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Leszczynski surname, Balcerzak

Jola 7 | 71
12 Nov 2006 #1
My name is Leszczynski surly a common name in Poland?
I know that the second last king of Poland was a Leszczynski.
Leszczyna I thinks is a Hazel maybee Hazeltree?

Leszczynski surname.........
please forgive me I cant understand the function of the messages from:
(It cant be correct!)There is only 60 under Leszczynski ....and Matuszewski 16819.

My family come from Dankow(Klobuck/Czestochowa)former Russian dominated.
My father was born(urodzenia) in Rebielice near Mokra. (Klobuck)
Leif Stani Leszczynski,Denmark .
Why cant I post a topic???????

its okay now.There are abouy 23.000 Leszczynscy in Poland.......


Merged:Leszczynski/Balcerzak/Rymarczyk - Dankow (gmina Lipie), Slaskie.

I wanted to make some research about my family Leszczynski/Balcerzak/ I can
created some sort of family tree.
Rymarczyk and Balcerzak/Leszczynski families
in the area of Dankow(Lipie - Krzepice,Klobuck powiat) former Kielce wojwod.
My grandfathers father,Franciszek Leszczynski was married with Dominika Rymarczyk,both
from the Dankow area.Or some informations about my grandmothers family Balcerzak?
also from Dankow and Rebielice area.My grandmothers father was Tomasz Balcerzak and her mothers name was Franciszka Balcerzak born Leszczynska..........

Here some informations:
Franciszek Leszczynski/Dominika Rymarczyk
Roch Leszczynski born 9 - 8 1884 in Dankow - Katarzyna Balcerzak (3 - 2 1884 same place )
Children Jozef,Weronika ( 13 - 7 1911 in Breslau ) Stanislaw (28 march 1919 in Rebielice ).
Ignatius( 1920 in Denmark.......) The family had been wanderarbeitern in Breslau and other
places in Germany and Denmark.In 1920 Leszczynski family setled down in Ulkabol/Sonder-
borg in Denmark............
21 Nov 2006 #2
Rymarczyk and Leszczynski are quite popular surnames in Poland.
OP Jola 7 | 71
22 Nov 2006 #3
I've checked the name Leszczyński, and according to this site, there were 23 463 people carrying that name at the beginning of the 90's (XX century), 1 535 Rymarczyk's .

its that quite pupolar among 40.oooooo citizens in Poland?????????
I could understand it if it was here in Denmark with 5.oooooo citizens!!!
28 Nov 2006 #4
It should be Leszczyński (n with a a dash). In case Your keyboard can not enter 'ń', here is the data:

Leszczyński 23463

Wa:2604, BP:234, Bs:1174, BB:255, By:1296, Ch:212, Ci:570, Cz:711, El:478, Gd:1241, Go:364, JG:377, Kl:305, Ka:1263, Ki:604, Kn:229, Ko:318, Kr:474, Ks:84, Lg:356, Ls:58, Lu:438, £o:426, £d:715, NS:79, Ol:541, Op:381, Os:515, Pl:256, Pt:131, Pł:370, Po:438, Pr:97, Ra:570, Rz:72, Sd:249, Sr:180, Sk:340, Sł:225, Su:653, Sz:786, Tb:204, Ta:90, To:421, Wb:383, Wł:490, Wr:647, Za:175, ZG:384
OP Jola 7 | 71
2 Dec 2006 #5
dziekuje maniek111

Merged: Lescinskis/Leszczynski

Is there any connection between the Polish surname Leszczynski and the Lithuanian name
3 Dec 2006 #6
It's probably the same name with a Lithuanian ending.
OP Jola 7 | 71
3 Dec 2006 #7
Lithuanian ending - yes That "skis", but the først part of the name
is spelling a different way..
3 Dec 2006 #8
part of the name
is spelling a different way..

you are right, but it's sounds the same -anyways- when I am not sure I usually google it and that gives me some idea whether I am on the right track or not - good luck
3 Dec 2006 #9
There are many ways this last name is spelt we have a few in our family

Lezynski as well as english versions rendered , laginski, laszinski
OP Jola 7 | 71
4 Dec 2006 #10
you are right, but it's sounds the same
OK its LESJTJINSKI sound- the c in Lescinskis is also a tj sound. thanks.

yanta........ Lezynski must be Lesinski sound and not Lesjtjinski.


