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Paluch family from south Poland near the Czech frontier

Jola 7 | 71
3 Dec 2006 #1
My friends great grandmother,Viktoria Paluch came to Lolland (Denmark) before the 1st great war and worked in the fields.Does somebody knows enything about Paluch family from the southly part of Poland - near the czech frontier?
FISZ 24 | 2,116
4 Dec 2006 #2
There is a bread called Paluchy that you can buy in a small baltic town called Chłopy. I think the name comes from the word palec (finger)
OP Jola 7 | 71
4 Dec 2006 #3
thanks - very interesting information to my friend.

FISZ 24 | 2,116
4 Dec 2006 #4
Prosze :)
4 Dec 2006 #5
I have a friend called Kasia Paluch and she is an English Teacher working in Lublin, but she originally came from Kielce in the south of Poland.:)
OP Jola 7 | 71
6 Dec 2006 #6
I have also found a village with name Paluch.... and another called Paluchy.
krysia 23 | 3,057
6 Dec 2006 #7

This guy might know more. You can contact him.
OP Jola 7 | 71
6 Dec 2006 #8
dziekuje pani krysia...........
krysia 23 | 3,057
6 Dec 2006 #9
You welcome Pani Jola
OP Jola 7 | 71
10 Dec 2006 #10
Foregive me! also thanks to you

PAT Greene
3 Apr 2009 #11
My ancestor is a Sendra and he settled in Chicago The Paluch name is in the family but I think as a friend The area is connected with St Peter and Paul near the stock yards
18 Oct 2009 #12
My name is Cezary Paluch and our family came from Inowroclaw Poland to Toronto Canada in 1976 on the Stefan Batory Shipp. My mother's maiden name is "Kreft" and I belive she has German ancestry.
5 Nov 2009 #13
Frank Paluch came from near Krakow, Poland in the early 1900s to Michigan along with wife, I believe her name was Agnes, and gave birth to Steve, John, Genevieve, Victor, Joseph in the USA, leaving at least one girl living in Poland and two other girls died at a young age in Michigan. Talking to a University of Michigan Professor, he said the name Paluch means little fingers.
Shellie 1 | 11
5 Jan 2010 #14
Go to PolishOrigins

and check their surname database. Paluch is included there. The member who submitted the Paluch surname has been researching his family history for over 30 years and his family is from southern poland, near the Sloviak border.
strzyga 2 | 993
5 Jan 2010 #15
There are over 15 000 people with the name Paluch living in Poland now:
18 Jan 2011 #16
My grandfathers mother was Victoria Paluch, she married John Tacka and I was told they both came over from Poland and lived in Morris Run PA. I do not know much else except they had children around 1900.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
18 Jan 2011 #17
PALUCH: augmentative form of palec (finger), hence big-fingered person
6 Oct 2012 #18
Hi There.

This post is so old now, but I thought I'd give it a try in hope of making a connection. My Grandfather Boleslav Paluch came from Mikuszowice. He was born 21 March 1923. We are trying to piece together our family history and currently have this huge hole. We think he came from a large family of 9 children. He was a prisoner during WW2 for Focke Wulf and helped design a jet turbine engine. We think he was working in the salt mines at some stage. Somehow he met our Austrian Grandmother from Lilienfeld and immigrated to Australia in 1950. If this rings a bell with anyone please contact me. I can't post my email address as usual, but it's whereisangie at hot mail

I think you'll work it out :-)

18 Jun 2013 #19
Hello Angie
You wrote your post last year. It caught my attention as my Grandfathers name fits yours. He was a Scientist from Poland whom met an Austrian and migrated to Australia at the same time as yours. I was just wondering if i could ask the name of your Austrian Grandmother. It all just sounds very similar to me.

31 Jul 2013 #20
Hi There,

This is strange. Is this Penny?. I know we don't speak, but I have some interesting information on Boleslav who is actually Brett's Grandfather. IF this is Penny you know that his wife is Marie Louise Paluch born 1926. Am happy to give you the info I have if you want it. If it's not Penny this is a strange coinsidence.


Cllnherron - | 2
13 Oct 2013 #21

My mother is Dorthea Palluch, born in 1927 in Germany, which is now Poland.
7 May 2015 #22
Merged: Boleslav Paluch

Hi Angie,
Yes it is Penny. I am extremely interested in gathering some information about my grandfathers past. I haven't got much myself, I would appreciate it if you could pass on the information you have gathered.

Thank you
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 May 2015 #23
PALUCH: This is the augmentative form of the Polish word palec (finger). This is the exact opposite of a diminutive, because it makes something sound bigger, tougher, coarser or harder to deal with than the original. The English language lacks such forms. In Polish this can be illustrated with "pies" (the standard word for dog) and "psisko" (big, possibly ferocious dog or old and clumsy cur). Nicknames describing body parts usually originated to indicate someone with a pronounced, misshapen or otherwise untypical physical feature. Jasio Paluch could have been the rough equivalent of Big-Fingered Johnny.
Julia Wiecek Ro
12 Jan 2018 #24
Hi my mothers maiden name is Paluch also. She is also from Kilce or Busko Zdroj. Her fathers name was Jan Paluch. Her mother's maiden name was Stanislawa Kapusta. They had a family of 8 ( 7 at that time) migrated to canada in 1966 then moved to Hamtramck Michigan. She must be related. 😌
31 Jan 2018 #25
Hello, Steve Paluch here, I am from Back of the Yards South Chicago. My Grandma Helen Paluch had 8 children (My Dad; Ronald, being 2nd oldest), and I have almost no information on where our family came from (besides Poland, Likely Goral region).

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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