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6 May 2013
History / How different would WW2 turned out if Poland accepted Hitler's offer [215]

Hardly. Without the Poles saving England during the BoB, there would be no RAF to bomb anything. You would do well to remember that.

Utter bollox mate and you know it, there was ONE squadron of Polish who fought in the last few weeks of the Battle of Britain.

What you would do well to remember you arrogent little man is that I had 2 uncles in the Battle of Britain neither of whom was remotly Polish.

*Your * pilots were an undisaplined liability more than anything else untill well into 1941.
But, I suppose it is rather pointless trying to convince histories perpetual losers of anything once they get on their self pitying/self congratulating hobby horse is it,so, in that spirit

Of course it was only some Pole responsible for the entire Bletchley Park and sub station set up and only people called somethingski ever fought in the battle of britain not to mention the tens of thousands of british and american and commonwealth soldiers who fought and died reducing cassino to rubble and its defenders to starving jibbering wrecks did sweet fk all,it was a regiment of Poles who won the war in italy...

If Poles and Poland were so god dammed tough and invicable why the FK didnt you go and invade the soviet union yourself and liberate your own fking country? I mean, you lot constantly trot out that BS about 4th largest allied army.why didnt you use it then for more than 2 ,or 3 at a push,battles?
3 May 2013
History / Poland's Roads in the 17th Century [19]

Poland's Roads in the 17th CenturyThat should read...... Poland's Roads still in the 17th century.

Cruel but funny and true from my memory :)

Since the Romans with their superb road construction never conquered the Slavic lands

It has to be pointed out that many ancient roads which for centuries have been considered *Roman* have turned out with modern Archaeology to be far far older systems.

Some stretches of supposed *Roman road* in England with hard surface have turned out to pre date the Romans by thousands of years.Also,many definate Roman roads have turned out to have been absolutly awfull in construction......... I would be surprised if Poles needed the Romans,no one else really did,all the Romans did was steal other peoples ideas and introduce them into new areas :)
3 May 2013
History / How different would WW2 turned out if Poland accepted Hitler's offer [215]

If Poland had joined with the nazis then the RAF would have flattened Warsaw for the invading Russians instead of Dresden.
The end result would have been the same except the hundreds of thousands of Poles who lived in the west after the war in the UK and Canada etc would also have been stuck under Stalin too.

That would be the *good* option,the more plausable alternate history would have been Soviet Russia steam rolling all the way to the English channel coast as the german nazis and their allies would fall back and no doubt the petty western nations who in reality supplied 10s of thousands of men to the nazis would have been targets for the soviets too if the US and UK were not on the ground in western europe to put them off.

The likelihood is that ALL of mainland Europe would still be under Soviet occupation( and if Britain hadnt needed to exhaust and bankrupt itself fighting the nazis then we would still have a huge Empire,which Im sure would p*ss off some Poles more than having to live under the communists ;)
27 Apr 2013
History / FDR and Americas communist insurgency affecting Poland [35]

What is the Position of the Polish on Grand Orient Freemasonry?

And at this point the sane world smirks,no laughs,its seen enough fools turn into dangerous fools to laugh,but a smirk of recognition none the less.
27 Apr 2013
History / RAAF aircrew who died during the Warsaw Rising [8]

Well, technically it wasnt an Uprising,more of a last ditch unexpected and valiant defence of the Ghetto,so maybe dont discount someone on your semantic disagreement with them :)

PS, who on earth was telling a Gentile Aussie to take on the alias "Mordechai Melzer" for an easy life in the General Government in 1943? He must have been really unpopular with his camp mates if thats the advice he got from them....
28 Mar 2013
Genealogy / Claiming WW2 medals for Polish father [37]

No such thing as an origional one,they didnt make them all , name them up and then leave them in a big box for 70 years.

I know its not the same but, you can buy the medals from militaria dealers, there is no *shame* in this or any sense of it being *wrong*,plenty of Ex and serving soldiers buy replacement or miniture medals this way.

Oh, and Harry, I have personally met the Polish military attache,a full Colonal if you must know,so there is very definatly a Polish military presence in London :)

Tessa, I've pm'd you the contact details of a friend of mine who offers a medal mounting and display service for a very good price, he also deals in medals and has many contacts so may be able to find the *missing* ones you require :)
27 Mar 2013
Travel / Is it safe to travel to Poland? [194]

and drive to Breslau and from there to Tribnitz

The biggest danger you face will be if you insist on Germanizing all the place names,the locals tend to be quite sensitive in that regard....cant think why....
10 Feb 2013
News / New uniforms for Polish Army [30]

Check your history the American military won every engagement with the Vietcong....never lost a battle

haha,lols, yeah,OK....

You think they wore their natty Class A's in the boonies? Loon :) % days in the field and Americans jungle uniforms were literally rotting off their backs.

