shows you what happens to a country when you open your boarders ;)

Sure, was so much better when the Berlin Wall was up! Ah, how I long those old fashioned kapos at the Frankfurt/oder crossing between west and east germany, their machine guns, their dogs.. Everyone stay where they belong, and the world will be a better place!
8 Jan 2010
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [653]

Belveder or Chopin
If you have $30-$35 to spend but woth it, smooth and delicate. Ditch Grey Goose (french) for good classie POLISH VODKA.

Ahem... Who owns Belvedere Vodka? French Luxury Group LVMH.. Who owns Chopin vodka? French luxury group LVMH.. And a last one for the road..who owns Wyborowa? French Group Pernod Ricard..
9 Jan 2010
News / Poland's fidelity to support wars and its limits. [46]

BTW, can you clarify the meaning "third world"? What dose it mean, third rate states and people or what else? Then, where is poland's place?

By third world economy, I mean that Russia's economy is almost entirely based on digging up natural resources like is the case for many third world countries.
10 Jan 2010
News / Poland's fidelity to support wars and its limits. [46]

what is wrong is that these companies will disappear once the ore or oil they dig is gone. They are not creating value, they are just exploiting what is already there..Re companies,comparing Russia with Norway, a country 30 times smaller by population is hardly justified.. I don't either know a large company from San Marino or Monaco, do you? Sticking to the countries you mention, South Africa has SabMiller the brewer, Canada Bombardier the train/tram makers, Brazil has Embraer the plane maker. Where is Russia technologically speaking? What happened to its once powerful airplane industry? It all went down the drain..
10 Jan 2010
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [653]

I'll still swear you get what you pay for. Belvedere is much kinder to me next day than, let's say, Skol.

Right you are.. I remember from my youth days how the next day used to be painful. Now that i am a few years older (and wiser) I drink only quality stuff (quantity has remained much the same) but the days after are a doodle..
11 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

and all other things that make up a fascist or a Nazi.

!! It is Britain and the US who saved the world from nazism and barbarism.. I lived in the Uk for 8 years, and my overall impression was very positive. It is a nation of tolerant people, and in my view, the justice system is extremely good, with the notion of 'fairness' ingrained. My wife, who is a Pole, went to court against the borough of K&C for a parking fine, and won.. And before you ask: I am neither british nor american!
13 Jan 2010
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

I moved to Belgium for love
The ONLY reason for moving to a country that makes Austria look exciting in my totally biased and irrational opinion.

Belgium number 6 in the best places to live (see below, thanks McCoy)! That a good reason enough?

United States
New Zealand

Czech Republic

United Kingdom


Korea, South (Rep of)
Saint Kitts & Nevis


13 Jan 2010
Love / Find a Polish girl using Internet [67]

I am Greek.
A close friend of mine lived for some time in Poland many years ago and told me about the experience he had with polish girls.

I can understand you turning to Poland.. My (limited) experience tells me that greek ladies are probably among the least attractive in Europe!
15 Jan 2010
Love / English boyfriend coming to visit me in Poland [55]

downtrodden intelligentsia,

two fascinating words.what is the intelligentsia? Are these people who consider themselves loftier or more intelligent than others? does it mean that you consider yourself and your family as intellectuals??
16 Jan 2010
Love / English boyfriend coming to visit me in Poland [55]

Assuming that he's firm, I wouldn't wanna go to bed with my mind wandering on that I have some unfinished job in the house.

That's a good girl Emily, never leaving a job unfinished??I think you and I could get on well one with another!
16 Jan 2010

Seriously, haven't you strange people heard that beer is supposed to be cold? (Ice cold I might add!)

point taken, but that applies to European lager..I don't know about Canadian beer but certainly US beer is one of the most tasteless things I ever drank

For a long time this country was totally unachievable for Poles, all of a sudden borders opened up and dreams became realtiy.

agreed, except that when we lived in the UK in the nineties, we found that there was quite a large polish community in South Kensington.. There even was a polish café (Daquise) near the tube station, dunno if it's still there
17 Jan 2010

apparently British women do just the same, read about it in a paper. are British women considered promiscuous?

I wouldn't say that polish ladies are promiscuous.. In my experience, that is a characteristic more often associated with british girls, especially when drunk!
17 Jan 2010
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

when i first moved to the USA, the strange thing to me was serving mushed potatoes with a side of bread... how could i eat that? you choose to eat one in PL, not both, for dinner...
and also, serving potatoes for breakfast (hashbrowns-i love it!)...

You can see the impact of those remarkable culinary habits on the ever expanding american waistline..Hope Poles will stick to eating herrings and meat without potatoes for breakfast!
17 Jan 2010
News / Too much change in Poland?! [25]

thank jesus that we bring south americans to spain and not so many muslim.

Have you checked your history books? Arabs were in Spain much before South Americans and did spend an awful long time there.. Spain owes some of its best architecture to them (Alhambra in Granada, "la Mezquita" Mosque in Cordoba)

What do you think of these constant, mostly politically motivated changes, not on the basis of merit and rarely for the better?

I think what the Poles and Poland have achieved in only 20 years of freedom is quite remarkable. If you add to this the 20 years between the wars during which Poland was also independant that is still only 40 years altogether over a 200 year span (since the beginning of the XiXth century). Poland has achieved much more during this short period than either the US or Europe over an equivalent period.
17 Jan 2010
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

The reason to move to POLAND?...The sense of family...the really sense of friendship...beautiful countryside...good food...spiritual, simple quiet life...

Sense of family: OK

Sense of friendship: OK

Beautiful countryside: No. Although the countryside is OK, it pales compared to many other countries (USA; Canada, UK, France, South Africa..) to name a few

Good food: hearty food, yes, but good? One eats better in many countries..

spiritual, simple quiet life: OK