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20 Mar 2008
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

Thank you, thank you. Hearing the proununciation helps so very much. I teach English to children in Poland. At first I tried to learn Polish just to understand the change the kids are making when moving to English. It was useful, for example, to learn there are no articles in Polish. Now it's a challenge that I really enjoy.
31 Mar 2008
Language / Your perception of the Polish accent [145]

I teach students from around the world who are using English as a language in addition to their native language. They all have an accent based on their native language. I think I and many others don't think a thing about accents. And what indeed is an American accent? People in one part of the country have an accent quite different than others.
19 Apr 2008
Life / Hepatitis C in Poland...please help. [59]

I would suggest going to or the European version which I believe goes by ECDC and really gathering solid scientific data about Hepatitis C. One should under professional help with this. There is a risk that this condition may go onto even more serious illness. It should not be taken lightly. Yes, I can understand concern about paying for treatment, but not having treatment is very, very serious.
17 Jun 2008
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

I have flown Chicago to Warsaw 4 times and also Warsaw to L'viv with LOT and have nothing but positive things to say about LOT. The service is good, I like the food, the Warsaw to L'viv plane was much more comfortable than what I'd expect for a short haul in the U.S.

If it's Americans complaining the only thing I can think of is that Poland starts on the LOT plane. The food is definitely Polish which I find to be a treat. However, if one is expecting LOT to serve food like Midwest US than passengers will be disappointed.
11 Oct 2008
Food / Polish food in Pictures. [277]

I didn't make these things, but surely enjoyed eating them in Poland!
11 Oct 2008
Travel / Hiking around Zakopane/ Tatra mountains [16]

Please understand some trails were or are still closed because the Zakopane area received rainfall that created flooding in early July. Trails need to be repaired for safety. Nothing is done to inconvenience you all personally.
14 Feb 2009
Travel / Weird and wonderful sights in Poland [30]

While it's not "wierd," I like the dog in Kazimierz Dolny. And I feel so lucky to be going to Wrocław this coming summer.
18 Apr 2009
Language / learning Polish using American phonics [24]

Go to and look for the Polish material that can be downloaded for free. Also if you live anywhere near a large bookstore, there should be Polish language book. Also get a Polish-English dictionary. One can actually have a conversation that way. I go to Poland to teach English. One day the school secretary walked in the office and gave a big sigh. I went to the dictionary and found the word for busy. She went to the Polish part of the dictionary and found the word for frustrated! By the way, Polish uses the Latin alphabet the same as English. It simply has a few more letters and codes some of the sounds differently. Hope this helps.
23 Apr 2009
Travel / Do I need an invitation to enter Poland as a tourist? [53]

Where are you starting from? If you are already in a Schengen area, no one will even look at your passport. I've never been asked where I'm going to stay when entering Poland, either before or after Schegen.
25 Apr 2009
Travel / Do I need an invitation to enter Poland as a tourist? [53]

From the outside the Schengen border and the EU requirements are hard to understand. I've been awarded a Fulbright to teach at the University of Pecs in Hungary. I'll be getting a visa for that since I'll be staying longer than 90 days. But the directions say I can go anywhere in the EU on a visa to work in Hungary. Go figure!