You cant compare soldiers on parade to soldiers fighting a war, no wonder the people on Arrse thought you were a muppet mate :)

Im guessing you are a WALT though, either that or a semi WALT, *combat jacket from the falklands* ,yeah,from when you were there in 1986 maybe or the local market......

  • not exactly buckingham palace guards
10 Feb 2013
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

They are definitely founding fathers of the English Political and social system which evolved on the ground plow and sow by the revolutionary changes and institutions introduced by the Normans to the Anglo-Saxon subsoil.

Not a single part of that is true.
The Normans were considered at the time the poor relations of the English in Europe. The only reason the Normans were able to seize control of the crown and country was the pre existing social structures. The Norman Lords just took over English earldoms (earldormen,thegns) and the lands that went with them. It was more of a Coup than a conquest in many ways.

One thing they did introduce was Primo geniture,but you would probably like that stuff and not see it as a problem, I mean, why should the Anglo Saxon women continue to have equal rights eh? ;) This was no *cunning plan* by the Normans but what it did do was slightly cut down the number of mini wars between brothers that allowed for England to become a far more stable sociaty than the rest of Europe at the time,but not completly as our Kings had a habit of fighting against their own brothers,wives or dads :)

Unfortunatly that leads to the problem of all those nasty things like Serfdom etc *we* like to blame on the Normans were actually English home grown laws.

Id agree with everything citizen just said apart from the fact that London was not the capital of England back then,it never had even been a capital of the earlier Anglo Saxon Kingdoms,just a fairly *open city* in Mercia.
7 Feb 2013
Polonia / What are qualites of Germans? [60]

The normal Tommy only had enough in his stomach, so he fought against the racist from the BUF in the riots of the Cable Street ..

Rubbish.....BUF there were not *racists* the BUF were anti war.
Most of its members were working class or struggling middle class who had fought in WW1 and did not want their sons to go and have to be killed fighting the sons of germans that they had come to see as just fellow victims of WW1.

The veterens of WW1 on both sides made efforts to not make the mistakes of the past,in the 30s there was a lot of british and german families making friendships and with that hoping to avoid another pointless war,so,when a few immigrants turned up in the country and started demanding britain stand against germany the BUF got very popular.
5 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish is Britain's second language, says UK report [52]

[********************** will never beat the English on that :)[/quote]
Damn right,its our national sport,but, you guys are certainly close contenders for the crown :)
[********************* said I find the English people not as easy to make friends with as other nations.[/quote]
haha, we dont have a *national* charactor,but we do have certain regional charactors....let me guess, you live down south,somewhere near London surrounded by uptight bu**ers? Get your self up to Yorkshire :)
5 Feb 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

No, what I was saying was;
Even if it is a company in Poland,owned and staffed by Poles that does not reflect on Poland and Poles in general.
BAE systems are war feeding savages but I feel no personal shame for the companies existence as it is out of my control and therfore not a reflection on me or anyone I know ,same as with the whole BP shambles the other year,British company,but I felt no need to apologise to Alabamans because their beaches ended up covered in oil. :)
5 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish is Britain's second language, says UK report [52]

By the way I'm starting to think that the virtue of tolerance is not so close to the English heart after all. It's probably more of an almost superhuman ability to bear with what they find difficult to tolarate. That must lead to frustration, which would explain why you read "hate" in my post.

Tolerate,no,definatly not a natural state for us.
Tolerate is such a condisending attitude,its not a *virtue*.
We either like you or we dont,it really is that simple.
So id say your post came across as arrogant rather than hatefull.
The trouble was you say once people get closer to you they dont like you very much,Id say thats down to you or who you chose to get close to,not some silly notion of a national/ethnic universal attitude.

some Brits had never encountered Poles before 2004, i guess i took for granted that everyone had the same experience as town is close to a mining area in North Staffordshire that employed many many Poles since 1940, they were just always around.i didn't meet any Black people til (iirc) the final year of primary school.

Ditto,Polish Doctors,Polish Teachers and Polish class mates not to mention all the Polish people I quite naturally met in Poland ,its just a shame that so many who came here in the last few years are such whingey, woe is me bu**ers :)
5 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish is Britain's second language, says UK report [52]

[********************] I've learnt to tolerate the English at work[/quote]
You know what, hate us and the place so much, go home love.
Its really quite simple.
Come here with an attitude,dont expect a welcome mat.
Sorry, was that not warm hearted enough for you ?
Tough, we can smell opportunists at a mile,maybe thats why people just dont like you when they get to know you more....
4 Feb 2013
Language / Poles - don't fall into the French/Spanish trap re pronunciation/accent! [81]

Sat outside a hotel in Krak' smoking a fag I overheard two groups of teenagers talking to each other, a group of local Poles and a group of Scandinavians,guess what,they were communicating in English,so,yeah, I can see the argument for English speakers just not bothering. Especially as I can concur with the OP, Poles really do get arsey about EXACT pronunciation and just will never accept that their English makes them sound like Count Von Count from seasame street :)
3 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Do Poles in the UK pretend to be uppity because they have an inferiority complex? [60]

/\ *chip on your shoulder*......
Someone says they have completed a course and you belive them?
I got my PhD from Cambridge......thats my story and Im sticking to it!!!!
No, but seriously, OU is used a lot by people in work or past the usual Uni age. You can do any course you like over a longer period than a standard Uni but they are just as tough to complete.
3 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Do Poles in the UK pretend to be uppity because they have an inferiority complex? [60]

Cardiff is an ugly and awful place.

