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2 Feb 2015
Real Estate / Suggestions for companies in Warsaw which carry out interior apartment fittings? [5]

You should check on It's a predominantly US/UK site but there are a few contractors and designers now registered along with client reviews and photos of their work.

If anything, it's a great website for formulating your own design ideas.

If you need contact details to a very good team of builders who speak fluent English, PM me.
12 Jan 2015
Australia / Mail problem- Poland to Australia, delivery time frame [40]

bank card sent to me was unfortunately stolen by Poczta Polska staff recently

I had 3 bank cards go missing/never arrive from Lloyds in the last 6 months.... finally one got through last week. I would put money on it being Poczta Polska's fault.

I prefer buying from allegro for the same reason stated above; there's usually an options to use a courier. But in the interest of fairness, domestic post in Poland has improved in the last few years. I particularly like the automated drop-off and collection service they're installing.
11 Jan 2015
Real Estate / Looking for real estate in Poland (away from the 'city') [11]

If decent or any broadband services weren't available then I suppose you'd still go for satellite, with your back-up being a mobile data dongle or tethering your phone to your laptop. Far from ideal though given that the very conditions affecting your satellite service would most likely reap havoc with mobile phone reception.
11 Jan 2015
Real Estate / Looking for real estate in Poland (away from the 'city') [11]

I've driven through that area into Slovakia a few times, you're right, it's stunning.

But, can anyone comment on what sort of internet connection the op could expect if he was living in rural Poland, near or in the mountains?
11 Jan 2015
Australia / Mail problem- Poland to Australia, delivery time frame [40]

I've lost count of the number of things that have gone missing between Poland and the UK, ranging from standard envelopes to the kids Christmas presents from Grandma.

Very recently I bought a watch on ebay(uk) for me to refurbish as a project. Sent via Royal Mail, fulfilled by GLS. Envelope turned up having been opened at some point, no watch inside. It had been weighed on arrival to Poland (218gr)...

Having said that, allow much longer than usual when sending things over Christmas. Poczta Polska really suffers during the festive season.
11 Jan 2015
Real Estate / Looking for real estate in Poland (away from the 'city') [11]

I'll third that idea of renting initially.

I knew I loved Warsaw (having visited regularly for 3 years prior to moving) but I still felt that renting in the city centre for a year was sensible. It also gave me an opportunity to identify which area of Warsaw I actually wanted to buy a place (fyi, it was not city centre).

Just one issue. Your business must be heavily dependant on a fast, reliable internet connection right? The scale of Poland's broadband connectivity is really impressive because they had an opportunity to adopt that technology much later on. Does anyone know what the op could expect in the sort of rural, mountainous regions he'd like to live?
11 Jan 2015
Travel / Poland's best winter tourist destinations - educational - info - joy [5]

Nice ideas guys, I've been thinking about getting away with the family for a few days this winter. Keeping it domestic does make a last minute vacation very easy to arrange.

Any other ideas? Would love to find a small cabin somewhere very peaceful. No bars and late night music, just tranquillity.
9 Jan 2015
Travel / Winter break Road trip - Poland or Ukraine? [6]



My father in law is from Zamosc, so I've been there a couple of times. The old town is quite impressive, they have an Irish Pub (obviously...) and the Rotunda is a profound if not sad place to visit.
9 Jan 2015
Work / Import/Export Business - leather made, surgical and sports products. Will it be successful in Poland? [15]

If I export eggs in Poland?

I think we have egg production covered... I'm pretty sure that would be tantamount to bringing sand to the beach!

Although, for the health conscious I think, like the UK, there may be a demand for bottled, pasteurized egg whites. I used to buy them all the time in the UK from Tried to get them here but they are generally only sold in bulk to large scale bakers etc. Again, Poland's domestic production could have that covered I think.

There's a steady growth of curry houses in Warsaw (not sure about the rest of Poland). If Pakistan share a similar spice palate with India, importing spices might be worth a try. Driving down wholesale prices would be welcomed by any restaurant owner, particularly if you can provide a good service. I have no experience in the realities of import/export though. It's just an idea.
9 Jan 2015
Law / Any good business ideas - what Poland needs? [114]


I think pigsy's referring to shaving related 'stuff'... right?

