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11 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

Thread attached on merging:
Natolin/Deutschschain. Names Leszczyńska and Hanke (Balcerzak).

My grandmother, Katarzyna Leszczyńska sister Maryanna Hanke (Balcerzak) born 1894
in Rębielice. Married 1914 in Poland with Karol Hanke born 1886 in Natolin/Kielce Wojw.

Karol and Maryanna Hanke immigrated 1919 to Ulkebol/Sonderburg/Germany. In 1920
Ulkebol/Sonderborg were a part of Denmark (again)

Do somebody know something about the little town Natolin in the area of Danków and
Rębielice? Hanke is a german family name. Was Natolin in the past founded by german
people in Poland?
1 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

I dont think so... But Ihav notized a surname: Leszczycki

Gosia Leszczyck, Nederland - Michael Leszczyck , Belgia
19 Feb 2008
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

Liszczyna 17 of this surname in Poland - 7o Liszczynski

My last name is Lesczinski . Mabye originally spelled Lesczyński........

The bloodline of Stanisław Leszczyński directly stopped with him selv.He had two daughters........ Leszczyński (hazel) is not a common name as Nowak and Wiesniewski.

and Wójcik but there are about Leszczyńscy in Poland

Maria Lesczińska ( Leszczyńska ) Queen of France....

Also spelled on french:Lasczińska - so lLescziński must be originally Leszczyński!
5 Oct 2007
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

Goddag Jaszczolt.
Overraskende at du skriver på dansk!
Har først nu set dit svar.
Min familie kom til Ulkebøl/Sønderborg i 1920. Min far Stanislaus Leszczynski var født
den 28 marts 1919 et lille sted ved navn Re(m)bielice. Sikkert hos noget familie:
(Rymarczyk - Balcerzak - Leszczynski) . Min far døde i 1957 ved et trafikuheld....
Min farfar hed Roch Leszczynski og var født 9-8 1884 i Dankow (Slask i dag)
Rochs forældre: Franciszek Leszczynski gift med Dominika Rymarczyk, Dankow
Katarzyna Balcerzak født 3-2 1884 i Dankow.
Katarzynas forældre: Tomasz Balcerzak gift med Franciszka Leszczynska, Dankow eller
Jeg har fået bekræftet via kontakt med Klobucki, at min far var født i R. som lå mellem
Rebielice Sz. og Rebielice Krol. ( i nærheden af et lille sted: Troniny.) i Dankow området.
Jeg er interresseret i at vide om, at jeg har nogle slægtninge i Dankow området.....

Now I'have get a adres to a parisk-office - who can help me about my relatives.

Leif Leszczyński
22 Sep 2007
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

My fathers birthsplace was a very little place rebielice between Rebielice Sz.and rembielice Krol. I think my leszczynski family had a mill in this area.
20 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Pyszka... last name [23]

You can find Pyszka in Poland and USA.
Its also a village near Wrzosowo.......

17 Dec 2006
Polonia / Polish workers in Denmark [35]

Polish people who works in Denmark have bad conditions.
They get jobs under falsh conditions. Many workers are being cheated in the agreements with the employers. Lowere salaries that promised, because a very high

payment of the apartments, who they stay in. Many apartmens are in bad shape and the polish workers must live many persons together in one flat.

Shamely and unjustified!!!!

The history is going around. Fore many years ago my grandparents where wanderarbei -
tern (seasonworker) in the prussian Breslau. They came from Dankow, northwest from
Czestochowa to Olesno and the prussian border. "Packed" in closed cargoweagons they
and many others from Poland were transported to Breslau. Hard working conditions and
lot of discrimination from the german schlesian was the daily life of my grandparent.
Im crying in my soul - The same history can i observed in Denmark and Sweden........
7 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

ok. Yanta.
Leshinski is a polish surname, but like Leszczynski , also polish jews have these names
6 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

Lezynski - Lazynski - the last surname have possible? a connection to Laszczynski - a very
seldom name.

Leszczynski = Leszcz = bream or Leszczyna = A Hazelbush...............

Leshinski - sounded more jewish.


It can also be:£ążyński...................!!!


£ężyn is a place in woj. Wielpolskie (Lezynski)
Powiat Koninski
4 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

you are right, but it's sounds the same
OK its LESJTJINSKI sound- the c in Lescinskis is also a tj sound. thanks.

yanta........ Lezynski must be Lesinski sound and not Lesjtjinski.


Stanislovas Lešèinskis (Stanisław Leszczyński)
3 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

Lithuanian ending - yes That "skis", but the først part of the name
is spelling a different way..
3 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Paluch family from south Poland near the Czech frontier [25]

My friends great grandmother,Viktoria Paluch came to Lolland (Denmark) before the 1st great war and worked in the fields.Does somebody knows enything about Paluch family from the southly part of Poland - near the czech frontier?
2 Dec 2006
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

dziekuje maniek111

Merged: Lescinskis/Leszczynski

Is there any connection between the Polish surname Leszczynski and the Lithuanian name
22 Nov 2006
Genealogy / Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak [48]

I've checked the name Leszczyński, and according to this site, there were 23 463 people carrying that name at the beginning of the 90's (XX century), 1 535 Rymarczyk's .

its that quite pupolar among 40.oooooo citizens in Poland?????????
I could understand it if it was here in Denmark with 5.oooooo citizens!!!
18 Nov 2006
Life / Poland Religion in daily life/ INTERVIEW for school paper [28]

Please Im just teasing now:
the Polish Catholic Church is an old-catholic church in Poland seperated from Rome.
Iam also roman -catholic and live in Denmark,so my point of wiew in this discussion
is established via informations from international catholic magazine...........

