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25 Feb 2010

You're just an Anti-Polish Bigot.

And you need to relax, chill out. Why do Polish jokes bother you if they're not true? Don't you know how to laugh at them?

I can be sooo mad about all them blonde jokes, lol. So what? Just because I'm blonde I'm gonna hate everyone who says blonde jokes?

Poles need to relax, they are too tense and nervous. Must be from all da vodka and ciggies.
24 Feb 2010
USA, Canada / Beautiful women in Polonia, WI [18]

Yea I heard Polonia is soooo boring you havta drink that point swill to see a Polish woman out der in da boondocks
22 Apr 2009
Food / Your favourite Polish foods! [180]

I wouldn't want to look into your toilet after eating all those raw yummies....
1 Oct 2007
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

Am I on the right thread?

Everyone is always on the right thread. There are no wrong threads here. Even if you think you're on the wrong one, you're still on the right one.
20 Aug 2007
Travel / Need information about Czestochowa! Hostels / Hotels? [24]

a train going out over the boarder!

hahahaha, poor boarder. Wouldn't want to be a boarder on that train and cross the BORDER. Hahahaha. Learn some english dumbass before you cut others down.