Non original mach-3 blades on allegro. 36pln for 12 = 3pln per blade inc shipping

Original mach-3 blades on allegro. 27.95 for 8 = 3.49pln per blade inc shopping.

Two ways to look at this.

1) 3.49pln (1usd) for an original mach-3 blade is pretty dam cheap and renders buying the non-original version, pointless

2) It works out at 2.10pln per blade with the dollar shave club inc. shipping and you don't have to remember to order blades again. Cheaper and saving you time is pretty important. With that in mind, I'd imagine you could justify higher prices than the cheapest allegro seller.

Just a bit of fun... procrastinating really.
9 Jan 2015

this thread was from 2007 so I can imagine the average age would indeed go up.

I was 28 and my wife 26, which is pretty average it seems! Although, I felt pretty young given the age people get married back in the UK. I'm now 32 and the UK weddings are trickling in here and there but most of my 30 y/o + friends are still single or dragging the feet!
9 Jan 2015
Real Estate / Calling All Landlords in Poland (Warsaw)! - To share knowledge and experience. [8]

Thanks Pigsy, sent you a pm

Yes Pigsy makes a good point. I'm looking to make contact with landlords invested in resi, commercial or mixed. Even those of us who are invested solely in one area have more than likely considered diversifying into the other and of course some of the basic principles are the same.

PM me if you don't want to publicly announce yourself.

There has been some interest expressed in meeting with other landlords and investors. If anybody would like to get together in Warsaw for the purpose of sharing information and experience, please let me know.
9 Jan 2015
Law / Any good business ideas - what Poland needs? [114]

I have been using this and so do couple of my friends wonder if this can be a sucess in Poland..

The home-page video had me laughing out loud... brilliant! "your handsome ass grandfather had one blade AND Polio!"

It's a great business idea. Very original and needed. The expense of guillet razors is something I think most guys have complained at, at some point.

The quantities they must be buying to achieve a profit on 5 heads at 1 usd per month must be staggering. I have a feeling the investment required might be a bit more than peanuts. They probably do quite well out of their add-on shaving products though (moisturisers, after shave etc). I do think subscription businesses are brilliant... Nespresso being one of the most successful.

Pitty I prefer having a beard really...
8 Jan 2015
Real Estate / Calling All Landlords in Poland (Warsaw)! - To share knowledge and experience. [8]

I'm a British expat living in Warsaw. I've been investing in the Warsaw property market since 2009/10 focussing on buy-to-let. I've learnt a great deal about the market here but more importantly I'm really interested (could say passionate!) in looking for ways to drive forward what I see as an industry without any uniformity or standards.

Currently there are countless cowboys out there running their properties in questionable to utterly unethical manners. Landlords that can't be bothered to fix a toilet or that systematically look for ways to eat into tenant's deposits to cover their own renovation costs (or they've spent the deposit and can't afford to repay it).

If more experienced landlords were willing to share their knowledge with those of less experience, we can elevate ourselves as a profession/business and leave those that treat tenants as second class citizens to their own demise.

I foresee the following possibilities:

1) Sharing experiences regarding tenant/landlord conflicts and coaching other landlords to resolving issues fairly and perhaps avoiding these issues all together (see point 4)

2) Sharing legal expertise and contract language (I have spent a considerable sum of money on solicitor's fees over the years, drafting what I think are excellent agreements and I would have no qualms sharing them with a group of like-minded people)

3) A tenant black-list as a means of warning each other of genuinely terrible tenants. A list that would be carefully monitored and each addition would have to be justified on an individual basis in order to maintain a fair approach.

4) Deciding on how to choose tenants. What questions to ask, documents to request and when to seek parental guarantees on a joint and severally liable agreement. I ask allot from potential tenants (more than most landlords) and 90% don't have a problem showing me employment contracts or their last PIT (if they're self employed) and having their HR write to me stating the nature of their employment and that they can afford the rent. This in particular is where I think allot of landlords are missing out. You shouldn't be afraid to ask for this sort of information when you are entrusting your property to someone. The procedure is far more invasive in the UK and USA and I think we need to drive this approach forward ourselves, because it seems at this point in time, nobody is going to do it for us.

