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Speaks Polish?: Not at all.
Interests: Hero in my avatar, Witold Pilecki, signed in for KL Auschwitz, VOLUNTARILY, brought the reports to da west, ignored, died by hands of commie Jews

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10 Jan 2018
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Quite wrong, as usual:-)

As usual...

When was I wrong?

You typically blame the intended victim for that which was foisted upon him

How, just HOW can I blame a perpetrator to be a victim - because clearly you imply just that..?

With ALL DUE RESPECT don't spread BS here, sir.
Pretty please.
10 Jan 2018
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

to suggest that the Jews alone, in and of themselves, brought their tortured history upon their people, is the height of hypocricy

Is it?

Anstisemitism is a response to Jewish insolence, don't deny that, and don't pretend it's not true.
To name the reason for the whoah-so-*******-big-oh-mother-****-geez-oh-my-god HYPE about every, tiny time when someone, somewhere whispered "jew" word louder than crickets' songs.

Am I wrong?
WHO is propelling this biggo bullshit? Who is turning the tables, making white black and black white?
8 Jan 2018
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Kielce and Jedwabne?
How many times this should be refuted?

Both Kielce and Jedwane is nothing but a Jewish bs. Jews were so desperate to show pogrom after pogrom after pogrom in Poland - and they lived there ONLY 800 years - to finally come out wiht those two, already refuted dozen of times, "events".


" too many of run-of-the-mill Poles didn't do their level best to prevent its spread either"
Is it our duty to fight animosity against the Jews, the animosity Jews are working very hard to achieve?
Was it also our duty to die for them during the WWII?
21 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

He did what every decent person would do.

And what every decent person would say about the vicitims of the Jews in the very Jedwabne site?

What would YOU say, puppy, about Jews of Jedwabne in between 1939 and 1941?
Polish Jews were so gratefull to the Poles for a millenium of hospitality, that, being in power as Soviet pets, they were sending the Poles to a natural cryotherapy treatment in health resorts in Siberia. They were so set on helping those Poles that many, many, many times Poles had been sent there even involuntarily!

I stated here not once, not twice:

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Action -> Reaction, puppy, nothing happened out a thin air. Remember that.
19 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

Of course Poles did it. Who else? Martians? ;) It's a proven fact and I don't think you need Easy_Terran to prove you this.

Easy Terran was saying that the Poles were only puppets in Ruskie's hands.
Important date, important meating (July, Nurymberg... do I have to draw a picture here???)
19 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

indeed Poles who performed the Kielce pogrom.

So the Poles did impress their footmarks in Prague in '68.
And really, were it the Poles who invaded the Czechoslovakia then, were they?

You're too stupid to get the picture, so why don't you just go and FVCK OFF?
(as you so eagerly asked to do to some other members of this forum earlier on?)

Please refrain from using insults. This thread may be closed and your posts binned.
19 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

Hm, in all your non-existing wisdom


were proof that he must've hit some truth, a truth that has been hidden away

Jews betrayed Poland at every, EVERY, single occation.
Few Poles killed FEW, unfortunately not all, traitors. Fvck! Poles should go to hell!

Sure... Poles are bad.

LOL, you and you alike are simply... um... not even pathetic... you're .... fvck, I can't even find a word to describe you, sorry retards.

If they didn't do it, prove it, instead of showing me and the rest of this forum what pathetic idiot you are

But Sweetie, I posted a link over and over and over again.
Follow it, for once, will you, baby Jew?

(- yet another person tired with that Jew supremacist approach - we (jew) good, you (goy) bad -)
(- yet another person showing you Jews are nothing but retarded morons -)
19 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

See, this is the type of ignorant, vile nonsense


Be against it as much as your sorry ass can - Ruskies did it, you little ignorant... you.

Gee, evidence however shows that you did do it

Does it, really?

