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19 Nov 2014
Life / Least doctors per capita in Poland? [4]

Very entertaining map. I never thought there were so few doctors in Poland though.

The European Union has 28 member countries. And kinda like Captain Planet, when their powers combine, they make for a pretty great place to live.

But that doesn't mean each country is without its flaws. It's like the Planeteer who controlled the element of Heart. Sure, he helped make Captain Planet. But he was the worst at getting haircuts.

Anyway, here's what every European country is the worst at.
17 Nov 2014
News / Local elections - anyone care to comment? [37]

I don't think these local elections reflect the national mood. Actually they never do, because local issues dominate. Look at the number of big cities where the independent city presidents renewed their mandate. Also 17% for PSL....that does not reflect their votes in national elections.

Myself I voted here in Warsaw Bielany for a local party which focuses on local problems. For all other positions I voted Green, because I do think PO and HGW could do a much better job - look how they handle the reprivatisation (not to speak of the controversy her husband finds himself in regarding this matter), but also didn't want to vote for these PIS morons, so I decided just to be cross.

Results of the election. See who won seats in your area

PO loses in favor of PiS and local committees - in this way the elections to the district councils can be briefly summarized. But in any part of the Warsaw situation is slightly different. The balance of power in the districts of Warsaw will change. Until now only 18 districts in the three are not ruled by PO. Now the platform will certainly rule in eight, PiS certainly in the three (so far only had one). In the remaining seven the situation is not yet clear, the alliances shall be decided by the local committees.


If you see the results in Warsaw, it is clear that in quite a few districts local committees are getting a lot of votes, which I think is really great. They know the local issues and problems.
13 Nov 2014
Travel / Christmas Fair in Gdańsk - worth visiting? [6]

There is a Christmas Fair in Warsaw but last year it was nothing special. It was moved from the Old Town Square (ideal location) to the central railway station. arguably the ugliest location possible. It also was much smaller as the years before.

The Christmas Fair this year will be held at the Barbakan, under the Old City walls. A much better location I should say.
12 Nov 2014
Travel / Christmas Fair in Gdańsk - worth visiting? [6]

Is anybody on this forum from Gdańsk? I would like to know if the Christmas Fair is worth visiting (coming from Warsaw). I heard the one in Wrocław is quite good, but what about Gdańsk?
5 Nov 2014
Work / What is the scope of computer programing in Poland (job related) [15]

do you have any problem if come to poland?

Yes I do have a fundamental problem that people like you come to Poland, a country of which you only know it might be a gateway to Europe. You start to question about safety and racism here and about extremists. Your country is built on extremists. P.S. Why don't you go study in Saudi-Arabia? Plenty of universities there.
28 Oct 2014
Food / Where to buy British mature Cheddar Cheese and salted butter in Poland? [289]

Lidl will have again - besides Valley Spire which is now always on stock - two other kinds of Cheddar: Scottish matured coloured and one called "vintage cheddar".

This for their Deluxe week starting from next Monday. Although in my local Lidl they always seem to start this kind of stuff already on Sunday
12 Oct 2014
Language / Learning Polish but not focusing on the grammar, good idea? [37]

leave the grammar and focus on vocab

OK but this way your Polish will still be on a kindergarten level or years to come. I learned Polish through years of evening classes, took all the official exams and I am glad I did.
11 Oct 2014
Language / Learning Polish but not focusing on the grammar, good idea? [37]

Grammar is a logical dissection of the rules of a language, which is something that you don't do while speaking. Our brain is a gigantic pattern matcher

The biggest collection of idiotic nonsense I have come across when learning a language. Get a life, learn the language the hard way - hours of boring grammar. Or end up with some expats I know who after living here for 10 years can just about order a beer in Polish.
9 Oct 2014
Food / Clotted cream - where I can buy it in Wroclaw? [9]

You can't buy milk in Poland.

You can if you live close to a mlekomat.
Besides the fresh milk sold in the shops is not UHT, only stays good for two weeks or so.
4 Oct 2014
Classifieds / D&D Group for Expats in Warsaw needs one more player... [69]

Or grousing about the quaint, everyday intrusions into our lives by Poland's foreignness with the rest of Europe as evidenced in its people

You talk as a true expat....Are you somehow connected to real everyday life here in Poland? The way you write about life here...could be very similar to a district supervisor in the British empire analyzing the not-so-civilized natives in letters home. Peculiar, but then in the expat crowd not that surprising.
3 Oct 2014
Classifieds / D&D Group for Expats in Warsaw needs one more player... [69]

The shared fantasy of the game we use to meet people is not based on the real world because it is more enjoyable and places us more at a distance from our daily concerns of living and working in a foreign country. It puts us all on the same level.

Translated into everyday language: Having a real life is something you don't know anything about.
2 Oct 2014
Travel / Warsaw airport to Bus Station Wilanowska stand number 14 [22]

Jon, I am using that website quite a lot, and really don't find any fault with it...I think it is user-friendly, though often I doublecheck with the ZTM one as well.

Although I just now found a serious mistake on their site for bus 156 (which I use a lot from Metro Młociny)...For weekdays they use the old schedule, for other days the new one. Big mistake, because if there are only two buses per hour, you have to wait a long time for the next one.

Maybe they are not so reliable as I thought....
29 Sep 2014
Work / Are there any jobs for Americans in Poland? [29]

Try Capgemini, you're languages will get you a call center job

Exactly, the best option would be BPO or SSC jobs, for which Kraków is getting very popular.
28 Sep 2014
Classifieds / Warsaw (PL) Tabletop Role Playing Game Group for Expats Only. D&D Fortnightly [87]

not on being labeled a geek or a nerd but whether or not someone is geek or nerd enough

Speaking of being a really make the top league...Don't you really have a life out of this artificial one? Btw Can I register our family labrador? She is very much into role playing.
17 Sep 2014
Feedback / Suggestions for banning users - give the reason [112]

sexually frustrated as he was unsuccessfully trying to seduce girls on this forum on more than one occasion.

Mind to give an example when making such outrageous statements?