5) Speculating on the market.... Because that's what I think a lot of us landlords spend our days doing anyway.

These are just a few of the benefits I can see from getting together over a beer or a coffee and discussing the business of lettings and the property market. I want to help people who need it and I also know that I have a lot to learn.

Please let me know if there's anyone in Warsaw that's interested in sharing their knowledge and experience with, or learning from a group of like-minded landlords.

8 Jan 2015
Law / Any good business ideas - what Poland needs? [114]

I think it depends on the city. Warsaw does have a large student population who of course are almost entirely renters, but these students become post-grad professionals and generally have to work for years before they're in a position to put a deposit down on a flat. I find that there are more young professionals looking to change properties in Warsaw between August and September than students, for various reasons:

1) tenancy agreements for students tend to run Sep - Sep. Once a student qualifies they often look for a new flat in Sep and the cycle continues

2) they know that every year they're competing for properties with students (particularly the fresh influx of 1st year students) so they hunt more aggressively and they're generally more organised

3) year on year their careers develop and they want a slightly better place to share with friends so again they move to something better (or of course careers not going so well so they downgrade!)

4) eventually they meet a significant other and decide to rent together so they find a smaller place that fits their budget
5) until they leave the rental system by lumping their money together, borrowing from family and putting a deposit on a place of their own

An individual could change apartments up to 10 times before they settle and buy, which is pretty substantial turnover and also why it's so important to try and time your changeovers for the start of the academic year regardless of whether your target is students or young professionals.
8 Jan 2015
Work / Overtime no honoured by employer in Poland [7]

but I still want to know what my rights are

Anna, honesty no offence intended but the reality is, if I were your employer and you raised this issue with me, I would be seriously questioning your commitment to your role and your place in the company. (regardless of what your rights might be in this situation)

I don't know what job you do but generally speaking I don't understand overtime outside of McDonalds, Subway and other service sector jobs where people are paid minimum wage, by the hour and every hour counts. If you're employed in a professional role and you care about career development you should put in more hours than those around you, get in to the office before your boss and leave afterwards and don't complain it openly to colleagues or HR.

I know that doesn't necessarily scream efficiency but employers are more often than not looking for people who can commit themselves fully to the role.

Some friendly advice, that's all.

I would doubt there's anything positive that would come of raising it as an issue with HR

5 Jan 2015
News / Doctors' surgeries and many clinics closed here in Poland - pretty chaotic [9]

ts worth to buy medicover health plan

Definitely, and it's more affordable than many people think. Both our kids have the full whammy hospital insurance. 375 pln pcm for our 3 year old and 475 for our 6 month old (dropping back down to 375 after a year or so).

A bit off topic but these situations do, particularly during the periods of germs spreading like wildfire, make medicover seem like an absolute bargain!
4 Jan 2015
Life / Poles and their listening skills [22]

I thought this for some time, but I really only notice it when I'm speaking English. I can sympathise when I consider just how hard I have to think in order to plan my next sentence in Polish! More often than not, people ask me to repeat myself or try speaking Polish, which shows that they actually care about what I'm saying.
4 Jan 2015
Real Estate / Property dispute (hired apartment contract in Poland) [12]

I agree with Jon here. Irrespective of whether the contract is void or not, I seriously doubt that she would take you to court. Too time consuming and expensive, particularly for a landlord who likes to play cheap games and avoid investing back into their property.

If you haven't paid a deposit yet, all the more reason to just walk away. I would terminate the agreement or state that you believe it to be void from the outset, give clear reasoning, highlight that she has acted in bad faith etc. Do it in writing, in Polish and sent recorded delivery.

I'm not a lawyer, but I am a pretty experienced landlord operating in Warsaw.

mmmpol, how are you getting on? If you need any help, pm me and I'll see what I can do.
16 Dec 2008
Work / Salary expectations in Poland [373]

hi everyone

Im moving to warsaw with my girlfriend in the new year. I have a flat in london which I will rent out and should net me around 5,000zl per month.

My girlfriend has an MSc and hopes to work as a lab technician and if I cannot find any legal industry based or proofreading work I will hope to teach English.

With a base of 5,000zl, careful living and apartment rental choices should we be ok?

Thanks in advance - Andy