Have you ever considered professional help, excruciating loser?


all decent Poles are embarrassed

Bwaaaahaha hahahahaha hahahahahahah

Bwaa.... uhh...uhhh.... bwaaahahahahahah
19 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

Ppl like Jan T. Gross are a first sign that change is happening in the way the Poles look at their history

LOL, wrong AGAIN.
This dude first wrote bunch of groovy books on how the Poles fought the Nazis and how great they were. As I read the opinions of the historians on those books, they were pretty good. But.

No-one wants to read about the good Poles, so sociologist Gross came up with a different approach.

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad Poles.

And voila!
19 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

And if this isn't clear enough as to why the Kielce incident was so important in the image forming of the European about Poles as being anti semite, then I give up. I cannot make it much clearer.

What is so 'important' to you that bunch of Ruskies killed few Jews (leaving the other Jews in the other part of the very building alive!!) and blame the whole thing on 12 random POLISH bystanders, who were later executed, as a matter of FCUK-t?

anything wrong; any person who is supposed to have done something wrong and been Polish was actually Jewish/Communist/German/Ukrainian/Belorussian/non-white/gay

Cuz we don't shift the blame; if WE did it, we did it. Everybody agrees.

And since we DID NOT do it, we have some arguments to back up our claims.
Of course then you do dismiss those claims as 'antisemitic' or 'antibritish' or 'antifag's' and here the carousel starts all over again.


**** you all, anti-polish trash
17 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

any way in which their country might improve

And as a kick that would start a discussion 'how Poland might improve' you started this thread with your sorry buIIsh!t about 'history'...?
23 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

90% of Polish people I have chatted to

Which is how many? Two? Three?

views dating back to the 1950s

Wow, that's just an outstanding argument! In the 50's Polish people could have seen a black or an asian only in a book, as an illustration, but I am sure they all started to hate those other ethnicities right THEN.

Wanted to shine like a diamond, came out a sh!t smelly racist out of you.
Congratulations, that really cheered me up.
28 Mar 2010
History / The heroic jump of the 1st Polish Independent Paratrooper Brigade [81]

Grzegorz_: the most famous (140 m^2) barn

time means: WTF?

jonni: You certainly keep mentioning it.

I concure with Grzegorz. Lately I have been discussing this and that with the greatest beings ever and that barn was thrown right into my face like leaves during Polish Golden Autumn.
8 Feb 2010
History / "Poland's Concentration Camp" ?? [570]

The use of "Polish Extermination Camps" (sic) is deliberate. Why? You tell me

Indeed, also use of phrases like 'polish enthusiastic role in holokaust', 'auschwitz operated by poles', 'poles even worse than nazis' and all these happened to be loaded in one only paragraph:

Speaking at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland, the greatest extermination facility in history, which was built in Polish territory (and not coincidently) and was operated by Poles, Netanyahu managed to skip the enthusiastic role played by the Poles in the Holocaust. In terms of their dedication to persecuting Jews, turning them over to the Nazis, and their active role in the extermination industry, the Poles were second only to the Germans, and sometimes even more devoted than them to the extermination work.

2 Feb 2010
History / remember, forget, forgive, blame ... Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland [229]

Prussia was good for you - we should just annex you again and be done with it!

Prussia - a mostly stolen land which grew wider by the sword and murder, out of a tiny shithole given to the Gerries by the ruler of Mazowsze, if I remeber correctly.

Prussians kissed Polish king's shoe once. They will again.

BB, you lost your cool completely, matey.
28 Jan 2010
History / remember, forget, forgive, blame ... Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland [229]

If there were more people like Witold Pilecki, that might have been a reality (...) There were lots of heroes, there were many, many, many more cowards.

I already stated that I didn't do anything,

Yea, you don't get it

No, I don't.

No, you don't

Does anyone? Does anyone get your contradictory bullcrap?

who just ends up resorting to personal attacks

Oh, was that a personal attack? To finish this off, call me an anti-semite, and we're done here. You could then return to your hasbara manual.

BTW, do you know where many people of Jedwabne were living in 1941, or not?

So you're going for the 'the Poles in Kielce were retarded' line of defense, OK.

LOL, where did you get this notion from, Mr. Smarty-Pants? The retarded ones put all the blame onto bystanders, which, nota bene, 12 of them were executed for some Ruskie sh!t commander playing god.

