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12 Sep 2014
Feedback / Suggestions for banning users - give the reason [112]

Merged: Harry suspended, the only ones left will be the students

Haven't been on the forum since some days, having gotten a bike accident here in Bielany, basically 300 mtrs from home...resulting in broken right arm....Long live Medicover by the way. I noticed Harry is suspended. I wonder why?

Will the only posters remaining be 1. The "students" looking to "study" in Poland, at the same moment asking if they can work here at the same time (and such actively ecouraged by this forum to do this) 2. The ones who are going to earn 7000 a month in Katowice and ask how far it gets them - haven't they learned what the "search" function is? After all (and now I will be booted out just as Jeremy Clarkson big time) all the call centres in the world are centred in their country.

3. And the serbs who can write anything lunatic as it goes, the freakier the better.

Waiting for my suspension.
28 Aug 2014
USA, Canada / 9/11 firefighters with Polish background [2]

I am looking for a contact with 9/11 firefighters from a Polish background. Can anybody advise on this one? It is for professional reasons (telephone interview for a Polish TV program). Thanks for helping out,
19 Aug 2014
Travel / Baggage size limit on Trains in Poland? [16]

I know that more space taking items like for example bicycles fetch extra ticket.

Bicycles can be taken without extra cost - just as luggage. Same goes for Warsaw public transport, where a few years ago you still had to buy an extra ticket for them.
14 Aug 2014
Travel / Getting from Wrocław airport to Książ Castle, near Wałbrzych [6]

I would say roughly an hour. Once you left the industrial estates around Wrocław behind you - plenty roundabouts - it is an easy and pretty scenic road.

Zamek Książ is pretty well signposted - it is on the right side after you have passed Świebodzice. It is on a dual carriageway going into Wałbrzych.

Expect traffic jams because of ongoing road works into town .
1 Aug 2014
Life / Volunteering in Poland [21]

Instead of writing senseless stuff like that and utterly unhelpful...
Maybe this one:
They coordinate pretty much of wolontariat in Poland.
1 Aug 2014
Life / What should I get for a gift for somebody who's never visited Poland? [14]

I wouldn't take chocolates to is a bit like taking chocolates to Belgium or ice to Greenland :)

not, repeat not, Ptasie Mleko)

I know Jon, they are cheap and most likely inflammable...but I am taking them to Belgium - somehow my parents like them(They could be excused because of their age :) )

On Podwale there used to be a nice linen shop, not exactly cheap but they had nice stuff.
Bołesłąwiec earthenware springs to mind as well as gift.
28 Jul 2014
Love / Age difference in relationship with a guy or girl from Poland? [28]

I think 4-5 years difference is OK. My parents differ 4 years, she older as he. But at an age of 81 and 85 I do not think it makes a difference...

For spring chickens such as us...For example 18 and 25...really big difference mentality-wise. 52 and 57...not really. 10 years...we are talking of a different generation IMHO. I differ with my youngest brother 11 years and it shows.
24 Jul 2014
Law / Apply Karta Pobytu (Residence Card) for my wife [7]

Yes. There's a paper confirming that a person can entirely apply and receive resident card

What do you in this case with the personal interview - I suppose they still do exist (they did in my time)?
24 Jul 2014
Life / How and where do I return empty alcohol bottles in Poland? [17]

Yea, that's what i do...more or less, just leave them and tin cans in a plastic bag for them to collect.

Actually I do disagree on this one, it is only promoting vagabondism.
And all too often I see (or foremostly smell) the said gentlemen on Warsaw public transport, a plague for all other passengers.
It is a mystery to me how a bar of soap can be too expensive, and a carton of pseudo wine cheap enough?
Same as I do not give money to the gentlemen offering to "keep an eye on your car".
24 Jul 2014
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [607]

Sob, I guess yu sacked the idea of Polish wine :-)

Not really :). But as for now I will go for the wódka - Polish wine I need to investigate a bit more :)
23 Jul 2014
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [607]

Merged: Which wódka to take from Poland back home?

We are going home to Belgium shortly for a long-awaited vacation. Question and dilemma...which wódka to take? In Belgian supermarkets you can buy Wyborowa and Żubrówka - be it at twice the going rate in Poland...So not these ones. I was thinking of Pan Tadeusz or Dębowy. Chopin is also nice....

For my mother I am taking as always Krupnik.
23 Jul 2014
History / Restoration of Poland's Monarchy? [40]

and could veto any move the king made that seemed corrupt

You are talking about the liberum veto here, which was the summum of anarchism. All schlachta were in the pay of their respective magnates and voted as instructed by them. And the magnates were in the pay of foreign powers.
22 Jul 2014
History / Restoration of Poland's Monarchy? [40]

The tradition of our monarchy has been abruptly stopped and in the period that followed Poland did not exist at all

Polish kings got their crown from the highest bidder, the foreign power which managed to buy the majority of the magnates and szlachta. Which royal tradition?
22 Jul 2014
Life / What type of gift should i buy for my hosts in Poland? [22]

And Ptasie Mleko are the same. Plus they're cheap and.nasty, synthetic and not actually very nice.

Actually my parents back home in Belgium like them. As a rule i don't take chocolate back home, that would be the same as taking ice to Greenland :).

But I indulge in their taste :)
22 Jul 2014
Law / What documents do I need to register a car in my name in Poland? [18]

It also is not a "maldunek" but "meldunek".
If you have a Pesel, you should have a meldunek as well - as fas as I know they are interconnected.
And as the last poster wrote... I never heard of a meldunek being a handwritten piece of paper. Absurd.
2 Jul 2014
Classifieds / English cuisine week in Lidl shops in Poland [203]

t would be great to have Hatherwood (an AF brand especially for Lidl) or something like it on tap, but unfortunately the only option here usually is to pay quite a lot per kilo in one of the main supermarkets for Kerrygold or Cathedral City.

I am a bit surprised by that one. One of our daughters came back from our local Lidl one hour ago, and reported stacks of Hatherwood cheddar - in the regular "everyday" shelf.

Also a pallet of peanut butter/cheese (whatever you call it - I cannot stand it) right before the check-out. Nobody seems to buy it. Price is back (for the cheese) to 10,99, still decent for 400 g I should say.

But lucky for me they also keep on selling Belgian cheese :)
1 Jul 2014
Food / Polish wine produced in the Zielona Góra region [41]

Thanks, I will check them out :)

In connection with this, there is an interesting article in GW today about this subject:

For vineyards to start selling their collections, there is a need for three seasons. Poles are still learning how to make good wine and learning takes time.

For now, on the Polish market of wine there are dozens of manufacturers. However, there is also a trend to grow more wine production in Poland, as confirmed by Agricultural Market Agency. However, as notes Iwona Ciechan , spokeswoman for ARR , it is not known how many bottles of wine produced in Poland goes on sale . Why ? Because for the time being Polish wine grapes is a niche product available in caterin , online stores and some stores of wine only.

30 Jun 2014
Food / Polish wine produced in the Zielona Góra region [41]

Like the Jewish-style pork that Pod Samsonem used to back in the same period.

I always considered them to be a tourist trap - the location begs for it - so I have never been there.