Stanislovas Lešèinskis (Stanisław Leszczyński)
5 Dec 2006 #11
Some of them are from the Kaszuby area of Poland so im not sure how much the spelling is rendered in those regions compared to other areas of Poland.

One I found was this the names may not be accurate spelling because its from church records. There were no polish priests here when they arrived and I believe French priests wrote alot of it down..

Petrus LAZYNSKI b: in Kalisz, Lipusz, Poland

Anna LYNYINSKA (probably not correct spelling)

Valerie LEZYNSKI b: 1877 in Poland

Michael LOUZYNSKI b: in Lipusz, Poland (definitely a Latin who wrote this last name in the records "OU" is probably wrong.

yanta........ Lezynski must be Lesinski sound and not Lesjtjinski.

Thats correct! some have changed it to Lashinski here or Leshinski.
Does the name
OP Jola 7 | 71
6 Dec 2006 #12
Lezynski - Lazynski - the last surname have possible? a connection to Laszczynski - a very
seldom name.

Leszczynski = Leszcz = bream or Leszczyna = A Hazelbush...............

Leshinski - sounded more jewish.


It can also be:£ążyński...................!!!


£ężyn is a place in woj. Wielpolskie (Lezynski)
Powiat Koninski
6 Dec 2006 #13
Not Jewish no , it is a polish surname but when they arrived to America they changed the spelling so people could pronounce better. This was very common here! some names I know of that have been rendered:

Jakubowski = yakabuski
luckaswicsz - luckasavitch
dombrowski- dombroskie
biernacki= bernatski

etc. It goes on which makes genealogy that much harder to trace.
OP Jola 7 | 71
7 Dec 2006 #14
ok. Yanta.
Leshinski is a polish surname, but like Leszczynski , also polish jews have these names
19 May 2007 #15

My 2 times great grandmother was Magdelena von Lesczynska (priest's spelling in Poland) daughter of Piotr von Lesczynski. They were from the Kaszuby area from Kniszyn, Lesno, Chojnice, Poland . The above is the way the priests spelled it then in America it became Lesczinski. Again, relying on spelling for the place names also.

Can't tell you about the Lithuanian connection. The records I have so far for Magdelena and her father, Piotr are for the 1700s and early 1800s in Poland.
9 Sep 2007 #16
The name Leszczyna means Hazeltree and can be spelled a lot of different ways

as in Polish ,Ukrainian , Russian , and the Slavic Languages.

Our name is Liszczyna as it was translated that way on arrival by my parents in 1948 to Canada.

If you find the people similar from the related parental description, check out all the reconds in Ellis Island documentation in USA that are availabe..Dutch and Mormans archives have excellent records and places where your family originated.

I had great success..


OP Jola 7 | 71
22 Sep 2007 #18
My fathers birthsplace was a very little place rebielice between Rebielice Sz.and rembielice Krol. I think my leszczynski family had a mill in this area.
Jaszczolt 1 | 35
29 Sep 2007 #19
Exactly what kind of information is it you are looking for about your family?
And what have you tried to find, so far? Local archives? Polish relatives?
And how much do you know about your family, like with exact dates, place names and so on?
OP Jola 7 | 71
5 Oct 2007 #20
Goddag Jaszczolt.
Overraskende at du skriver på dansk!
Har først nu set dit svar.
Min familie kom til Ulkebøl/Sønderborg i 1920. Min far Stanislaus Leszczynski var født
den 28 marts 1919 et lille sted ved navn Re(m)bielice. Sikkert hos noget familie:
(Rymarczyk - Balcerzak - Leszczynski) . Min far døde i 1957 ved et trafikuheld....
Min farfar hed Roch Leszczynski og var født 9-8 1884 i Dankow (Slask i dag)
Rochs forældre: Franciszek Leszczynski gift med Dominika Rymarczyk, Dankow
Katarzyna Balcerzak født 3-2 1884 i Dankow.
Katarzynas forældre: Tomasz Balcerzak gift med Franciszka Leszczynska, Dankow eller
Jeg har fået bekræftet via kontakt med Klobucki, at min far var født i R. som lå mellem
Rebielice Sz. og Rebielice Krol. ( i nærheden af et lille sted: Troniny.) i Dankow området.
Jeg er interresseret i at vide om, at jeg har nogle slægtninge i Dankow området.....