And dont' get too cocky.
Have you started informing people about the Bielskis bros being soooooo very Polish yet?
28 Jan 2010
History / remember, forget, forgive, blame ... Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland [229] in Kielce, right?
The only pogrom where Jews were murdered after the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of the Holocaust!
You never needed Germans for killing Jews!

Joking here, right?

Whereas you repeat the mantra of the heroic mass of Poles with only a few bad apples? Why is it that the Jews have it mostly the other way around???

Because Germany paid and Poland didn't, so Singer-like circles made their extremely good job of smearing campaign of Poland and the Poles?

Because while you caved in to all demands having no choice we did not.

Well, exactly my point.

Get lost all!

My grandparents spent WWII in Germany as slave workers. They met each other there. Should they had got something, as of money? If so, they didn't receive ONE zloty, nor ONE Deutsche Mark.

Should they get lost? Well, they did. They both passed away in commie-fvcking-crawling Poland, still as fvcking slaves, just to a different regime.

If there were more people like Witold Pilecki, that might have been a reality (...) There were lots of heroes, there were many, many, many more cowards.

I already stated that I didn't do anything,

Yea, you don't get it

No, I don't.

If you'd take a second to actually read the remarks, you'd already know that.

Read it all. Stop this bullsh!t and say what is wrong with you.

The soviets made us kill the baby stealing jews

Are you retarded, is that a whole issue?
Or are you just playing a retard?

Ruskie high commandier on-site, ruskies in the crowd, milicja in the crowd, civil war in a background. Yeah, it was all about a rumor of one kid kidnapped.

Go back to a sandbox and play with another kids, okay?
Quickly, p!ss off!
28 Jan 2010
History / remember, forget, forgive, blame ... Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland [229]

Things like Jedwabne make me think that maybe not everyone had a problem with killing jews

And what had happened in there? German kommando killed 200+ Jews with a help of 40 inhabitants of Jedwabne still remaining on-site. Do you know when a lot of people of Jedwabne were living at that time?

when you think about the Holocaust , poland comes to my mind .
poland is responsable for this too.

So that's done then: antipolish propaganda achieved its goal: whitewashed the Germans and blamed the Poles. Bravo!

Everyone who sat on their ass and did nothing is culpable

Usual BULLSH!T of someone who has no goddamn clue of the realities of those times.
What, say people of Oswiecim, were supposed to do? Write angry letters to Hitler? Or maybe organized a SWAT team, bite through the electric fences, kill all the Germans, rescue all the prisoners and then ..wait for it.. disappear in a mist...?

Crap like yours being spread around the net pisses me off the most.

We did, just a few years back. The only difference is that this happened in our backyard. It is still happening, right now, in our lifetime. In our last decade. That is the sad part.

What did you do to help those suppressed? Oh, you were too busy seating in your comfy chair and blaming others, weren't you?

How about Kielce? Is that debatable?

Oh, very much so. Fact that it was a Soviet provocation tells volumes here.

Poles were as responsible as Germans for the Holocaust

Of course! Jews, and only Jews weren't kill in 'Polish Death Camps' without a reason, were they?
26 Jan 2010
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Why, thank you very much, not interested in white supremacists, though.
Interested in Zionist supremacists and NWO under Star of David flag.
25 Jan 2010
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Poland's dirty little secret ,that they would like to keep quiet, but just don't konw how to. Anti semitism.

Show me ONE country where the Jews aren't despised. One will be enough.

Star of David hanging from a gallows on every bus stop from Warsaw to Poznan

Really? Been in Poland for almost a year now, never seen one antisemitic slur.

Polska dla Polakow

Right. And Israel for Jews only.
Somehow Jews are defining their jewishness by saying and believing in it, yet Poles are animal xenophobic biotches.

F@ck you. Go back to Hasbara manual, troll.

Sorry if it sounds too simple and too short, but that's it.

