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14 Aug 2016
Classifieds / Recruitment agencies in Poland to hire workers? [45]

Merged: Recruitment Office/industries

Hello, I am looking recruitment office in Poland. I am legal agent from Nepal, If Any company need cheap foreign worker for industries and company. Please contact to me.
23 Apr 2012
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Polish girl or woman are not really beautiful. In my 5 years stay in Poland (almost cities), they looks beauty. but really not wonderful compare with another countries in the world.
27 Nov 2010
Work / part-time job in Poland needs work permit? [40]

It's depend on your origin country. if you are eu citizen you don't need for 6 months. Student will not get work permit and not allowed to work in Poland.
27 Nov 2010
Work / Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland [286]

Hi, I am Asian student too and have been living warsaw since 2007.

If you would like to come study purpose, you should choose right college.
and thinking to do part time job, you will find hardly and even you will find less than 2 euro per hour.
Your India is great then Poland. don't waste your time here with dream. Work for your country.
21 May 2009
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1541]

Hi, Every body,
No, you cann't say that Polish is hardest. There are many other languages which you didn't listen. In my state people speak 35 language. Which almost totaly different between each other. Then how you could say that.

I learnt polish language within 3 months normal conversiation.
25 Apr 2009
Life / Should Poles be Polish? [44]

Pole is pole can't be Polish as internationaly recognize person.
23 Jan 2009
Law / Lots of paperwork to apply for temporary residency card in Poland.. [4]

Merged: Why students in Poland get temporary residency card hardly?

College student who have get 1 st resident card, And applied for next TRC card getting hardly Why?
some students' who have not cleared few subject and repeating those subject are getting negative decision. Why?
For who have negative decision what is solution? if somebody know. please feel to write.
23 Dec 2008
Food / Mother of all hangovers....Polish Beer! [71]

i like polish wine which is made by Karole manufacure from Omianki, base one fruit with alchol 30 to 40 %. Basically mady in home technique arround 4 to 6 months periods.