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Winter break Road trip - Poland or Ukraine?

mynameisbob 3 | 3
9 Jan 2015 #1
So, having been stitched up well and truly by my language school (2 weeks enforced unpaid leave) I am considering options on what to do in this period.

I could sit in my warm apartment and perfect my net curtain twitching/optimum visiting time to Biedronka skills


Go for a bimble around Poland or Ukraine ( I am in the southeast of Poland)

Any suggestions for a 4-5 day trip with about 1000PLN?

Was thinking about doing a circular route through Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia also

Quite open-minded about what I do apart from any winter sport related activities.

Thanks in advance.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
9 Jan 2015 #2
You can't just drive into Ukraine. Didn't you know the school's dates when you signed the contract? You didn't say if you you were driving. Most folks just hunker down for the winter. The roads are unpredictable and the touristy places are empty. Why not visit a travel agent and tell them you have 1000 PLN to spend. I'm sure they could find a winter break for you, maybe somewhere warm.
OP mynameisbob 3 | 3
9 Jan 2015 #3
My post was salaried when I took up the post, but 'strangely' they changed the contract to a self-employed one 6 weeks later, which meant no paid holidays paid per hour of work instead of set hours per month. So for that month I will only receive 2 weeks pay.Not happy about that one!

No I won't be driving just used the phrase road trip for a catch all phrase. Train, bus, marshrutka either

As my OP stated my choices are stay at home and go slowly window licking mad or see something of the world around me.
9 Jan 2015 #4
Any suggestions for a 4-5 day trip with about 1000PLN?

The train to Zamosc is worth taking and Zamosc is a decent place for a couple of days (especially the brewery). Lublin is also very pleasant. 120zl per night for an apartment.
Marsy101 1 | 24
9 Jan 2015 #5


My father in law is from Zamosc, so I've been there a couple of times. The old town is quite impressive, they have an Irish Pub (obviously...) and the Rotunda is a profound if not sad place to visit.

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