Many articles describe the polish roman-catholic church as pre -II Vatican.The modernization
of liturgy and pastoral praxis does not existe in Poland.I dont know why?but I had read so-
me news in a catholic magazine about the american polish r.catholics they have the same
praxis.Im sadly, since the polish pope had the pontificate many reforms were stopped and the spirit in the r.-catholic church were full of restriction and authoritarian and superdogma-

tic rules fore the priests,theologians and critical lay catholics.Sadly,sadly.

pax et bonum
18 Nov 2006
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

Yes Rafal was a big man.He was also calvinist and helped several refugees from Czech.
One of them was Comenicus,a famous philosof and pioner of childrens education..(pedagog)
Also the Bohemian Brothers had a refugium by Rafal Leszczynski.Its correct Stanislaw was
his son and become a elected king of Poland( with great support from the swedish king)
after his conversion to catholicism!

Fore many years ago I was volunteer by a Social Center in Cambridge,U.K. I had lot of fun
situations,because the staff thoght I was a relative of the nobleman family.......

From 188o there was a Leszczynski family from Prussia (originally polish) Stanislaus Lesz-
czynski .He was a officer in tha prussian Army and got the von title.So, we can see in the
prussian calender of noblemen:Poul von Leszczynski.The family stilll exist in Berlin.........

But I must live with common origin and its is okay,not all polish people are from the higher
social classes.He he he...........
18 Nov 2006
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

Wauw ,such a fine Leszczynscy castle.......but the Leszczynskis from Leszno, a big noble
family does not exist since king Stanislaw.His daughter Maria Leszczynska was married to Louis
IV of France...This noblefamily did not exist since the 1790. Stanislaw did not had sons!!!

But thanks bream or hazeltree is also fine.

18 Nov 2006
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

Thanks for the information about my ancestor surnames.
You can find some information about the danish resistance movement upside "links".

It is right that Leszczynski=Leszczyna? a hazelbush??
18 Nov 2006
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

kocha Matyjasz..
Here some litterature about polish people in Denmark:
Later - Chodylowa, Elzbieta, 1979: Prace Badawcze nad Polska Imigrajca Zarobwkowa w
Danii 3. Oddzialu Muzeum Narodowego w Kopenhadze.
Przeglad Polonijny Rok V. Warszawa

Jedrzejowski, A. , 1975. Polonia Dunska w Latach 1892 - 1921. Przeglad Polonijny. Rok I,
1975. Warszawa.

Nellemann, George, 1973b: Polska Emigracja Zarobkowa w Danii od R. 1893. Przeglad Zachodni 1/1973. Poznan.
17 Nov 2006
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

Its correct it is not in the official danish historybooks,but described in a book of folkstudies
published by the danish nationalmuseum ,about polish seasonworkers and their children.

When my father stanislaw Leszczynski still was alive,we had some polish friends bros.
Barasinski from Haderslev they had been very active in the polish resistence group in Son-
derjutland.The Barasinski bros. received several medals from the danish and the polish state!
17 Nov 2006
History / Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark [18]

Here a short story of the polish resistance group in DK.
In 1942 the little polish and danish - polish coloni in Kopenhagen contacted the polish teacher in Nakskov,Adam R. Sokoski and asked him to started the polish Intelligense in

Denmark.With help from Sokoski establised several 3 mens groups( 1 and 2 gen.Poles)they
should take care of polish reefuges and collect intelligence informations.There was such groups in Nakskov,
Maribo,Nykøbing,Næstved,København,Helsingør ,Odense,Åbenrå og Sønderborg.

The groups sample informations about the conditions in the harbours and transports to the
city of Gedser,the moving of the german trups.The airport in Rødby and helping english pilots there where shot down by the german artillery.

A special task had the Sonderyllands organisation.It was to take care of polish officers there
were escape from camps in Germany and sent them to Sweden or England.
In 1943 must the polish teacher (who was a key figure in the resistan activites) flee to Swe-
den.The contact to the former polish staff of Legation and the polish intelligentsia in Copen-
hagen stopped when someother members were sended to a concentration camps.

After this blow up in the polish organization came a polish agent,who had trained in Swe -
den after having fled from Germany through Denmark to Stockholm.Lucan Maslocha was his
name.He was a seeman(officer).His task was to continue the polish resistence work in Den-
mark in coperation wit the danish resistance movement.
He and his wife Lone Mogensen Maslocha was shot while Gestapo being arrested them in
anuary 1945.