You're right Yehudi, it does sound too short and too simple, but no need to be sorry about it. Shoot me a link to the official Zionist page, if you could.
24 Jan 2010
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

I doubt very much it was Russia, who had pogroms

Pogrom doesn't originate from Russian without a reason...

have you started educating people that Bielskis were so very, very, very, very Polish yet?
Need a hand?

24 Jan 2010
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Poland was not a friendly place for Jews

You failed to mention why was that so. What about Jewish collaboration with the three occupiers (Russia, Prussia, Austria), what about denounced fighters of Polish uprisings, what about ridiculing the Polishness of citizens of re-born Polish state?

1939 in Kresy (eastern Poland) was nothing new, Jews simply followed their tradition of betraying their Polish host at every occasion.

the Zionist point of view, which is that Jews who want to be Jews should live in their own country

Don't hesitate, give us all more of a disclosure about the Zionism, its real agenda, NWO and things like that.
Be my guest. Go ahead.
18 Jan 2010
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Ynet often has articles like that.

Articles are articles, of course.
What I meant and quoted was a user's comment, and in THOSE you can read crap like the above over and over again. Doesn't matter you give examples and explanations of the difference in Poland and the Netherlands or Denmark.

Doesn't matter you explain that the Danes were considered Aryans and their king could have worn Star of David arm-band cuz the Germans would have NEVER hurt him, doesn't matter that each Jew shipped to Sweden had to pay for it - whenever an article about Poland is published, sobs like the above show up and start their usual crap:

Poles were worst than the Nazis
Poles were cheering when a Jew was killed
Poles welcomed the death camps
Poles knew what was going in on the death camp yet they did NOTHING about it (sic!)
Denmark saved all their Jews!
AK murdered the Jews (happily)
Poles didn't help Ghetto Uprising's fighters... etc...etc...

Same people, same comments, over and over again. I think they don't even read the article, just copy and paste their ********.

You know that, you read those, too.

Have a good day Jola :),
18 Jan 2010
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Zofia Kossak of ┼╗egota was an antisemite, yet was instrumental in saving many Jewish kids

Oh come on, she was lucky. A Polish antisemitic monster who happened to save few Jewish children (totally accidentally I suppose).

Yes there was this Polish Zegota organisation , founded by a Catholic women , Zofia Kossak-Szczucka . But those 6000 for a Jewish population of maybe 3 million is not so much . In the Netherlands there are approx 2900 righteous for a Jewish population of less than 150000 , proportionaly much more Righteous than in Poland.

I've read tons of sh!t spilled on Kossak on that forum and many, many others.
She was nothing. Poles were nothing.

Netherlanders were the heroes. Holly people of Denmark! were the biggest heroes (they are the best in the Jewish 'who helped the best' poll - they saved all of their Jews, all 8,000!)

Poles were the worst mo-fos. Period.

Have a nice day those saved in POLAND by a Polish dumb, catholic POS. Abe Foxman included.
13 Jan 2010
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

The thing is that no one prevents us from doing what Jews do - meaning to push our causes. They do and we don't. It is similar to American blacks complaining that Korean immigrants own all the stores in black neighborhoods. I say to them: open your own.

Few tried.
Ended up in the jail.
13 Jan 2010
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

Do you bother to read anything I wrote?. If this is what you got out of it I can't help you.

Did you bother to think while typing your contradictory statements, Mr I-will-moral-you-dumb-Poles?
13 Jan 2010
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

Admit - only JEWS died, only JEWS suffered, only JEWS were the main event/episode of the second war, second war=holokaust

Rest of the dumb, goy sh!ts who were murdered in waaaay greater number than the Jews - feck it, collateral damage.
12 Jan 2010
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

So Har,

when will you start educating other peeps that the Bielskis were Polish?

Polish filth who betrayed the Poles and Poland.
Polish filth who has been betraying the Poles ever since - vide baby Aaron.

12 Jan 2010
History / Have Poles blood on their hands? :) [496]

We Jews don't say that only Jews were killed or suffered the most in the war.

But you Jews totally hijacked the history of WWII.

WWII is associated with the Holokaust only.

Will you deny?