There ya go mate,edited it for you :)

PSWhat is the reputation of Open University?

Pretty good, its a well established,erm,establishment,not just a fly by night postal/internet course. You can take OU courses which are accredited by Oxbridge etc :)
3 Feb 2013
History / A legacy of Serfdom in Poland? [7]

Could that be said of blacks in America and their masters?

Well, they did get Gospel from hearing the plantation owners singing Scottish plainsong hymms,so, you tell me.
A Noble sitting in a prime position in a Church demonstrating to the peasants in the cheap seats that he is far superior and even god thinks so,do you really see that as something to *boast* about?
3 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Why are Brits so left-wing? [60]

Foreign nationals have more rights than those England born especially Muslims, as just last week a Muslim male got away with having sex with a 13 year old girl because is religion teaches that women are worthless and there is no age of consent even though brittish law is very clear on the fact that it is illegal to have sex with someone under the age of consent (someone under16) he still walked out of a brittish court a free man..

Liar. The *man* was a just turned 18 year old boy. He *got away with * a suspended sentence( not a free man,any wrong doing now and he goes straight to jail) because the judge ,rightly or wrongly believed he was simply naive. These cases happen all the time but only get in the gutter press when its a muslim (or a Pole) doing the deeds.
28 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Why are Brits so left-wing? [60]

I would consider them more conservative and traditionalists. Not extreme right like in US..

Spot on, they will have some things in common with *your* right but they dont tend to hate quite as many different people or things.
26 Jan 2013
Language / When is speaking Polish showing off and when is it ok? [46]

depends on my mood,if Im in a hurry I reply in English or just grunt.......if not I'll reply in Polish but then end up being faced with a barrage of *native speak* that I have to explain Ive only understood a tiny bit of,which can lead to long drawn out conversations about where I learnt Polish followed by either positive or negative reactions to the towns and cities Ive visited in know what, sometimes you just want a loaf of bread and some cigs' not a trip down memory lane :)

So, yeah, I kind of agree with a previous poster,if Im with a group of native english speakers and I suddenly drop in Polish words or correct their pronuciations , or switch to Polish when someone Polish (who can speak english) joins us it verges on showing off lol
26 Jan 2013
Language / Weird Polish dialect [15]

Who comes here have to learn German

Hand Hoch. Für Sie fritz der Krieg ist vorbei .
Is about all we ever needed to learn of german when we arrived mate....

And dont act, that you are fluent in English, cause your coutnry can not afford for Polish dubs .. the few vocabularies you know from the subtitles dont make you into a Native Speaker

She writes like an educated native speaker though fella,where as you write like a native speaker too,just one who normally comes on here and moans about "bl**dy Imagrents(sic) ".....
26 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Why are Brits so left-wing? [60]

British society is still divided into social classes which tend to keep to themselves.

Not really,not in the way you imagine. No more so than in any other country. Rich Americans will spend little time mingling with poor Americans will they?

Lower and middle class are probably left-oriented

Some may be,but you will find the ranks of right wingers come mainly from the working/out of work classes and some of the climbing middle classes will feign a left wing view while holding strong right wing views. Sometimes this can be put down to left socialy and right economically.

What so many Americans seem to call *left wing* or *Socialist* in all honesty are just called *good manners* or *human deceny* in the UK and we feel no need to attach a political *value* to these ideas. Again, Im sure it comes down to Americans only having 2 choices in their supposedly world leading *democracy*. AFAIC you cannot have democracy when its reduced to Yes or No answers.
26 Jan 2013
News / Man taken to court for abusing Poland's president [35]

Faggotry, Russia's

I rather think Russias biggest problem vis a vis this topic is being over run with eager beavers wishing to join the new group of Army officers who make detailed inspections of recruits penis' and bottoms to check for any signs of homosexual activity.........its a strange fascination that so many of you slavic types share to be sure,most normal straight people just never consider the sort of things that seem so prominent in the minds of so many self styled *straight * people from the wild east....... :)

BTW, stupid case, silly web sites like that should be left alone. All that happens is people who are not being oppressed daily suddenly feel,with a little justification, that they are being oppressed....self defeating tactics or something more sinister?