Now I'have get a adres to a parisk-office - who can help me about my relatives.

Leif Leszczyński
18 Nov 2007 #21
My last name is Lesczinski is this connected to Leszczynski in any way? and has anyone traced the king Stanisław Leszczyński bloodline to modern times?
OP Jola 7 | 71
19 Feb 2008 #22
Liszczyna 17 of this surname in Poland - 7o Liszczynski

My last name is Lesczinski . Mabye originally spelled Lesczyński........

The bloodline of Stanisław Leszczyński directly stopped with him selv.He had two daughters........ Leszczyński (hazel) is not a common name as Nowak and Wiesniewski.

and Wójcik but there are about Leszczyńscy in Poland

Maria Lesczińska ( Leszczyńska ) Queen of France....

Also spelled on french:Lasczińska - so lLescziński must be originally Leszczyński!
ZESLAW - | 9
29 Mar 2008 #23
know a leszczyck in england, is this a variant of surname
OP Jola 7 | 71
1 Apr 2008 #24
I dont think so... But Ihav notized a surname: Leszczycki

Gosia Leszczyck, Nederland - Michael Leszczyck , Belgia
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
11 Apr 2008 #25
Lescinskis appears to be the Lithuanian translation of Leszczyński. The latter incidentally was the name of one of Poland's kings.

FYI the following people are researching the Leszczyński surname:
Leszczyński -- Montpellier & Carmaux, FRANCE; Strzelno, POLAND -- -- Feb/05
Leszczynski ---- -- Feb/98
Leszczynski ---- -- Oct/96
Leszczynski -- Bielsk k. Płocka -- -- Aug/98
Leszczynski -- POLAND > SWEDEN -- -- Sep/03
Leszczynski ---- -- Mar/99
Leszczynski -- Pennsylvania, USA -- -- Jan/98
Leszczynski -- Rekitnica -- -- May/04
Leszczynski -- Biechów, POLAND > Depew, New York; Toledo, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan, USA -- -- Nov/02
Leszczynski ---- -- Mar/07
Leszczynski -- GALICIA -- -- Mar/01
Leszczynski; Leszczyński ---- -- Apr/01
Leszczynski; Leszczyński -- Bereza Kartuska i okolice -- -- Nov/00
21 Dec 2008 #26
OP Jola 7 | 71
11 Feb 2009 #27
Thread attached on merging:
Natolin/Deutschschain. Names Leszczyńska and Hanke (Balcerzak).

My grandmother, Katarzyna Leszczyńska sister Maryanna Hanke (Balcerzak) born 1894
in Rębielice. Married 1914 in Poland with Karol Hanke born 1886 in Natolin/Kielce Wojw.

Karol and Maryanna Hanke immigrated 1919 to Ulkebol/Sonderburg/Germany. In 1920
Ulkebol/Sonderborg were a part of Denmark (again)

Do somebody know something about the little town Natolin in the area of Danków and
Rębielice? Hanke is a german family name. Was Natolin in the past founded by german
people in Poland?
dollystamer - | 1
28 Mar 2009 #28
I have the same question?

I find it hard tobelieve that this has not been traced?
26 May 2009 #29
Does anyone know the family lineage of Stanisław Leszczyński up to current times

please post if you know any current ancestors of Stanisław Leszczyński.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,258
26 May 2009 #30
King Stanisław Leszczyński had only one daughter. This I may conclude from his own saying: "there do not exist two more boring queens in the world than my wife and my daughter" ("nie ma na świecie dwóch nudniejszych królowych niż moja żona i córka!"). I haven't heard of any (legal) sons he may have had. So, his only descendants would be the offspring of king Louis XV of France and Maria Leszczyńska.

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